SEO: Make " link bait " 10 kinds of methods

As SEO gain ground and develop, the heavy diopter to SEO promotes website oneself ceaselessly. The performance that a lot of people optimize the observation after ending to discover the website is searching engine to go up when interior is not good, began the brigade of the exterior link look for of the innumerable trials and hardships then

Begin from friendship link first, but when you work laboriously finds a cause, the someone looks your website to drop a few: Alexa rank should want to be collected in engine of Y above, search in X less than, PR want Z level to wait. Did not allow to be nodded kindly again, is the page done inside not? After who knows to had been done when you, his inside the page cannot bring discharge and exposure rate to you not only, after Google PR is updated that inside the page becomes 0. Very lose

Then you recall a painful experience, construction of the catenary outside SEO gets exterior and one-way link! Then you began to leave a message this, the method such as autograph of rich guest comment, forum. The effect as expected apparent, but subsequently trouble also came. With need not tool? Must be the link complemented ceaselessly by cutout, by K how to do? Be discovered by the competitor by K a flourish of trumpets how to do? New round of SEO is vexed

In linking bait to be built in the exterior link of SEO, became new round focus. Search engine optimizes experts to give rely on content to attract guide the link had an interesting name: Link bait (Link Baiting) . Matt Cutts once had recommended link bait in his rich guest. Oneself recommend 10 kinds of methods of production link bait below. Particular case is decided according to oneself website circumstance, represent me only model viewpoint of my model individual, if have duplicate, calculate lot.

1. network flexible language

The link is being inserted inside network flexible language is a lot of more current the choice such as personnel of SEO, promotion, stationmaster. Because flexible language is OK,won’t be sentenced to be pure advertisement for the most part when popularize and be expunged by editor, administrator. But those who need an attention is, the link that insert is not too much, direct transition became the article advertisement. The odds that is reprinted extensively so is reduced greatly, still the core content that is flexible language wants an user to like, others is written so that the thing of very old writes again sentence be spark.

2. calls for paper activity

If you won’t write soft article, that still can call for paper, flower a few money buys link bait, in the whole people all the Web2.0 times of rich, call for paper should difficulty is not very great. If not be special situation,suggest nevertheless, the website that does not spread character of and so on in SEO, stationmaster, network calls for paper, because you want ready-made to hear such as: You did not set your mind at to make a station again, so place bonus, had not listened to hold square and so on to comment on.

3. derives link

Derive link? Yes! You were not misreaded. If you cannot move through calling for paper stationmaster, SEOer, then you can be linked through deriving. The reason is very simple, have the habit of the catenary outside checking because of them. And what you should do is temporary derive, but do not assure long-term and free link. It is to be in incidentally oneself aeriform advertisement. (of course you feel the website is worth only guide to give a link really, that derives for a long time) and when him bewilderment indissolubles the site that finds you is intercurrent when the site that shows you is really pretty good, the opportunity of the link came.

4. commonweal is sponsorred

To a few commonweal constituent website supports bit of fee, they can become a link for your love, and when the assistance that often discovers you when the person that has love likewise is linked, they also can feel you this website is honorable. Then your only guide begins into the link not the commonweal website that confine is sponsorred at those.

5. avoids cost tool

If time or ability make a simple and economic free tool, can acquire a link in download site not just, and your tool upgrades your website that will attract him to continue, he was tired of as time passes the newer version that search of station of Baidu, download will come to look for you. Sign your website instrument of accession directly or oneself rich guest collects a link in. Can think of rich guest pattern plate with manage, open source program pattern plate to wait.

6. Give gift

Why is money of 6 free QQ, free Q so fervent? Because Chinese netizen likes free thing, the income level of Chinese netizen whole is lower, the capital that what so you need is beautiful particle sends a dot cheap gift, but not be one second hair is over, however periodic extends, then for can grab for a short while, their can frequent patronage your website, and when you extend, the their constant good friend that attends to QQ, conduct propaganda undertakes on guest of forum, rich, next many link comes in great numbers.

7. news information

If you understand the netizen circumstance of CNNIC and network application situation. Watching news is Chinese netizen’s main Internet application. And search engine is tall to the capture frequency of news, transmission effect is fast. So you should do when, the news inside disclosure industry, report for a short while, if you do not have news advantageous position, that comment on for a short while, did not forget to insert a link, add a model of written characters that sends and so on. Send to the website that presented search news agreement next (the website that presented news agreement can see on the side of Baidu index) .

8. acclaims the Eight Diagrams

Without what more powerful than Internet recreation the Eight Diagrams link bait. Internet trained generation a favourite by sb in power of another acting network, but others is to see a favourite by sb in power, what we should study is link bait. You are OK collect stars or the data of network a favourite by sb in power writes an analysis report, OK also collect stars or the photograph video of network a favourite by sb in power undertakes special is arranged. Of course you if these conditions are done not have, you can write elder sister of a lotus, my love and so on to send MOP most, skyline. Perhaps do on the website that hangs oneself photograph in oneself next turn over Google allied and so on.

9. virus sale

Make clear when selling a product: Every buy a goods, you subscription a minute of money gives a hope the project. Pass next recommend, CPA, the mode of the mom in the similar A of website alliance has virus sale, propagandist centre of gravity is not the mom in A of course recommend a website however come down gives a hope the project.

10. knowledge is linked

Baidu knows, sina Iask, SOSO asks, Yahoo knowledge hall those who wait is hot what react partly is the requirement that people understands knowledge, still have the knowledge that is pair of fresh and new names partly. The link bait that involves like the article, Matt Cutts, spark, I model SEO of my model Changsha. Of course the preparation that you make is, had done receive. Accomplish revulsive word search result the first, if you are chosen the word has been replaced the first times by course sex webpage, that chooses a word to existing problem. Next what you should do is a these contribution give Baidu the Wiki website such as 100 divisions, undertake centralized liquidate handpick FAQ part, sum up with intellectual sex again next, if 10 kinds of methods of the XX of article form travel,go out.

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