SEO is the foundation of whole website only

A lot of friends regard SEO as now the main technique that oneself popularize a website, admittedly SEO is very important, but the main technique that also won’t be promotion of a website absolutely, what a website is designing is earlier, be about to consider SEO is relevant and normative, be like the layout of website keyword, of website code optimize reduce frame construction, the Title of the website, MATA, wait code a moment how to be written, reasonable, can by Baidu, google, maintain for cogged, these are the SEO content that moment of plan of website early days needs to consider.

But whether do you notice, because you are in,very a lot of more SEO material consulted on the net, these data instead can manacle you, be in when you when engineering a website, oneself always can be alluded in brain, here must accord with SEO, a lot of pictures cannot be used to wait a moment over there, the thing that SEO abstains from, but you should ask in reply oneself, the website that you make is to give what search what engine looks or look to his user. . . A website can obtain the pay a return visit of a large number of clients, I think the content that is his oneself certainly, and website fixed position, website style is special attract an user to just can have so large quantities of client pay a return visit, everybody understands the reason of many a little makes a mickle. So simple point says website content > website page is beautiful > the website is popularized > SEO I should clarify a bit, SEO is not equal to a website to popularize. . Website promotion also has SEO only not just a kind of gimmick, be not being manacled by SEO you. Probably you follow Baidu in busy move everyday, cereal song deal with when, whether do you still remember beside thunder having fast, have sina, QQ is worth the belle that you go to paying close attention to etc. Probably they can give you, want to compare Baidu, gu Ge these two 38 given more. Whether do you follow other the friend that has flow is made too extremely whether has catenary made website alliance, although these things are likely,somebody distains to be considered, but I should say my pet phrase: The website is, I have his some, he also has without me, I what he thinks of am improved, he thinks I what be less than go. Walk along forwardly all the time so only, website gain, saying probably is to survive, ability can become reality.

SEO is the foundation of the website only, if your foundation is solid, the job of later period is begun rise, you are met unusual successful, when if you combine other website operation,popularizing a method, your flow will be very rapid build, tall person often says, content is king, be not without the truth, when Internet just arisen when, that moment did not search engine, everybody still is not recumbent oneself content attracts a client, tarry client.