SEO discusses: How the risk that avoid domain name brings to SEO

Recently, a lot of friends compare a care to be in the actual unit process of cargo bandling of SEO, as a result of easily choice domain name begins to undertake SEO works, achieve final discovery this domain name is early by Google or Baidu place penalty, caused all sorts of losses. Now, nod Shi Xiaopeng to inquire his means is shared to everybody, the avoid in hoping to be being operated actually to everybody a few risks, also hope with respect to this problem everybody can be discussed below, needing those who fall to explain is, the article is not involved had carried out the domain name during in SEO, basically be being discussed is the issue that needs an attention in place of working early days.

When we register a domain name, need undertakes historical analysis to it, (of course, if you feel that domain name is first-rate, it is to grab note, that is OK skip over article detail) .

Above all, we investigate the history that investigates it first, with this tool: Check it has next near futures to record without what fall in domain name server: / , see right issued that to input casing, input your Url, want to know for example, the information that withholds here is general longer, input your domain name to look, see not? Be clear at a glance.

Finally, filter data and result in brain below, below the analysis, without many Spam content, the Whois news previously is regular, network trace is helpful for at the following program, such, identify a domain name valuable, also as far as possible the risk that avoid brings to SEO as a result of the domain name.