SEO experience talks: Flexible language of combinative oneself characteristic is written not hard

It is last week above A5 sent life the first so called flexible language, " the meal is round (colonel Fans website) my hardship popularizes career " , although him find oneself not how, now one search, baidu, Google, Yahoo, from me 2009.03.27 be less than 4 days of time to today, can reach this kind of level, oneself are proud very!

When to sum up, draw up to everybody come, in order to offer reference!

One, should keep the information that can cause a society to pay close attention to currently.

Recently, " my colonel my group " teleplay is very hot, I chose this to regard as cut a point, the website meal that combines me is round ( , wait for the key word that serves as an article with promotion of group of colonel Fans, rice, website, the effect is exceptionally good. Combinative people pays close attention to the flexible language of information, can very fast make your objective product, website, service be paid close attention to, when be bought or standing newly to just be built, it is very necessary, and in website initial stage, the person that can draw a batch of primary attention is potential perhaps client.

2, get numerous flow potentially guide

This advantage may be concerned with Seo, when beginning, the issuance of new product is very hard, you wrote soft article, took link conduct propaganda, care with respect to meeting somebody so, visit, seek advice, the new product that is us, website brought fundamental discharge and attention to spend, new product, website has the discharge that stabilizes partly to pay close attention to origin in initial stage, and website structure and content setting, product is admirable and reasonable, so, rank of person energy of life is met slowly rise, the website meal that resembles me is round, lending that one my implied meaning, " the meal is round (colonel Fans website) my hardship popularizes career " , in Google collect and the rank rose a lot of.

3, transmission author viewpoint of value

Flexible language is different from advertisement, the view that contains individual attention greatly is inside, the meal is for instance round, take the link of own website next, this belongs to a kind of expression of his viewpoint of value, the soft article that carries incidentally is linked just, and adopt such flexible language, can express oneself point of view not only, and can publicize a website, if what you play is good, the friend that still can attract same point of view discusses progress jointly.

4, increase a link

Take the link of own website, can increase effective outside catenary, on the website that guides search to all alone engine climbs you, the machine rate that raises to be recorded by search engine search thereby and rank are waited a moment.

Now, supplier of all sorts of enterprises, product knows a flexible language, open all sorts of magazines, the press to be full of sundry flexible language to also do not see more everywhere blamed less. But content, quality is uneven. Effect difference simply namely of ethereal underground fastened.

We write the fixed position that flexible language should understand he is current above all to adopt relevant step is concrete hand to write next: Clear up first tell to who, what to tell, how to tell, tell which, when to tell. After clearing up this, him recombine personal style takes syncretic of thing put together from inside a few incisive viewpoints of elder next, the flexible language that is oneself blows hard.

Bless everybody to be able to draw up ideal flexible language.

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