SEO elder brother: SEM is another product that afterwards SEO develops

SEO elder brother: The person that learns SEO skill is increasing, competition is bigger and bigger also, will naturally appear than SEO technology more ascensive industry!

As search index props up algorithm and service means (occurrence) of engine of search of professional picture, video, the content that searchs engine search increases ceaselessly, take Google for, have a picture, video, rich guest, information is waited a moment, in the light of search so index props up the sale activity that does, also should add content accordingly. Negotiated search engine sale in the past, pointing to is contest price pat name and SEO. Now, SEM should add more content, for example:

1.SEO serves, search engine to optimize namely, current SEO service basically is webpage SEO. Before the rank when the help accomplishs a webpage to search leans, get natural rank and flow. After, in the category that also should bring into picture SEO, video SEO to SEO to serve likewise. Nevertheless video sale should involve the content with new more. Search the map that engine provides and navigation visit, also can consider how to undertake engine is optimized searching.

2.Contest price ranks ad administration: The keyword chooses; advertisement constituent to match process of price of contest of; of originality of; advertisement word to optimize (Rule-based, analysis of effect of Not Rule-based); advertisement is optimized (Keywords, campaign, every link can do Creative adjust, for instance Campaign in group can according to the product in group, press long-term / short-term advertisement in group) . Of course contest price ranks dog, click false detect wait to design more respects.

3.Video sale, at present professional video searched engine to appear, home has for instance, abroad has Blinkx, and Google, also begin special video search Baidu, and early rolled out video Adwords advertisement, baidu TV alliance, how had made video so, how to accomplish video before search result rank leans, this is newer field, still involve the processing of video file of course, broadcast etc.

4.Community sale. Community as Facebook, the rise of Myspace and attract too much attention, became the topic of the end of the year 2007, the sale of corresponding community also should begin, and professional business community, for instance LinkedIN, ning of human relation community provided more effective stage. When search result page begins occurrence community content, we should begin community sale. Of course, search engine also begins to do his community, for instance Baidu knows, google skyline; makes the ad of community, for instance of Google at Myspace, of Microsoft at Facebook.

5.News sale. Baidu has news search, google also had information, so is the company that should we allow ourselves often also searched in news with everybody meet in the result? I think also is should. This involves the couple of the news on the incident sale below more line and net.