SEO case – satellitic TV keyword optimizes a result to share

SEO case – satellitic TV keyword optimizes a result to share

Do a keyword to optimize to client website these days, the website was collected from March after 5 articles, also had not been updated again, a few results that share me to everybody, two stations say together

Keyword: Satellitic TV

Receive this keyword, what do we think of to should be done above all?

1, the headline that often says, keyword, description

Caption also should have skill, for instance satellitic TV, satellite TV installs these two words to have the place of overlay, can use delegate of a word.

The network address from the back must be added, this is to oneself the station hits advertisement to use, very influential to retrorse link force looks (Baidu Domain)

Keyword, with the description, did not say more

2, analyse website structure

The website of average client, general layout cannot alter, distributing with respect to long make down, do not affect whole beautiful effect can,

Website join had better use absolutely method, do not use opposite method, method description should agree with webpage content, if be pure static state, best every page wants to revise






3, the keyword distributings

What say on such net is very much, I say my train of thought simply, the website already some keywords, add thick, aggravating, increase connection, color wants and other character facial expression keeps consistent, go, beautiful the first! ! Avoid by all means.

I see a lot of stations, to optimize, the head, below the picture, bottom, it is keyword accumulation entirely, although say, baidu likes very much, but GOOGLE does not like, baidu likes you temporarily, cannot like your generation!

4, picture annotate

This everybody knows, need not say, the picture is much, annotate otherwise is same, wanted to go naturally

5, discharge statistic

The keyword ranks case count, collect case count, pursue the statistical cut that make even, save, send a client to look, such clients know what you are doing, in when inside achieved what kind of result, the client just is at ease to the company! This is very important! The client is at ease to you, just be good sense.

The great master that says above knows, I just say my result and move, have what opinion, the hope can put forward! (SEO grooms net)