SEO helps newspaper promote online reader the amount

England is online publisher association (UK Association Of Online Publishers) with the world forum of editor member organization is in an article a few days ago mentioned British newspaper the expression of online version near future, the view mode that thinks to search what engine optimizes to intervened promote British newspaper effectively online reader is measured.

According to the report of website Soraya Kishtwari, telegraph And The Times is grooming in exert oneself their staff member, with period achieve the website content that can have optimized them, promote the rank of the website, attract the reader that comes from Internet to more thereby.

Audit Bureau Of Circulations Electronic (ABCe) a data shows, more and more newspaper are thinking afresh their search engine optimizes strategy, this one act can raise the visit data of the website to still can improve the visit of the user to experience not only. The website discharge of Telegraph And The Times rose Feburary 1.02% , and a year in the past criterion full violent wind rose 113.04% . Although the newspaper of Telegraph And The Times subscribes to,the volume dropped in a month 4% , but because they were aimed at a website to undertake news is optimized, photograph of this one word is compared last year the corresponding period had reduced the fall of 52% extent (last year count roughly of the corresponding period 8% ) .

The Julian Sambles that reader of responsible Telegraph And The Times develops thinks when interview, this newspaper is trying to groom employee makes them correct realise they need to publish the attention in the process to search engine in daily writing and editor friendly sex, more revealing is obtained in order to make sure the news content of the website can be being searched in engine opportunity. Be in as much at present seek search engine to optimize the Times Journalists that carry out Drew Broomhall of presiding search official also thinks, times Journalists searchs a keyword in what study any popularity all the time, with period the discharge that can attract arrival to search engine oneself with the best will in the world.

Of course, soraya Kishtwari is right in the article also among them excessive optimized behavior to put forward to warn. It is abet that Soraya Kishtwari thinks to search engine to optimize of news website discharge rise, but exceeding is optimized brought potential harm as much. Stephen Moss was mentioned to comment on an example of Evening Standard in the article, think the news caption of this newspaper website and news content appeared deviation, resemble Britney Spears especially or name of this kind of celebrity is in David Beckham article caption runs rampant mediumly use, such likelihoods bring about those who search a result not to match, and bring adverse effect.