SEO is not keyword rank still has whole station to optimize only

Normally major person thinks can discharging some a few keywords superior position to explain had been SEO, actually otherwise, if say,search engine is optimized only is the word that keyword webpage optimizes, so search engine optimizes the value with really nonexistent great what. Can so go saying, if go onefoldly contending for a certain keyword to perhaps say the word that is some a few keywords, can saying only to product sale is some helps, can saying only was to master this industry the potential client of hundred, because say in popular product name home page also has 10 places, here the opportunity that you are about to lose one share, because competition is brought,the reason is, say can use these a few keyword place completely to be able to be generalized the industry is impossible also moreover. The putting of the long end keyword that a lot of expect still can produce to be less than for the search habit according to compatriots of course is in, these are the keyword is optimized can not illuminate those who show consideration for and take care to preserve a face, say it mastered this industry only so the potential client of hundred.

Operate experience actually through what we come for years, we hope to choose keyword of many long end to the client, manage directer online sale for you purpose of other perhaps economy. Say simply, so-called theory length end is to point to, store when commodity current the field that show and channel are enough and broad, commodity produces cost to so that the individual can have production,drop quickly, and the sale cost of commodity is reduced quickly when, allow why to look before almost seem the product with extremely low demand, should have only sell, metropolis somebody is bought. These want the share of the Common Market that the product place with not high sales volume of sue for peace holds, can compare with the market share photograph of mainstream product, bigger even.

In searching engine to optimize the job, the show with long end the most apparent theory is the choice of the keyword.

Present trend is more and more SEO companies won’t let a client be time and energy confine on main target keyword, and what can spend a lot of time to assist a client to undertake a keyword is patulous. These grow the user that end keyword gets, be paid more easily to expend a client by translate into.

Cite a case, 3 people search 3 keywords respectively, mobile phone, Nuojiya mobile phone, Nuojiya 3100. Come from statistic say, search the probability that the person of 3100 wants Nuojiya to become a client than searching the person of the mobile phone to want a lot of taller. Because apparently, he been seekinging specific service.

Through be aimed at numerous whole station optimizes client website discharge to analyse discovery, in did not execute before optimizing, website page amount is more (and most page is collected by search engine) digs potential client computer is led should compare normally the way station of a few pages is big get more much, small-sized site only a few pages, if do not have the keyword with specific what, so its action is very small, execute the very can fast discovery after optimizing in the light of those bigger sites ethics piece film net, discharge broke up quickly a few times, what what emphasize here normally is not onefold keyword discharge, however the amount is unspecified the long end keyword related to the industry, and the birth of these keywords is not to be in expected, for example the website of fortune-telling, who can think of the client goes searching home’s most professional blind fortune-telling Great Master again, there can be more potential clients inside this however.

Whole station is optimized distinguish in SEO with keyword rank

Whole station optimizes cultured is website whole structure, the structure is to point to: Between the website inside catenary structure, board piece the correlation of layout, relevant content is waited a moment. Want to say keyword rank had the webpage that says before dot resembling to optimize, simpler, also be to rectify a station to optimize a need to be used, attend to arrives. Rise to the website does whole station to optimize and cannot assure what certain keyword ranks painstakingly, if a successful whole station is optimized, the sale effect that what can assure quite is a website greatly increase, held a website to popularize medium dominant position. And the keyword is ranked, whats need not explain too much, just as its name implies is a certain webpage namely rank of a certain keyword rises, its technology content and its value and whole station are optimized cannot be compared.

The pyramid model with successful SEO (The SEO Success Pyramid) . Project of SEO of main and Baconian a complete set of gets this model finally a few requirements propping up that need successfully, and always form plan of model of a piece of pyramid.

Carry out whole station to optimize plan from help of the following respects commonly:

Competitor analysis

Through analysing competitor website, affirmatory sale target and target user contend for limits, let sale process implement specific aim more.

Keyword program

Search habit and keyword demand through analysing target user, certain focal point contends for keyword limits, let each minutes throw more effective fruit.

Website column and content are optimized

Be based on the choice of pair of keyword limits, change periodic theory according to the website, optimize website column and content, make each important page organic can obtain good natural rank.

Website structure and layout are optimized

Adopt pair of website structures and position optimize, make a website more friendly to searching engine, patulous website collects an amount in each big search engine, more collecting is measured, just have better rank opportunity. In the meantime, pass the improvement of good to crucial page actor sex, raise website changeover rate, increase more order.

Exterior resource is optimized

Him come to an agreement or understanding still is no good, still need others to say you are good. Exterior resource is optimized even if our many alliance mixes have the aid of partner website, let numerous website say you are good, this increased to join popularity is spent not only, still increased famous degree.

Search engine is collected optimize

Reduce weight through the webpage, engine of website map, search is referred wait for a variety of methods, index letting search props up more faster, ground to collect website page.

Search engine hit to optimize

In be searched, searcher can be planted in 5 seconds inside make click a choice, at the same time he can take out the time of 30% to read headline commonly, take out the time of 43% to read a summary, the stand or fall of caption and summary article table affects a hit directly, mix to caption through us of the summary optimize meticulously, can score taller user hit.

Website changeover rate is optimized

In network times, searcher becomes do not have patience more and more, when searcher opens a webpage, if be planted in 10 seconds, he cannot get him to want to get a thing, he can choose another website quickly. Undertake through crucial to the website page friendly sex is handled, can raise website changeover rate substantially.

The effect dogs, statistic and report

Do not have a person to be able to make apple-pie plan, dog through the effect and statistic, we can in time master effect of search engine sale and amount of different keyword recommend, optimize sale process ceaselessly, each minutes of investment that allows a client has reasonable get one’s own back. ()