SEO is mixed actually writing language is similar

What is Seo, the interpreter is into Chinese: Search engine to optimize, the friend of Seo of a lot of study often asks me, how is my website optimized, how is my website optimized, how Seo, seo says very simple, 9 simple days can groom come out, but you are truly OK search your website Seo before engine a few, say simple point, seo resembles writing a composition. Before the website is ranked with hind, will decide by website content, good content just is essential, my individual website () , can increase everyday a few oneself achieve an article formerly, achieve a reader to like formerly, search engine to also like. Class hour is awaited on, we write a composition, still remembering a teacher is how say, below memory, the teacher says: Text wants clean (without daub phenomenon) , website, advertisement is not too much, I see many website advertisement are returned than content much, who likes such webpage in; article multi-purpose a few have representative keyword (for instance: Depict is beautiful, a variety of colour, be in bud, wait a moment colourfully) website Seo, what should the article highlight you should understand; writing wants chief echo, I do not cite case, a good article start and terminal dependency should be very big, website content is same also, chief echo, the reader looked comfortable, search engine looked to like; article content to want clear and coherent, fluent, website structure does not exceed 3 administrative levels as far as possible, navigation understands Mr. ; to tell me writing to the most important is paragraph clarity, primary and secondary is distinguished, website content, what do not write as far as possible is too long, dapper for beautiful, outstanding key Mr. ; still tells to compare notes with the classmate more finally, a successful website, everybody’s opinion is precious, did not say at this o’clock.
Seo is difficult, not difficult, much practice, you also can become the teacher that searchs engine euqally. Zhengzhou website is optimized carry formerly