SEO is not the core competition ability of your website forever

You also may be in the site that is you is pained without discharge, you had accomplished a few discharge and be in possibly also to do not have method to earn money affliction. And my bewilderment as everybody. Last night innocently in see fortune life interviews Pang Shengdong, also knowing the website also is being done before Pang Shengdong also is careless root slowly also is rise from inside individual website. Hearing what do before Pang Shengdong is a negotiable securities kind website, a lot of users when his scrape up when, he missed a key point, the client that gives him namely recommends a stock, next cost is everybody pay 200 yuan. This makes the remit money that he got 200 members that day made 40 thousand yuan of money one day thereby. Make my feeling very much, what bring profit to you is not discharge, not be ad business, not be the mom in A and Gu Ge, however your client, remember Ma Yun ever saying a word, the client that invites you earned money you just earn money, and us are these individual websites true what to bring to the client? If we give him really,bring the information that he wants and thing. Your site is valuable.

See him count now the site inside is possible you have a few sites, likelihood your site is much write down do not rise this site is you so. Seeing them is be being done for Baidu and Gu Ge or do for your user really. I think this is the standard of divisional rubbish station and normal battle. So SEO is the thing of auxiliary sex forever, it is to let you let more people know your site on the base that has a client. The user just can bring value to you truly. Although think Li Yan grand say in that way every company can set some day oneself SEM branch, the core department that then I tell you SEM to the branch won’t become this company forever, the product that important is you your client your user. They are the founders of your value. So individual opinion does not think SEO is all-purpose. Had SEO really you had flow, is what only discharge can live without the user long? Still send the feeling below Baidu hedge a bit. Of course I also am not to advocate everybody to resemble cleaning out treasure direct in that way screen drops Baidu, we still do not have that boldness.

The means SEO that I should convey is to should learn and must want to learn, but the thing of the auxiliary sex that SEO is your website forever, the site that visitting you carefully is in examine the user that issues you afresh

1. the user that who is you

2. you can create what kind of value for them,

How do you deliver 3. this value.