SEO developed summary 2008: SEO obtains Google to approbate

The footstep of headquarters of follow closely Google, as the issuance of English edition, cereal song China also was in on December 24, 2008 rich guest released administrator of website of Chinese of its cereal song of Chinese edition " Gu Ge searchs engine to optimize abecedarian guideline " , offer the download of PDF format file.

Before this, google has made openly response twice to SEO:

One, in website administrator a few content about SEO were released in rich guest, cover in-house link framework, guide link, derive link, anchorage text is linked (Gu Ge calls character of descriptive sex fixed position) , the problem such as webpage framework design.

2, in its help center added search engine to optimize (SEO) content, the crumble navigation on cereal song website is as follows:

Google help›Website administrator / stationmaster help›My website and Google›Found Google friendly website: Optimal practice›Search engine is optimized (SEO)

Zhu Jian of the member that turn over rubbish website to comprise from these 3 movements of Google and Google flies (engineer of cereal song software, responsible Chinese searchs engine rubbish instead) with Google search quality comprises Yuan Mengxiang to searched sale congress 2008 in light of the speech that 23-24 day Nanjing will stand in September (in Gu Ge have in administrator rich guest, you Mengxiang is published, the speech content that includes he and Zhu Jian to fly is arranged) , google made response of ground of very active, front to SEO, adopt open manner to be in guide SEO to be on the right path, normative SEO market, this also is the one share that its return rubbish strategy and search quality strategy.

Inside SEO course of study, have so a word: No matter white cat is black cat, what can make the rank is good cat, but, violate Google quality guideline to those, the SEO that tries to be ranked with Google of special method diddle, the harm interest that is not Google merely, still have a website advocate interest, buy the company that SEO serves especially. Of course, a little black cat of its technology excellent, it is to let a person admire really, already black divine, ah. But undeniable is, what the operation of majority black cat brings is annihilative result.

About Google front response, want to look detailed nod the link above with respect to oneself, I pick a few content to look to everybody only:

SEO is Search Engine Optimization (search engine is optimized) or Search Engine Optimizer (search engine optimizes service business) initial acronym. The SEO that recruit is a very major decision, it can improve your website and save time, nevertheless you need possibly also to assume website harmony praise the risk of damage. The benefit that studying a possibility while, consider irresponsible SEO to may give your website brought harm without fail please.

If you are considering to invite SEO, begin earlier to had been jumped over. Invited optimal opportunity is when you plan to redesign a website or starting new website. Come so, you and your SEO can ensure the whole design of the website all facilitates search engine works. Nevertheless, outstanding SEO also can help you improve existing website.

Although SEO can be a client to provide valuable service, but also a few immoral SEO are used very shift of exorbitant market sale, try camera bellows operates search engine result, damaged the reputation of this industry thereby. If any practices violate our guideline, the likelihood brings about pair of your websites to undertake in the indication in Google negative adjust, delete your website from inside our index even.

Notice the following item please:

Can assure to be ranked in Google without the person the first.

Be far from those advantage that talk about free link site high please, conduct propaganda links popularity to spend plan, or refer your website by tens of thousands the SEO that searchs engine. Because these practices are of shoe the goose, can not affect you to search the rank in engine result greatly in each, the obverse side that won’t produce you to expect at least is affected.

Although Google won’t try to comment on to particular company, but we were encountered really a few professing is SEO and the company that its behavior violated reasonable commercial code of conduct however. Take care without fail please.

The Zhu Jian on congress of SMX of the following Nanjing flies among them an answer, this is a lot of clients to group hair software is cogged a question that asks with me, so special pick take:

Ask: How does look upon link Gu Ge the problem of group of hair? Good when website by competitor circumvent, group when sending a lot of rubbish to link, how is Google judged?

Answer: Google of this kind of phenomenon had noticed, and the algorithm that we improve us in actively, the rank that assures to search a result is not held to accuse by place of this kind of behavior. Look long-termly, many rubbish link won’t be effective. Additional, a good website often has rubbish to link the natural link that also has had already, and this website has been ranked, because those rubbish are linked,often not be. About this problem, everybody still can consult this article: Link plan.

About " Gu Ge searchs engine to optimize abecedarian guideline " :

Although really also positive-appearing image its name in that way, it is an abecedarian guideline only, those who say is a few extensive sexes, foundation sex, principle content, be less than too big effect to promoting a rank to rise, but gave those SEO at least abecedarian and consider the understanding, company that buys SEO service a right way, let everybody know what is SEO, how to choose normal SEO, what operation violates Google quality guideline, I think this ability is the value place of this guideline. The SEO this year serves the market to be heated up gradually, many SEO serves orgnaization emerge in large numbers, also appeared many cogged phenomenon, this is the place that the enterprise needs special attention, I think, this also is the reason of so much movement is in Google this year, because many cogged phenomenon lets turn over rubbish group impossible to defend effectively, be kept constantly on the run, block up as scanty, treat SEO with open manner, guide actively, normative SEO serves the market, turning over rubbish website to searching engine is very advantageous. Regretful is, contrast Google, up to now we still did not see Baidu engine of the first search is opposite this Chinese the response of SEO. With respect to Chinese SEO character, we must take Baidu seriously, but it still is gray manner, do not tell you what is right, what is wrong, rely on yourself to fumble completely, if where day is repaired by Baidu, also do not think it can tell you the reason. This most call a person depressed!

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