SEO lecture: Senior personage Zac tells a net to make up SEO

Late on April 2, the net makes up an interview to invite Seo group nearly interview of be a guest of senior personage Zac, this period the fundamental chair that the honored guest makes first phase concern Seo in the light of network editor, content will involve Title(caption) , Keywords(keyword) , Description(explains) , outside catenary, inside the Seo knowledge that catenary waits a net a moment to make up applicable to arrive.

We with Qq group means is interactive undertake this lecture, seoer of wh some of which also was participated in interactive. Before half paragraphs of interview collects problem query to give priority to with compere, , second half paragraph everybody is OK colloquy, occasion is unusually active.


Honored guest brief introduction: Zac, ancestral home Hubei, be born at Beijing, northing electron project fastened undergraduate course graduation 1992, master of Beijing film institute graduated 1995. After the TV station works two years, centrally worked to Singapore 1997. " search engine optimizes SEO to be stuck everyday " author, industry is famous one of author with Seo site interactive stone, publish a book related Seo now " password of network sale actual combat " , sales volume is very good, had begun the 3rd times to presswork, this book involves each aspects of network sale, seo is among them one part. Zac has reputation very much in Seo bound, having very close understanding to Seo.

Give the character now on (cutout is decreased)

Introduce the common procedure of SEO first

It is keyword research above all, find out be searched the time is much, the keyword with little competition, this some the tool is OK and auxiliary, for instance Baidu index, and the keyword tool of Google,, is Chinese

The 2nd is website structure is optimized

The website is accomplished as far as possible compressed, content page does not leave home page too far, had jumped over nearly more, best also static state changes URL, be helpful for capture, although search engine is right now dynamic URL is OK also capture, but the effect still is inferior to a static state

Make up with the net more relevant is, you need the likelihood concoctive heat column

Keyword research and website structure get a consideration

The 3rd it is a page go up optimize

Include page title, the keyword just is appearing importantly in the article, this part also is compared with you relevant, the compose of caption is the most important, the need in caption includes main keyword, want again absorbing click, the keyword should appear in caption foremost face, not too long, it is OK to be composed normally around the theme in text, normally the keyword can appear naturally in text, unless you are written have a problem, the keyword appears 3, 4 words can, length is compared in 300-400 word above appropriate

Another net makes up what can have very big effect is the link in text, in the article, choose a few places to link the other page of the website, not be the keyword of this page certainly, can be the website is important, the keyword that considers a rank, catenary receives home page or be aimed at the column page of that keyword, even content page

EG: ? Money of land of angry of yellow  of hot reel silk from cocoons returns  model  to be troubled by? of king crab of reef of  of  of put down of cape of fluorene of zincic provide for to link make it of these two words to page of website fruit column, conduce to the rank of fruit column page, and also conduce to an user examining more fruit information