SEO knowledge interlocution: Gu Ge is right station group the manner is how

One, allude in article of a lot of SEO 301 heavy directional, can you say its action?

When your site domain name happening changes or webpage address is changed (the webpage changes deposit catalog or the name of webpage file produces a change) , how to ensure the site is in transfer have sex period inside the discharge that comes from search engine won’t be missing, can you update the webpage address in searching engine result at the same time? 301 heavy directional it is the good method that solves this problem, it can mix the user search engine is directional to correct webpage.

Google gives out in center of help of its website administrator proposal, 301 serious directional condition maintain at least 180 days to be beautiful. Although 301 heavy directional can pass the PR cost of old webpage to new webpage, but we suggest to be in follow-up link construction process, it is with new webpage address accurate. Hereat at the same time, the website administrator assistance that should inform with you exchange is linked amends a link old webpage is medium in address and newer site inside catenary setting. If you want to understand implementation 301 weigh directional method, can treat customer of hotspot stone rich about the relevant article of 301.

2, what kind of page can be put into omited result by Google?

As a result in Google search last page can hint the following content: To provide the most relevant result, we omited with the N that already showed similar entry. If quiz person before the relevant discussion of additional to Google search result data if the theme pays close attention to somewhat, so the problem also is not a problem. August 2007 portion, google cancelled his to search the mark that material complements in the result, for all that, the influence of phenomenon of similar and additional data exists as before however. Get the discussion content about additional data, you can search Google complement material in Gu Ge.

Break away from Gu Ge to omit the little hint of the result: The diversity that increases content of information of the character between site webpage is changed (webpage caption is particular, the article is achieved formerly as far as possible, length stage is a bit long wait) , the auxiliary content that reduces webpage page to go up (it is to point to ad message, caudal copyright information to wait commonly) to core content (basically point to article text) interference. Of course, the link that still needs to last is built (outside catenary and inside catenary pays equal attention to) .

3, Google is right station group the manner is how, can you have large-scale penalty?

Be opposite about Google station group wait for a manner, this you must send mail to ask Google. The station that we can see these kinds group: Know CBS Interactive, its subordinate station group very horrible (according to not complete count, station check the number measures at least 30) , they include CNET, DOWNLOAD.COM, MP3.COM and ZhongGuanCun online etc, what each their station belongs to an industry to having massive force in its; And some individuals stationmaster, the site in the hand is very much also, there is more than 100 even in some hand many sites, and these site content are for the most part collect or be reprinted and come. The station below two kinds of circumstances group, latter encounters the possibility of large-scale penalty wants a little bit big.

Do we do just think station group what is the purpose? Was opposite, the person that give a visit namely provides valuable information. If your energy and financial capacity are permitted, according to the specific requirement of the user, can have specific aim will build many sites. But after the site is built, need undertakes maintenance continuously, update valuable content, win an user to wait love. Face such station group, I think Google is next disastrous hands.