SEO expert interview- – SEO analysis of China

The interview basically is searched around Chinese and search engine to optimize. Of Matt Cutts and Google " top class Chinese turns over rubbish engineer " , jianfei (Zhu Jian flies) , answered my question. Very much of course interlocution not search of Chinese of bureau be confined to and SEO, have referenced sense to all SEOers.

Zac: Thank you to accept this visit above all, the person that I believe the SEO to China and network sale people the meeting is very helpful.

There are many misunderstandings to SEO in China at present. The first thought that some people hear SEO is " rubbish " . Some saying that SEO is nearsightedness, it is bring about one’s own destruction. Look from the viewpoint that searchs engine, is this true? To Google, SEO is fed up with, allow, still encourage? What I point to is white hat SEO.

Matt: Thinking to search engine not to like SEO is common misunderstanding. The fact is, follow Google quality guideline (Quality Guidelines) SEO is OK. This includes to resemble ensuring your site can be crawled, the word that recalls people to be able to be used when the search includes these word naturally in website content, let webpage caption and URL have descriptive sex to wait.

What Google and other search engine do not like is, some people try deceit or walk along shortcut to obtain answer originally than them some higher ranks. When the site violates our quality guideline, google calls rubbish (Spam) .

Zac: Google enabled Chinese name formally in April 2006 " cereal song " , user of major nevertheless China seems not to like this new name.

According to the investigation of center of Chinese Internet information, the market share of Google from 5 years 33% 25.3% what fell 6 years. How you see share of the market in investigation reduce?

Flying) of Jianfei (Zhu Jian: With respect to this market share, let the specification of our reference Li Kaifu, “These survey amounts may have certain error. Different user, the frequency of use search engine will be different, somebody may search engine one day with 10, somebody may be used one day only, simple sampling result perhaps not discharge of can real report. Simple sampling result perhaps not discharge of can real report..

Zac: I notice Google headquarters has Chinese stuff. Know not to know how to many Chinese there is in Googleplex? They do how? To thinking what proposal the vermicelli made from bean starch that joins Google has?

Jianfei: We have engineer of a lot of China really in Googleplex. They are done very outstandingly. You can be browsed / the article that engineer of on a few China lives in Google about them.

The vermicelli made from bean starch that wants to join Google can be in / Webmasters/

You also can use rubbish of report of these two form
Https:///webmasters/tools/spamreport? Hl=zh-cn
Https:///webmasters/tools/spamreport? Hl=zh-tw

Additional, if you do not want to register Google account, also can inform against Spam here:

Before nevertheless I or proposal are used two. We report to the rubbish of Webmaster Central at more weight.

Zac: We talk about duplicate content, very hot recently topic.

I see in Chinese website more content are duplicate. Stationmaster of a lot of Chinese likes from other website " collect " content, some uses software, some is artificial, put on oneself website next. Whether does Google punish this kind to put full the website of the content that sees everywhere? Whether to have hundred or doorsill, exceeded can you bring about penalty?

How should the person that achieve formerly do ability to ensure achieve version to be identified correctly formerly?

Jianfei: We noticed website of a few Chinese has a lot of duplicate content. The user likes to see different search result, so Google endeavors to provide diversiform result. Our algorithm had had the idea of a few cleared and duplicate content, we can continue to seek improvement means.

Zac: Some websites use many domain names, content just the same, e.g. and Such danger? What is best processing technique?

Matt: If content is same really, I can pick a domain name, another domain name is done change make choice of to the domain name. For instance, is done permanent change direction (301) arrives, we can see and normally meeting choice changes direction point to that. If content is different language (for instance Chinese is mixed English) , so the content it doesn’t matter of the domain name that differs in two is dangerous, but if content just the same, had better do from duplicate domain name permanent change a make choice of to the domain name.

The mirror webpage that did not change direction can produce a problem. Best use 301/ is permanent change direction, because Google perhaps chooses,be deleted or do not show the version that you like most.

Zac: What I had emphasized in my rich guest all the time is former achieve content, this idea also is accepted well by Chinese SEOers. The problem is, a lot of readers ask positive-appearing image, e.g. , if my company is to sell " glass grinds edge machine " , this thing is basic too drab, the content with interesting what can I keep? Can you give some does this kind of height specialization the knack that product content develops?

Matt: The meeting side that did not forget creativity is true is very very busy. For instance, have the station of a blender of course of study of charge for the making of sth. , sounding is quite insipid title. But go watching this paragraph of video: / Watch? You can see V=aM94aorYVS4 wonderful thing. The machine that they throw all sorts of goods into blender to prove them has many fierce.

Really, a few heavy machinery or industrial site at first under it is duller and drab, but if looking from the angle of creativity, you often can increase the interest to you. Although resemble Newsletters, rich guest, trade news, or other natural resources also can be others be interested in your station and link the account to you.

Zac: The Chinese station with the highest PR that we can find is PR8. Does to Chinese with respect to PR the station have discrimination? If do not have, why don’t have PR9 even the site of PR10? Is PR useful still to the rank?

Matt: PageRank depends on really the link structure of Internet, but I won’t be brokenhearted because of the station of invisible PR9 or PR10. One of, chinese station is to follow other Chinese station to compare a rank normally, the game is so fair still. Same the PageRank that very important is Google has finer measurement (not be simple 1 to 10) , two stations that show toolbar PR6 so may have different PageRank.

The measurement that Google spends to be not the authoritative prestige of English site has special processing to help.

Zac: What do English website SEO and Chinese website SEO have to be distinguished significantly? Does your algorithm have to different language processing differ?

Matt: I feel different how to the country is doing SEO respect to have really different. For instance, be in Germany, people uses conjunction symbol more possibly in the domain name (- ) . Some countries more apt plans through couplet arrange (Affiliate Programs) make money, what some countries earn than credit card through the mobile phone is much, because credit card is not,be in every country is likewise common. But there also is very much same place on the operation of SEO.

Jianfei: A of English website SEO and Chinese website SEO main distinction is the search statement that should make. For instance " Viagra " it is one of search terms with the maximum rubbish in English, “Mobile phone ring " in more of the rubbish in Chinese. Another distinction is about the same all large and medium-sized Chinese station has rich settle or live in a strange place, other language is not.

Zac: The AdWords user of other country is registered in Google directly commonly. Nevertheless Google took another kind of kind in China, with AdWords the representative cooperates, the in a sense is the way that this locality changes, all and other keyword because of China contest price (PPC) provider so do.

Maintain immediate impact with ad business limits of already alive bound is proved to be a success, why the kind that Google took this locality to change in China? Do you feel AdWords succeeds in China?

Matt: I am not an expert, but I know Google tries to get used to every market, with that country the most efficient way presents a product. I feel proud for AdWords group, what I think they work in China is first-rate.

Zac: A few SEO believe fresh degree (Freshness) very main effect has in Google rank. A lot of people think rich guest receives good rank easily, partial profit from is fresh degree. But some SEO think to often revise a webpage is not a good idea.

What is your proposal? Be often updated or not?

Matt: This depends on the industry that you are in. I can do all good to the user things. To update a webpage newer webpage is likely efficiency won’t be tall. But if you have a rich settle or live in a strange place, often attract more user possibly newlier. Be opposite so for some people, often may suit newlier more not quite (produce a production company for instance) , it is better to often be updated to another some of person (the word that for instance you are a rich guest) .

Zac: Is SEO service a reliable commercial pattern be worth to be recommended to Chinese SEOers? I so because there is company of dimensions reputable SEO in China,asking is very special little. A lot of companies claim they offer SEO to serve but what actually they do is rubbish is sent in forum and rich guest.

The alone SEO of toe the mark people struggling to live.

I believe you know the SEO company of a lot of successes. Be in China, does SEO industry have an outlook? How are we the SEO company that there is reputation from personal growth?

Jianfei: If,I think SEO the word of the quality guideline according to Google, he can have very good future. Search engine result is very important to the industry, the market demand to mannered company will be very so much.

Matt: If you are considering to use SEO, eye is put long-term and special important. The user increases suddenly to Google or other search engine discover Spam and delete a website next, this is used to website it doesn’t matter. Can ask to whether have referenced client, perhaps deny the successful story that can SEO provides stable and long-term flow.

/ Support/webmasters/bin/ Answer=35291hl=cn is a very good file that helps investigation SEO. Unfortunate is, some SEO serve, you employ their word, they can send rubbish, should from avoid them at the beginning.

Zac: Very much recently the discussion about the domain name that is trusted and authoritative website. If one stands to be considered as authority, it can be ranked in Google tall, more person finds this station to bring more link so, next it becomes stronger.

How does the station of common unknown to public overcome this circumstance and authoritative station competition? Besides build to have a lot of useful the good site that achieves content formerly, what shortcut is there?

Matt: If be the common way station that just built, I won’t try popular keyword. Concentrate energy in small you can be regarded as the expert’s Leakey the market. Was known by more person when you, you are OK as a child benefit radical market grows toward bigger and bigger field. A lot of successful stations are begin from way station, toward great progress. And, you have originality more, more interesting, more helpful, this regular meeting conduces to people noticing you.

Jianfei: For instance, your station / Seoblog/ , it is such station. A year ago, this station nobody knows, but the laborious work that carries you and creativity try hard, it is being searched now [search engine optimizes a rank] when the rank is very good, this makes a person impressive.

Zac: Had you gone to China? If you plan to visit China, have here by tens of thousands vermicelli made from bean starch thinks saw with one’s own eyes sees you.

Jianfei: I am born in China, went to China twice last year. I like the staff job with Google China very much.

Matt: Very regretful, I did not have been to China. My mom has been to China a few times, include Yang Shuo (Guilin) , my madam is had been to, and although they are American, they can say nod Chinese. I must be striven for hard go there. I hear China is a wonderful country, I am visited very gladly one day.

I cannot go the SES China congress this year, but I am very glad that Jianfei or another Google delegate will attend SES China plenary meeting. Jianfei is the top class member that returns rubbish troop, rubbish respect is turned over to want than me in Chinese more expert.

Zac: I see many link rubbish in my rich guest everyday. Can the link rubbish in forum or rich guest bring about penalty? Or by Google direct oversight because do this disappear noisy to the rank?

Jianfei: Actually, hair link rubbish can become dangerous. If Google discovers a company is sending link rubbish, the station of this company may be deleted from index. Unless we also cannot see rubbish is linked again, not regular meeting collects Google afresh. Below major case, deleting a link is more difficult than joining a link (send the rubbish in rich guest and forum with rubbish software for instance) , far from link rubbish still place is so good.

Matt: Normally, google meeting oversight links rubbish. Know when us a company sends link rubbish really, we may take appropriate action.

Zac: Another topic in SEO forum and rich guest is additional data. If a domain name had more and more pages to receive additional data, whether do this mean this domain name to losing faith? If you are SEOer, is not Googler, can you worry about additional data?

Matt: I won’t worry about additional data. If your domain name PageRank is low, it can take additional data index possibly, but this does not mean a site to be punished or lose faith. Just mean normally, if you can be good because of your site and get a few high quality are linked, our meeting puts the more page of your site into advocate index.

Additional, additional data is updated already faster, those who show an user is more also, so stationmaster often sees more arrives the discharge of additional data page.

Zac: Baidu is you the biggest competitor in Chinese market. Allegedly Baidu is in it is better that certain search technology compares Google on Chinese participle for instance.

On the other hand, google has been in China invite applications for a job top class talent. I read the engineer of Google China to rank algorithm to still do not have a lot of contribution to core from a few material. Do you plan to change algorithmic this locality with suiting Chinese language more? Compare with Baidu photograph, where is your technical advantage?

Jianfei: Buy of incorrect and specific competitor criticizes the policy that is us. We welcome to conduce to the competition that offers more and useful information and alternative to the user. To we and the everybody that search a field, good competition is beneficial, can make we more hard, final result is, the user scores gain.

Matt: We talk about our rank not quite, because be confidential, but Chinese branch is ranked to Google from a few respects made contribution. Heat up a list of names posted up actually / Webmasters/tools/spamreport? Hl=zh-cn
Https:///webmasters/tools/spamreport? Hl=zh-tw
Inform against Chinese rubbish and use our stationmaster tool. Chinese stationmaster also can see a lot of useful information here / Seoblog/