SEO introduction book reachs individual result

1. " search engine is optimized (SEO) knowledge is complete manual " . Originally lady of interpose of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad treasure of network sale expert writes this, content is very detailed, although be the child a few years ago, but be being returned as fundamental reader is very helpful. Download address: / Down/view_372.html

2. " SEO grooms tutorial " . This is SEO007 stationmaster is in what a few experience that introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad elder combines him on the foundation of this book adapt, those who have fun at is OK and both read to coming accordingly, should OK what to discover. Read an address: / Seotrain.htm

3. " Wang Tong Google ranks secret Ji " . The Wang Tong Google of famous ranks secret Ji, content is pretty good, upright compared with Hu Bao that, wang Tong more resemble a businessman, teach not only how to optimize search engine, incentive still you are successful, this version is the edition that defeat solution. Download address: / Down/view_106.html

4. " tutorial of Wang Tong SEO 2007 edition " – GIF picture format. 9 weeks short this book is in time SEO bound with respect to hand, put here to make a person free download, should also it doesn’t matter. This book get on compared with Wang Tong, should abound on content a lot of, and commonner. Download address: / Down/view_391.html

5. " raise search engine 5 days to rank " originally stationmaster Netfox compiles SEOCLUB this. Content is not much, but very practical however. This book reads namely when SEO of my begin to learn, there is real case inside, read rise to also have fun at quite. Download address: / Down/view_5.html

6. " SEO fact holds brochure " the individual feels this book is good also, introduce more in detail. Download address: / Down/view_393.html

Above 6 books, the novice carries 9 to look systematically about the same, those who have time is OK every are read originally, although a lot of content are reduplicative, but every distinctive place that can have it, serious drop is read can realize something. SEO is the actually most important still is experience, knowing is how to return a responsibility, look for a few words to try to do with respect to oneself, practice is best teacher. Also not be in charge of your law to be opposite incorrect, even if be to make my, it may not be a bad idea crosses you to look to be not done solely. No matter white cat is black cat, catching the cat that gets rat is good cat.

Here a few experience that I also say to myself learns SEO and experience. I am knew SEO 6 years May of this word, 51 during the book that downloaded some of this respect goes looking, look to feel very interesting, begin to concern the information that records this respect then. But just look all the time, did not go doing, always feel oneself are administration major, do a website to be no good. Read paragraph of time article, discover progress of it doesn’t matter, registered then this domain name, made a static home page, with server space of the friend. I remember in those days " SEO grooms " , " SEO inquires " , " SEO skill " a few words I discharge the first in Baidu. The server expires later, the friend does not have add, closed, do not have reopen, also interrupted the study of SEO, terribly is regretful.

By 6 years December, close with the friend bought a server. Oneself have a server, the platform of practice also had. Began the study to SEO afresh then, domain name of a when try to use oneself 2 grade is done " chatting room of all corners of the country " , " Xin Kaijiang lake " , " all corners of the country is released " wait for a word. Discovery also can discharge before 3 in Baidu, want to stand SEO to be managed afresh then, energy of life of discharge, person is indifferent to, the key is to have can put oneself the place of a few data, also can carry out. Late 7 years on January 1, lie on the bed to sleep to be not worn, always feel what to should do. Downloaded tall customer order then, built SEO data station rise. Approach 3 months, day of 4000 much IP/ reachs when website discharge is highest, average now everyday 2000 IP left and right sides, often use forum to take a few popular words, some succeeded, also can bring the discharge of hundreds of IP. Actually I know such doing incorrect, should serious ground goes deep one pace ground learns.

But I just regard SEO as all the time a kind of recreation, before looking at a keyword to discharge an one day comparing one day, resemble playing a net to swim one pace land improves grade. “SEO " this word, before be being entered from Baidu N page 60, to before 30, arrive again before 20, the 10th when arrive a few days ago, grab equipment to return stimulation quite than hitting really.

SEO is a very good toy, also can become your very good associate, hope everybody can be used well. A few days ago stone sent 10 SEO ana, here I also say a few words:

One, search engine is best teacher, what what does not understand learn to be searched first " what is XX " , " how is XX done " of and so on, cannot find go asking a person again, such your meetings progress very quickly.

2, notice the body, maintain take exercise- – do not ask me why.

3, the network is a network only, did not let it take up you are too much time. Did not ignore the human association in reality, this bit is very important really.