SEO introduction: How does false PR value part in exchanging a link

Do website hard to avoid to want to exchange a link, when doing SEO search to all alone engine is optimized especially. Look at present the basis with commutative only link is Pr and Alexa rank, and commutative connective purpose increases namely turn over catenary and website power worth, so PR value appears more important, often see commutative connective asks the first times even if PR is worth then.

Early has heard PR value is hijacked before, do not have namely too care about, forgot to get the network address of a value that check PR from which, also knowing is the message that must come from which, the value of fish of this network address is real value, then foolish believe to did not answer false PR be worthwhile thing. More resemble me what is more,the rather that the person with this kind of pure nature is to aux would rather the world does not have a thief.

And travelling for Chengdu the hot line is searched when returning chain, discovering PR of station of a network address is worth accidentally is actually 8, the friend of familiar SEO should know domestic PR is worth the website of 8 not much, and this website can say a bit fame is done not have, produced suspicion to also cause curiosity to be checked after all then. Begin relevant essay is collected on the net, understanding is to use 301 turn to a technology to turn to website of tall PR value directly, the PR value that follows him newlier next time is same. And discern measure is basic it is the method that perhaps adopts inquiry webpage history through Google webpage snapshot. But the link that is less than webpage snapshot has seen in search of very regretful GOOGLE, search webpage history to also have particular problem likewise.

Then with all possible means experiment, discovering a simpler way finally is direct Link command is passed to check in Google return chain, random nods a few links to go in looking for the link that is less than this station to decide basically is false PR value.

Probably you still have other tweak, might as well the a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender is shared with everybody, other article is confined to SEO novice, ace is asked circuitous. (guest of rich of operation of website of beautiful human relations)