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A planning book directly the boss p

I. Introduction

(a) the purpose of the case plan

(b) This plan recommends the implementation of

Second, the network marketing environment analysis

(a) Environmental Analysis Market

(ii) corporate image analysis

(C) Product Analysis

(D) Competitive Analysis

(e) Consumer Analysis

Third, the marketing strategy

(a) marketing objectives and strategic priorities

(ii) products and pricing strategy

(c) channels and marketing strategies

Fourth, the establishment Portal

Fifth, website management program

Six, site implementation plan

Seven, site promotion programs

Eight, the budget

Nine, program adjustments

I. Introduction

Internet is today’s second only to television, print advertising’s third-largest media, especially in today’s fast-growing Internet today, there are more and more people through the Internet to find the information they need, the product or service
If there is no development of network marketing that will lose a large piece of the market.

With the prosperity of the market economy, people’s living standards improve not of, for office, entertainment, living environment become increasingly demanding, decoration, is indispensable to modern life topics on the web today,
decorative design companies are exhibited in the form of corporate Web site, its information is one-way communication, a certain lack of interactivity, and we will go interactive media communication network.

(a) the purpose of the case plan

1, so that more consumers understand the Shanghai Ninth decorative design Consultant Limited, a corporate brand image.

2, part of establishing linkage point, radiate more consumers.

3, lower costs, lower prices, establish mechanisms for online orders.

(b) This plan recommends the implementation of

from July 2008 to November 30, 2008

Second, the network marketing environment analysis

(a) Environmental Analysis Market

1, xxx portal in reality is not mature enough, the service is not standardized, basically there is no single business class plus service portal-type site, especially not a local company to do the decoration industry portal.

2, on the Internet, Shaanxi province, decorative portal, the whole supply and demand based on information, advertising, and a small amount of decoration knowledge, focusing on the lack of user-friendly, interactive.

3, the company in Shaanxi Province into decorative portal market is not ripe decorative portal market, can dominate the market in the competition is not intense, the expansion of market share, with the fastest speed to achieve profitability.

(ii) corporate image analysis

1, to create a decorative portals, so that more consumers know the company, establish a brand image

2, the company is not simply based on its corporate Web site, but in the form of the original business site, combined with the portal websites do more publicity, demonstrating the company’s atmosphere and strength.

(c) Competitive Analysis

competitors: xxx xxx xxxx xxx

1, most competitors set up more than two years, the click rate, customer stability, rich natural resources, the strength, is currently the largest competitor.

2, the four portals to supply and demand information, advertising and decoration knowledge, focusing mainly for the businesses and enterprises, customers can check the information furnished on this website and refer to the product price, there is no interaction.

(D) Consumer Analysis

1, consumer groups: 28% 26mdash; 55, in old age, is mainly composed of a fixed source of income.

2, the consumer is required to interact with the media, rather than one-way media.

3, features and services because there is no comprehensive portal-type site, consumers need is the ability to interact with (Q, Forum), data query (decoration knowledge), entertainment, decoration offer, buy, one of the major sites.

Third, the marketing strategy

(a) marketing objectives and strategic priorities

1, goal

① within six months, the site do the largest in Shaanxi province, the most unique decorative portal.

② means of advertising the site, so that more consumers know Ninth Shanghai, Shanghai Jiuxing understand.

③ through the website, the company has brought at least 5-10 active clients per month.

④ through the activities within the site each month to organize a customer to visit the company showroom.

2, the strategic focus

① continuous understanding of consumer demand in the Internet, to make answer on the site.

② consumer organizations buy, visit the company model, so do the people mouth advertising.

③ through forums pull more users, to better implement advertising.

(ii) products and pricing strategy

1, product strategy

By Site model room, renderings channel, so that consumers understand the company’s various product design style.

2, the pricing strategy

price transparency, depending on the size, given the market price.

(c) channels and marketing strategies

Through the promotion of the site, so that consumers understand the site; through organizations buy, visiting rooms and other model activities

Fourth, the establishment Portal

Site Name: xxx decorative net

Domain Name:

channel section

| read news | Decoration Knowledge | Decoration Process | Space Design | Industry Masters | Materials Quote | Designer | day trip |

| home improvement budget | Central Purchasing Buy | I show my house | I want Decoration

| Forum | Decoration discussion | Kan buy building materials | decoration enjoy | yourself Release | Comments stores | Chart | Bathroom Kitchen

| tiled floors | Furniture Appliances | Lighting painting | renovation company

Channel class content

Look News: Site News International News Domestic News Shaanxi news

Function: to collect a lot of news every day, plus pictures in text form show, one convenience to the users, the second is to improve the search catalog (important to help with promotion and ranking in Baidu in)

in search engines

When you add content to submit their own editing, copy-prohibited forwarding other Web content.

responsible: network maintenance unit

Knowledge decoration: renovated pre-design world to buy building materials, decoration supervision acceptance Home decorating home improvement and maintenance of knowledge exchange experience decoration story

responsible: Design

Function: to provide users decorated in more knowledge, so that the site was more thoughtful people

Renovation process: 1. preparation: Investigation of unfunded

2, select decoration company: Qualification inspect the renovation contract bargaining skills

3, the selected design scheme: overall design of the development budget

4, the purchase of building materials: tile floor cupboard doors and paint metal lamps lighting sanitary ware plate other

5, decoration and construction: start preparing materials approach structural transformation of materials approach Hydropower Plants hidden works tiling flooring carpentry paint brush wallpaper

6, supervision and inspection: home improvement home improvement decoration section supervising accounting supervision accounting decoration section final acceptance of warranty service decoration pollution

Function: mainly for users to provide decoration and details of all processes, the main face of the first fitting those (young)

responsible: network maintenance unit

space design: living room design kitchen space layout design Restaurant Design bedroom design study design bathroom count

Function: showrooms and on the networks of the sample companies better sample

responsible: Design

Industry Masters: The domestic and foreign well-known designer

Function: picture and text countries show a famous designer, in order to achieve class content rich website

responsible: network maintenance unit

Material Price: ceramic flooring market price market price market price kitchen bathroom lighting market price market price

paint market price

Function: Gives the market price of each kind of products, to facilitate the users query

Agency responsible: cad department

Architect: Chief Architect, Designer Designer Designers recommend decoration designers talk blog

Function: In this section of its designed level, style, etc.

Designer Profile is divided into sections: About the design concept design Success

responsible: Design

My site in several ways to enhance traffic

do according to cool yesasex almost a year, the beginning of a daily page views the site in addition to my own point, few people to patronize.
Then consult a few people, they gave me some advice: for example, the site links to others, and to the forum post, e-mail promotion and so forth.
After I tried it, and now there are 1,000 people visit the site daily fixed, there are some new address to patronize it.
I made a summary of the changes, find the most visitors mainly come from several flow league, and now I tell you these few Union, would like to share, I hope everyone has traffic also soared.
Experts do not read.

1, pushing the dog promotion

Push dog greatest advantage is that you can as long as online promotion platform on display, you can also earn points, you can enjoy the keywords provided promotional push dog, friendship promotion, promotion and so effective promotion plaid these points
service, the results were good, one hour online can bring traffic to the site 20-30.

2, flow 1400

provide pv flow from brush and brush each other integration methods, but also can exchange integration, development of offline as well as rewards.

The alliance has ten major advantages:

(1. stable, non-toxic flow exchange platform that allows you to put it down!

(2. offline development system, so you do not score as increase online!

(3. allow webmasters to quickly enhance ip, pv, better improve the ranking!

(4. with diverse entertainment system that allows you to brush the amount of time no longer boring!

(5. vip lifelong discounts, allowing you to feel the real benefits!

(6. 20% rebate special to enjoy, while the side brush allows you to make easy money!

(7. Personalized brush volume settings, so you want to brush on the brush!

(8. We simulate real-world traffic, will not force the user to install the alexa widget!

(9. previously been in contact with your brush current platform completely different! Only registered immediately can personal experience!

(10. completely free to use all the features!’ll Come join our family now!

3, brush axela Union

this but the old brand, now with more than everyone.
His advantages mainly in:

(1, reap the benefits: All points can exchange traffic, can be sold for cash

(2, simple operation: Registration – download alexa toolbar – brush into the open platform is ok

(3, Fast Results: After joining the Union, alexa ranking immediately changed that day, three months after rankings will exceed your imagination

(4, safe and secure: mutual help enhance alexa ranking, non-tool brush alexa ranking, alexa cheat no risk

(5, functional leader: while lifting the reach and page views, so that the effect of different ranks by up speed

(6, no download: conserve system resources to reduce the potential harm simply enter the URL anywhere more convenient and faster

(7, huge traffic: multiple pages each brush technology, ranking rise rapidly increasing traffic is rapidly increasing, while up


(8, at any time settlement: full 20 yuan accounts can now apply for settlement payments to support the bank or Paypal

knot, hoping to give us a little useful.
Welcome to visit my site guidance.


Personal Web site operators have to find a breakthrough point

personal website largely belong to the type of grass-roots, but a lot of facts show that many of today’s big sites generated among the gang roots.
And we found that many personal websites can still make money, not the so-called dead end, come to the end.
So how to operate a personal website, I think for those who had personal website operator is not worth exploring, but you thought not, in this society to be born every day do not know how many individual sites, here I just based on my
work experience made some of my own personal opinions and views website.

First, the content provided may be many, but you have to find a breakthrough point

As an individual sites, large-scale profit seems very difficult.
What kind of products, it is also not very clear, but most people still rely on advertising fees.
The premise of advertising is whether your site has a certain reputation, as an advertising investment business, why would he put to you?
Personally think that there are two people ways: First, you do the more professional in the industry, people who come to your site, most of the professional level, the layman is generally not come, investors believe that even if your site traffic is not,
but still worth the money spent; and second, your site traffic is high, on such as Sina, a lot of people willing to invest it, even though it looks more mixed in content, but volume is high, some people would.
But as personal sites, there is little to do very professional and there was little traffic high.
That is because many individual owners think that as long as the content type to provide a little more, the reader will not feel nothing in there to do, but also to stick to the user.
In fact, if such operations, then to the newly opened site is pretty dangerous.

We find today, very successful site, many operators are almost professional level, content type even if your personal Web site to provide more, you also need to find a point of digging down down, or
then die.
For example, the content type your site may have to be provided: Internet, emotion, design, literature, food, film culture, education, tourism and yes, I have no doubt you will certainly be able to get these, as a engaged.
Internet Edition of people came over to complete the full contents is not difficult, but because your content is too complicated, some readers look after a few times, is bound to leak because miscellaneous led not specifically on the current Internet
you may need to wait on those professional users, which is why the rapid rise of grass-roots network of the reasons inherent in the industry.

advice I give is: if your site to provide many types of content, then at the beginning of the site, you only need to come in to provide content on the one hand, such as the Internet aspect of the essence of the article, the other content you could
ignore, or other content channels you can impress late, this result is that your site will be approved quickly in a population obtained.
Only when the group approved, your other channels and then decide according to monitor user behavior on whether to put it up.

Second, the importance of external links

Some people might say, you said Link, yes, that is links.
I think a lot of people here may understand it’s very simple, not that with the same or similar sites to exchange links, take it to yourself to get some traffic?
Yes, I was the purpose.
But have you ever thought about some of the links in round after round it?

I think that as an individual sites are actually linked with those on today’s personal blog bsp similar, the only difference is a server of their own, and the other is just a stranger under the eaves of others.
Since it is very similar, so there is a need for a link, do not underestimate the blog link, a person ten people link to your site, you may not feel anything, if more than 150 people in the blog link your website?
It is hard to say.
It should be noted that, in the link when I remember inquiries about pr value links to the blog, you know, pr of your site and for you is important to link the blog pr value high is good for you.

Some people may also ask, how to put my website links so many blog?
I know you can not let go, but you can build a link to the page, or they are divided according to industry visibility on the network to divide, or want to come easy.
It is to find these people should not be difficult, most of the blog will now leave their contact information, you just need to talk to the qq.

3, with content to help users register

What help users to register with the contents?
Have you ever come across such a phenomenon, the article you write very well, but you also a minor celebrity on the web, you will often query Baidu in your article was reprinted to where, or under someone in your blog
Messages tell you your article is very well written, they have recommended to the xx website as a blog owner you are not left you will follow him to look at the link address past?
Most people will.
He recommended once you’ve been there once, and if after three or five times to and fro it?
Do you have the feeling of being taken seriously?
As long as this feeling came out, then the registration will be a matter of course.

Fourth, the Master what you do

Some people will ask, you say, I know, but if I do focus on one aspect of the content, the reader suddenly registered in the above published content is not consistent with our proposed article how to do?
Congratulations, you’ve won half the battle, it was willing to contribute content, that your site has been recognized contributors, this time you do not hit him delete his article, but quickly made to reflect the intentions of the comment on his initiative
Posts encourage other users to comment, you need to know to write a review for the post with the post are equally important.
Your comment system will make humanity more humane point, so you far away from success.

Fifth, how to make news feature

is for an event called thematic range of views and reports, and as owners need is to report these views to organize, for the site’s users to view and thinking.
The benefits of news features that make your website in a short time traffic surge.
Because there are special news, with time relationship.
If during this time, will have a lot of people looking at this thing, and you do the topic, on the one hand to facilitate the search engine crawled your site, on the other hand, it attracted a large number of readers.
Here again the most important feature of concern news topics.
If you do not know what to do with the value of news topics, then you can do about the attention.

For example, your site is basically providing the content aspects of the Internet, so you can grab Gates recently came to China to do this thing topics, including news reports and commentary, so your readers will unconsciously think,
This site has always maintained the sensitivity of the industry and the society, while maintaining sensitivity to users most want to see.


In fact the individual site operators with operations in some communities is the same, like on professional issues, how to create a professional, with content to help users register, see post replies like.
Need to do is work and then work to change the fate of your site with thought and action!



Individual owners how to effectively promote the site

From the station to learn some time now, but also have some personal views on the promotion and expansion of the site in terms of, summed up in the following areas:

First of all from the big aspects to grasp.
I think that the future development of the site is very important, a direct impact on the site location and left to the user the impression that, to some extent, affect the rate of return, we should take it seriously, summed up the following points:

A full understanding of the site to determine the nature and direction of development sites, to grasp the whole, this is the first thing to do is to know how to do this, hold a large framework has a direct impact on the promotion,
I am here to give an example: I’ve built a movie station, the keyword is free movie, beginning advocacy is done in accordance with the determined direction, but later, as included in the major search engines began to increase, I have to
increase greater effect, resulting in the site on top of a column is the personal views and opinions on a number of sites, the equivalent of a small individual forums it.
Multi-point increase of original thought things could soon attract spiders, may be the result did not achieve this effect, but also with publicity when some personal point of view to attract users, leading to user-defined error, which its user base to have some
It had a great influence, gradually reducing traffic.
This simple example is no effective grasp the nature of the site, leading to fundamental error, gradually affecting the development of the site!

Second, define what they want publicity, a web presence has its reason to exist, do not promote the site is living dead stop, as I mentioned above, free movie is a feature of your site, then it would have around
Free movie in the end, of course, in their own long tail keywords can be modified and increased.
Simple point is about the characteristics of individual websites to promote, to find the right group of users, in particular to promote the region to publicize the effect I feel pretty good, at least I do, will promote overall good data, to highlight what they are
as webmaster We want to make clear, at this point we can not confused.

Third, the specific how to promote.
Promote a long-term process is not something that happens overnight.
I think there are funds to support simple, look now way to promote your network owners should know — burn, but as our small owners how to do, this is what we need to think about.

Secondly, there are some overall plan based on the study it is how effectively promoted.
Here is how I introduced the promotion, idea is to catch fish net, the entire areas, all broken up, convinced that a rule — law of large numbers, the effect is quite good, particularly under the following:

First, we are familiar with is —- soft paper.
Soft text effect I think is quite good, but not for a long time, this is mainly for the new station have a good effect, soft paper writing is to streamline the point, remember wordy, otherwise the effect will not achieve the desired effect, a good soft paper conducive to search engine
The included, shorten spider crawling speed, is a very effective method cited spider, of course A good soft paper brought traffic is enormous, plus reprint major gains station can be imagined! Well
how should we write the soft paper personal concluded the following, for reference:?

1, soft paper writing to seize the center to write, understand what you write, for example: to write articles about the traffic, you can do the articles from increased traffic methods and how to stabilize the flow, because these are the stations
Long likes to see, but do not write to be true even for just a shell online writing tens of thousands of times, there is no sense to write! must be combined with their own situation to write, this have something to say, it is true, only
Some people go to in order to achieve the effect of promotion!

2, in the writing process should pay attention to technique.
This technique I now introduce to you.
First of fuss in the title.
For example: how to make the new station a few days a month are included and how I earn 1w really like this topic is consistent with the public psychology, because we do nothing more than stand so well captures the reader’s psychology.
Secondly, in terms of content to really, not empty, that is said above, to seize the center to write, write have characteristics, such as: how to increase traffic to avoid common writing aspect of our thinking, if you write: traffic flow
I have a big pressure and as owners we flow is a bad thing as such a title is an alternative, but the effect is very good to write about the contents flow annoyance at other appropriate talk,
This article is finished! relatively common writing content is not in front of us are more willing to accept, is not it easier to ignore? Finally, in the writing process should pay attention to promote their own website, I found inserted in the middle of writing
Website address very effective, this suggest that you go try it.
Of course, there are other tips on writing, and this we can go online to check, I will not describe.

3, soft paper writing must be original I personally think, should not be around to copy someone else’s composition an entirely worthless paper, and the effects of this article is not very good, because I tried, at least for the site
have a significant impact future development, to write to write the classic point, why use a lot of time to write the article no value, in order to promote away if I think that it would promote meaningless, in fact, to look at the problem from another angle,
the effect achieved is quite good!

Second is our common qq promotion, which I watched on the network, basically did not write the complete qq publicity over the article, what are related to, often it means empty, in fact, no matter what kind of publicity to use, select
of that we will make good use of propaganda by qq me deeply, mainly in the following aspects:!

1, qq propaganda do not rely on any software that should not appear in the process of promoting software like mass within, so the biggest benefit is the ability to communicate with others in a timely manner, the general mass of things other people would not see,
the effect will not be significant.
When selecting qq group selection and promotion of web-related groups, so go step by step guide, with different promotional materials to the hair, even when others see no longer think it is advertising, it really achieve the desired effect.

2, change qq promotional materials.
Do not use a layer of the same text, the proper use images, animations, flash and the like, technology is good to the site can also be advertising.
Propaganda cycle text I tested preferably 2 Monday change, otherwise people will have a sense of disgust to see, of course, if often made, the cycle should be relatively short, this is to hold their own.

3, determine qq propaganda of time.
Often at the same time the effect of hair is not very good in fact, should be a planned propaganda purposes, for example: I have three qq group, the group is on television, then we should look up to when the group information to determine the good publicity
time, and some more in the morning, some night {ships 19:00 — 9:00} than more, after observation targeted to publicize.
Such promotion is professional, is effective, webmasters often pay proportional gain, as long as do, no effect that is a lie!

4, qq and amount of publicity.
I would say that the former propaganda should be appropriate, do not blindly go hair, blind pursuit of his own thought the effect gradually to grasp the degree to promotion in his, I do not say, when to do it, and what
When should I stop, look at the owners own personal judgment; the latter have to say that the coverage must be widely publicized, this is not the aimless wide, in the ability to be able to control these two best!
grasp the more important.
It may be difficult, but it does propaganda is a learned skill, not of want us to study and to practice, to comprehend!

On the way to promote the site

08 coming winter also think that the 09 bell sounded, unwittingly entered the Internet industry has been almost two years, and from the beginning do not understand anything, to do some fancy profile to today
The sites make money by day, how much money did not earn, but make yourself feel boast of their own, it is a matter of degree, because of his activities on the Internet this circle all day, but never did make any money, work reasons
often admin5 deal! also saw a lot of owners of insights and experiences! different articles always give their own different feelings, and today want to share your own feelings for the last two years of site promotion.
Do not just personal experience regarded decree!

do site from start to finish, webmaster for the most indispensable of the topic is the promotion! Remarketing promotion, marketing today are not talking about all the sites, but to promote the dumpster outside!

1. a more rapid and effective method is:! And marketing their products or site-related groups such as forum marketing, qq group marketing I’ve said this article marketing is not just weak, but a long-term forum!
Establishment of prestige.
Now a lot of online forums, and there are some particularly high popularity, website according to their characteristics, choose a few for their own forum.
Long on the inside activities, marketing staff through things on their own website to publicize the understanding of positive statements on the inside, helping others, and gradually build prestige and popularity to attract people on the forum browse their website, in fact, as long as you’re in there with prestige
and popularity, do not specifically promote their feeble text, even if it is in the signature or personal presentation has left your site link will have a lot of people to visit your site, and most of these people are intent clients.
Personal feeling, forum marketing blog is the best means of marketing mix, because blog is your site, you can write anything on the inside, as long as it can be attractive, but on the inside you can openly advertise, promote their
A forum to attract Internet users, personal feeling let them browse your blog than to go directly to their website is much better.
Now with blog marketing forum has attracted more and more attention.
May be useful to future mainstream!

2. increase site traffic and ranking of the most effective way is to search engine rankings, I said ranking mainly refers to the form of pay, because I am limited technical capacity, so there is no deep insights seo
but do not believe it’s persistent effect, so talk about search engine paid services, of course, the essence of both is the same, is to allow customers to search for products can be found at their website.
Each site promotion when doing this, you can have several search engines to choose a service provider for paid promotion, the general is Baidu or google, the site can choose according to their own situation, because the use of Baidu or google groups or
There are some differences, the latter generally choose a good search engine is the use of keywords, this would need to promote their intention to decide if your primary purpose is to sell the product, then it can only use the product key words, as long as people want to buy
When this product you can find, and if you have a higher pursuit, such as brand image, then it can be more than set a few key words, according to the characteristics of your target group, on their point of view, as long as
they like or need something, you can set your own keywords to affect their imperceptibly, to enhance their brand image, in fact, choose keywords with clear objectives in this area as long as you are doing before the promotion, but a
Kind words, this is not difficult.

The key is a really good website which is based on what the original intention of build up, and if you continue to promote its own sake is, then the site could do it pretty, but attractive to Internet users may be enough, every good
The site is built on providing quality services to customers on the basis, must take its own place in the customer’s point of thinking, if you are a customer, first came to a site, most want to see something, to understand what
and this is the site to highlight the theme, many sites have instant communication tools, generally after landing will prompt someone needs help? This method is very good, but there is one problem is that many Internet users, the first landing of a
Website seldom talk to online customer service communication.
In fact, this has a lot of small tricks, for example, provide some free stuff to Internet users, Internet users are attracted to your keyword set, he certainly is interested in this area, you can prompt the first time he had some
small gifts offered to him, such as a number of professional articles, fun or practical small software, etc., and do not let him register, submit an e-mail or qq number on it.
Thus maintaining the possibility to follow up later to continue the exchange.
Characteristics of each site is different, the nature of Internet users are not the same, we can according to their own situation using a variety of methods, the amount of traffic into customers.

3. publish information online, many sites are posting free advertising product information, typical is that some b2b sites and classified information.
Because there lurks your customers! Is like the individual owners are keen to admin5 weak and the same text, but the weak and to network owners send text articles or have some differences, here are talking about is not to send a message to the article
in exchange for an externally connected even a link, but return to their own customers to come real real money, this is malpractice garbage station.
Union rely on advertising! As long as you have the time, they stop to release their information to you in these potential customer base! If you can do persistence and hard work, the result will be beyond your imagination!

Web site promotion is a complex and lengthy process, which not only includes the promotion of the line, there are a variety of activities under the line, if you are a caring people anywhere can promote their own websites, concrete
Methods sure everyone will have a lot, the key is to see if you can insist on doing, seriously do, now do! In fact, endless ways to promote the so-called eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom.
As long as the effect is a good way, if we really want is a good extension staff! Just to make money are successful people, as long as you succeed you have any words of others will sentence may be regarded as a classic!


Master the professional game to promote their experience sharing

China’s flourishing Internet era belong to slowly close, the game is the same as the Internet possessed often at the forefront.

I was a gaming station-turned-original grass-roots owners, I’m a fan of the game, but the fans are not gamers, but the game Master fans, I came into contact with the site last summer, in this
a year’s time has done four game station, so I call myself a fan of the game is not too much of it.

No nonsense, start the topic:

Playstation well done for several reasons, the first performance in a very wide range of subjects, should be called in the seo keywords more
Much more than you do not believe me just one example, it is very clear to tell how much light 17173 This station game, a game of a theme, but in this topic in the keyword that was not much more, such as: Audition topics
, the keyword casually caught on a lot.

Audition Keywords:

1 Audition dance: 8k, cards steps, card p, even p, various versions of the dance, dance 3.3, 3.4 steps

2 Audition experience, experience, money, tasks, skills, friends, recorded video, pet, clothing

3 Audition Songs: 220 songs, 230 songs, each version of the song, the song 3.3, 3.4 song

The example above everyone should see it clear now, it is unclear what if a solution.

The example above we can see, the game is very rich in keywords, keyword should not be difficult to grasp.
Make up feeling very fresh.

The first ways to promote themselves to the game in its

again to make the game stand like a promotion, promotion in many ways, I am here to say a few,

This method is good to establish a family or guild in the game, and then slowly expand, by a person you pass a spread;

The second method uses qq group, Tencent qq group has hundreds of thousands
You search for a topic you’re looking qq group, go inside, and they know better, slowly sets out the website, and they said to form part of our own web site, they face a lot of people to the site this thing is not technology, you generous
say that you donated money to the technology, called them about release relevant original articles, so sometimes also very successful method;

The third promotion methods, some free Games Association to pull people, such as
to provide a forum where these and other u9u8,5d56 pull some of the guild you’ve settled this method if a little sponsorship model to tempt them, should be very smooth.

Method 3 points or more casually, there are many other ways you can continue to discover.

Playstation better to do, but also in the optimization, good optimization, keywords better to do, it dances that you can do the dance song, for example, now Audition 3.4 version, now there is the Dance
3.4 group dance, song Audition 3.4, this time to grasp the first time if you do this dance and songs keyword that is quite good, if you did not, you do not worry, do not miss the moon missed the stars,
immediately begin preparations for the next key, Audition 3.5 dance, song Audition 3.5, as these depends on how you organize yourself, and if you want the user experience, suggest that you can take steps to sort out a lot of songs or data using to do this
content distribution, then the article described the latest Audition 3.5 last dance, song Audition 3.5 release coming soon, so stay tuned.
Thus the user at least seen a lot of summarizing the content is also very rich, not very angry.
Actually doing Playstation, concern for the keywords you need most is this game’s official website, pay attention to the official website of the update bulletin, every update will be key.
The latest updates in qq good contact to their Web site to communicate.
In weight, I have to remind that, do not put your site hard to organize or original informative articles forwarded to other well-known sites, so tend to be search engine misunderstood, although I hear gg official said, they have very excellent technical maintenance
original party, but many times they are maintaining high weight, if you want to forward additional external connection, it is best to wait for you in this article the information to be forwarded indeed indexed by search engines, and you then made late, so perhaps your original
rights and interests are protected, outside the chain play a role.

original method of game station, the original is a website weight and generate one based on the original PlayStation are tips for those who never play the game of good webmaster to write an original game ideas and experiences
or article that better not to stop the task, really is! That how original it, my approach is the picture.
Use articles to increase website publishing pictures share the original game but thousands of pictures on the site, the site is good at the original picture, you collected at the site of some type style similar theme pictures, then uploaded to the Web localization, remember Photo Articles
When the title is essential key, because the picture content if you are localized in the eyes of the search engine you’re original, original content, and of course also the original title, otherwise a sieve ah, editors publish the title, remember
this title at least the first Baidu, and gg to see if the original.
The original site slowly will help you maintain and provide some weights.
Of course, this image must remember localization, do not mean that a few m space.

Playstation Speaking here today, I am more than purely personal point of view, for reference only.
Some owners want to give some help guide.

I have done website:


Classified information website seriously do things around there will always return

classifieds site like its name, is to classify information.
From 2005 began to sprout classifieds site, the same number as weeds soaring up; soaring for two reasons; one is this mode is a lot of people talk about.
The second is: Chinese people themselves love to follow suit.

I do not know how people are to follow suit; I know the wind, I told over.
Because I like this model.
Surely we often see that: classifieds site is an example of how no future.
That it is difficult profit article.
And said entry end, anyone can imitate; anyone can do it.
There is no technological barriers, and so on.
What more authority called to say that: There are many classified information website is created by the individual.
Any space Personal classifieds site and no development.
I never superstitious authority!

These on classified information website published the views of so-called pundits.
I see scare those holding authority in the individual owners (I need to explain myself to do network operations in a well-known Internet company to plan, not my personal long em:.., interested in me
man, I can tell you everything about me. and wants to be friends) so that they have the courage to run their classified information website.
Because they always adhere to those naughty but China and strong owners.
So long as they frequently publish those frustrating words.
Yes ah.

Unfortunately, the domestic part of the individual owners just do not live up to expectations.
They did not take their own strengths; weaknesses to contend talk to them.
But with their style.
They did the next line magazine, you also followed to take their money out the little magazines.
They desperately do network advertising, and you take your hard-earned money to do advertising; they get the prize you get a prize; they are sub-station open all over the country, you are … but you thought no, you do a lot of money.
This is the weakness that their strength to fight with others.
Military commander taboo.

The good news is; those millions and billions invested heavily to build the classifieds site being sought when the market when.
The domestic part of the classified information owners make money.
And earn very secret is very comfortable; they engage in what the surface of things.
Maybe they just learn asp owners.
But they are not the same.
What they are not superstitious authority; let him speak to define classification information website.
They also do not have those

authority as rhetoric.
But they have their own thoughts.
They have their own set of methods of soil.
But it works.
Their publicity is word of mouth; because they know the most effective way of advertising is the way.
Their site is not vast amounts of information.
But each piece of information is accurate information.
Their promotion, no harassment of those no current text messages and phone.
They are doing their 11 road car.
Next to the customer’s computer to help the customer to explain.
Perhaps not how many customers a day visit, but they know.
Customers will for him publicity.
He knows what is the concept of fission.

I have sworn in the country’s 20 or so provide clues to tell me.
They say; at their side there are many such owners.
Maybe not known.
But it is very gains.

I told a few buddies and buddies owners met with a following;

October 1.
Let me experience a lot.
You know the short term it home.
I do not know it.
You know Lee Lee you me, you know to find me network, huh, huh …….. but they do not know it at least a month there 2w much revenue.

In short; I personally feel that classified information website is currently the best way of profit.
I generally say here 3:00 views.

Complex disordered network; the information needs of different people is not the same.
Therefore, from the development of the network itself is concerned; the message classification is a problem faced by network development.

So my personal view: the current classification of information website has not been able to undertake a classification information portal tools.
So; I guess; the future will inevitably produce the majority of information classification tools to meet the needs of people at different stages of the Internet.
Like the previous stage: hao123; is the site classification.

Classifieds site; most accurate geographical information classification to clear.
This is our country.
E-commerce is not mature environmental constraints; to exchange all kinds of information provides a very convenient conditions.
Internet users want to know how services and products he needs.
In fact, at his side or with him the same grounds.
Very clear geographical classification for the future expansion of the line network foundation.
For example: ordering meal distribution; users can pass from a recent meal distribution network will be to his hands.
Greatly reducing the cost of logistics.

Classifieds site in classification tools under the premise of commitment.
Do not ignore the potential for deep mining section column.
For example: real estate, restaurants, hotels, business information and other services.
For example: My friend he has a classifieds site.
He divided the hotel is fine column.
And function have also been excavated.
He alone will have a good income.
The other I will not say.

I’m not a classification information authority.
But here.
Some of my view is that me and my friends get through practice.
I write it down.
Nothing more than to tell you that; seriously do things around, there will always return.
As I was doing Baidu site despite popular content and get a good income.



Website promotion fifth information summary

Some time ago, Xiao Wu wrote an article, “Information on the fifth line lessons learned for four months," the fifth article published in several sites like owners, which is fifth in accordance with their
For months and wrote personal experience, I believe the vast majority of novice webmaster will feel the same way after reading.
Information on the line for four months since the fifth, fifth has been to concentrate on the promotion of the site.
By this time reading a lot of seniors webmasters articles, fifth I think the success or failure of a website is not only to locate the site of webmasters but also to pay attention and attach importance to the promotion of the site early.

Information fifth line is only a few months on a small site, and other sites webmasters contrast, it is not worth mentioning.
But fifth we believe that in the current Internet in China, such as the fifth novice webmaster is accounted for a large part of their life or to interest or to and set up their own website.
But we all want the site to be known to other people, other people can have access to, therefore, to promote the site is an essential process.

site presentation on the current network to promote the way there are many, but not all of website promotion methods are suitable for such novice webmaster fifth.
Fifth to put their own use in these four months of website promotion method to introduce to you, perhaps you have heard of these methods, but to no avail, then fifth say is, website promotion is not one or two days
things, three days fishing, two days of drying the attitude is not enough, the site owners who insist on the need to promote.
Xiao Wu Xiao Wu gave you the following information to promote the process method used (Note: Although these methods are not the best, but really do not need to tighten their belts webmasters go to spend money):

First, the use of user groups Baidu website promotion

While some time ago because Baidu PPC is cctv exposure, but we have to admit that Baidu is China’s first really big search engines, the vast majority of Internet users is Baidu user groups, this number is very scary
If we can learn from Baidu’s traffic share a small part of a very small, just enough to make our website traffic surge.

As you may know, use Baidu website promotion is the use of Baidu Post Bar and Baidu know, really, fifth also think, in the Baidu website promotion We know the need to attract everyone’s attention rather than simply asking questions
Then use your vest answer your question, if this is the case, your website promotion in Baidu know is unsuccessful.

In Baidu, paste it on the promotion should be noted that, first you have to choose the site of one of the most valuable or articles, the number should not be excessive; second, according to your article to ask questions, and to add
the score, under normal circumstances is fifth plus 100 points.
This time of you can log in on someone else’s computer your vest number to answer questions, you can answer questions after landing every few days on their computer; once again, after using the vest to answer questions, do not complete the question immediately, we need to wait
A few days later to select the best answer; and finally, to say the fifth day, the number of questions can be 1-3 times.

Second, the use of resources from other stations Links

Since we are just built near the new station, and therefore those pr value, search engines and more links from other sites a little difficult, but still we have a chance, but a long time point only.
First of all, you have to default a target, and then the next few days to be more to the website message, comment, try it, and the owners more exchanges, so make Link application would not have been too difficult.
At the beginning, pr high sites generally do not link to a new station on the home page, in order to rely on the home page of your own effort.
On the inside pages of high traffic sites also can direct traffic to your site up.

Third, the Master qq group mail promotion

This belongs to the wide net of website promotion, this method produces a long time, more and more abandoned network promotion experts, for some novice owners friends, this approach is still very good.
First of all, you have to add some Master Class qq group, fifth do not recommend you send advertising directly in the group, but it can be said exchange links and send group messages, so it is not so easy to be t, can achieve good results

Fourth, to seize the hot issues on the network to promote

fifth most feel this way to increase traffic to the site early in a short time, however, this approach is not suitable for all sites.
First, as a webmaster you have to have a keen eye, have the fastest speed access to information, and then use the fastest and most widely used way to make everyone know about it.
Information on the fifth is concerned, some time ago, Microsoft black events is a good hot, fifth the first time to obtain information and find oga wga removal method, and in various forums, website promotion, that period of time to obtain
a lot of traffic, until now still has a good flow over.
Visible, as long as you choose a good hot issue, a unique perspective, enough to make you gain a very long time.

Fifth, the forum to promote

That is something we seem to know, but it should be noted, do not send advertising message directly, it will be the forum administrator title even seal ip.
In the forum profile only to write the URL where you can fill in your own website address, personal description also can use the user’s curiosity to get the traffic.
In some webmaster forums has links exchange zone, which is also a good opportunity to increase traffic.


just mentioned, it is through website promotion fifth personal use, fifth above text is a brief summary of the early fifth way to promote information.
Website promotion method never more than just a few, I believe that every successful webmaster has their own unique website promotion.
Maybe a lot of ways webmaster friends after reading this article disdain fifth presentation, but fifth that, no matter what form of website promotion, only give your site to bring traffic for your site is the way to promote good
Web site promotion.

fifth strongly recommend you to actually use various methods of website promotion, website promotion method because many times you look down but can give you a lot of traffic.
For some hungry after use Effective website promotion method can be recorded, according to their actual situation at work, with their continuous efforts to practice, people do not work for the website promotion methods on your website but can be a great

This article first! Author: When fifth reprint and copyright information, please indicate the source, thank you


A Comprehensive Analysis of the site ‘s reconstruction program Beida website

The first part of the site a comprehensive analysis of the status quo

Beida Jade Bird training center Loudi ORG website to solve problems and the corresponding proposal:

1, the website Indexed:


Indexed 2 5 3 1 3

backlinks 2 5 xx 3

In the site is running more than a year later, Google indexed only
five, Baidu’s included only one, pr value is 0, the network marketing has always attached importance to the training school, O’Reilly center should pay attention to this.

is recommended:

This should be forwarded to the consequences arising from domain names, it is recommended to re-purchase support site can run the operating environment of the space program, direct binding domain and space (another
can also be considered a domain name again and again, enter simpler has not been registered), conducive to search engine included, site reconstruction, expected to resume included 300 a month or more.

2, Home Experience

Open the home page, direct dialog pop-up ads or three or four, the impact speed, impact the user experience, lack of guidance page content, site maintenance function
relatively poor.
Layout lack of maintenance, such as uneven image display area in pictures and text, seriously affected the visual effects.

is recommended:

to re-develop the site, the overall visual image of a unified website, especially well-built home, giving the smooth, comfortable feeling, focused column content, focus on outstanding interactive effect, to
word of mouth and networking to promote a combination of effects.

3, the channel column planning

The current site has seven channels in the channel and has a small part, but mostly a lack of maintenance, data are mostly a year ago.

is recommended:

The ICRC home subdivision on reconstruction, help users quickly understand the Beida Jade Bird Information Loudi, two columns, three columns should be less to build, through Home
just click on it to obtain the desired information is desired results.

4, the site interactivity

Currently, the site is not an effective interactive channel, guestbook and online registration are obviously lacking, the site does not focus on user-centered and design, so users
information obtained from the site is very fragmented, and sometimes can not find the information they need.

is recommended:

Build forum for the exchange system and the online registration system that allows internal and external have good communication platform, design shift to user-centered around the needs of the user made and feedback
to boost school enrollment, and feedback can be common after treatment, posted on the Web for more intent. Students, through continuous online consultation for customers online, technical support, etc., to gradually upgrade
The purpose of the school’s service quality, improve user training center Beida Jade Bird ORG website Loudi participation, improve the level of interaction with the user to communicate information website.

5, site promotion

Currently the site outside the chain within the chain and are quite small, the lack of effective promotion, site traffic is low, less than the world rankings Statistics
Related data for that site.

is recommended:

After the reconstruction, the domain name should immediately be re-submitted to the search engines and indexed, build links, low traffic, attractive content is one aspect
, to be site adjusted accordingly, in this regard there will be a big improvement, and building forum, you can attract fellow come in exchange.

6, follow-up maintenance updates

Now the site is simply to collect the contents at the top, not the person of its content management and timely updates, poor effectiveness.

is recommended:

During the rectification process, the focus from foreground to background websites simplicity of the interface, providing a dynamic update and maintain autonomy as Loudi ORG Beida Jade Bird Training Center site
space and room to maneuver, to solve the problem of information update release.

On the original article :(: five out passengers, focusing on the media and the Internet)


Promotion measures for small and medium websites

a: seo (search engine optimization)

Today’s promotion means some older students is actually a long talk, I again largely summarized it.
A site at the time no funds, want to get very targeted traffic.
seo is the best resort and entertainment, leisure, information class website has been particularly suitable.
Because these types of sites keywords, those keywords like e-commerce site, will generate direct economic benefits, it is generally not many people do PPC.
And search volume of such words has been particularly high.
So there is a very high value seo, many entertainment nature of the site, we rely on every day seo easy access to several of w ip.
For a relatively simple example, search in Baidu Youku Tudou appeared in some small sites on the first page, they rely on to optimize both day dozens wip word searches, as long as the first page a day to get a few easy
w of ip, you can put online advertising to make money.

Two: Forum Promotion (soft paper)

forum to promote a means of promotion is the first I learned, which I have always felt that the minimum threshold of promotion.
As long as you go to the forum postings of people would do this.
Forum promotion is actually very simple, first clear the main target audience of your site on some kind of forum, or what kind of plate.
Early first do some preparation work, to have more popular forums and plates are collected.
Then get ready to go to a corresponding soft paper a post, and then analyze what most forum ip which version zone obtained through traffic statistics, pv has the highest conversion rate.
Then the focus to the promotion of these forums.

Three: Q 0026 A Site Promotion

Q 0026 A sites like, personally think it is very suitable for small and medium sites to promote.
This and promotion, and a bit like seo + forum to promote the complex.
Because Q class website promotion, mainly to do some related keywords and your website is your own man and answer questions, take what you want keywords in the title, so that users search for keywords in Q 0026 A site when
Post your ad people are likely to be seen.
And now the question and answer site traffic is also very large.
Such as Baidu, Baidu is the second largest flow channel.
Because the ad posted Q 0026 A site, the user is found by searching for keywords, so users targeted is particularly strong.

Of course, in the promotion of Q 0026 A site also has some of the details of the technique.
For example, first to clear, user Q class website generally customary search of what the word, but also to your website and products are related.
First clear these keywords, then register multiple vest to answer his own question.
In order to prevent Q 0026 A site administrators and users it is considered to be advertising stickers.
To ask questions, answer questions, it also has some skills.
When I do, the general is weeks with one account to a question, a vest with another 3 weeks to reply, Week 5 and then landing the account of questions to answer to the vest best answer.
There is a certain time interval, and ask and answer questions the best do not use the same ip.
So do a lot of the time is not easy to be found out is advertising stickers.

Four: traffic exchange, resource exchange

This is what I mentioned before the promotion, traffic exchange to promote small and medium sites also commonly used.
In particular, some have a certain flow of entertainment websites.
Plainly traffic interchange, which is to replace it with pv ip, then increase the number of ad clicks.
Because online advertising is paid for by independent ip, so pv more, at most, an increase of advertising pv hits, but not significantly enhance advertising revenue.
If the two sites respectively 2wip, by means of flow swap, swap 5000ip.
Two such sites have a 25,000 ip to click on ads, sure to be more than mere 2wip click on the number of ads.
But the same have a certain influence on the website pv.

traffic interchange compare similar types of users, but there are differences in the product of the website.
Such as making videos and making music swap sites.
Do the picture and make entertainment and information site to exchange user.
Professional website also available in this way, simply swap the relative amount of traffic will be less, but it can be considered a little bit more.

Five: bulk mail, qq group propaganda

Both promotional tools to promote comparative rogue operators, but look at the site some friends to share the experience, through this promotion also get a good flow effect.
The key is that these two do not need to spend money to promote the way they are.
Online has a professional mass mailer, qq mass software.
If you can send large quantities, such as e-mail to send daily 10w, assuming success rate of 1/100, every day can be 1000 ip.
Of course, you have your ad content more attractive job done.
Because these two methods too rogue, I have not tried to seriously failed to achieve the ultimate.

I did not practice, so I can not guarantee that in the end how good effect.
But listen to this promotion done around some of the friends, the effect is good.
The main bulk mail is recklessly aimlessly, but qq group promotion, if they take the time to put some qq group related to the product of your site plus a few hundred, and then the advertising article written a little better, so then for
The bulk of it, conversion rates might also pricey.
I used to do animation forum, go and pull off some of the animation group of users, but I used at the time the policy is specifically looking for those without their own forum animation group, the first main group buttoned up so that the main group led to the following group members
I’ve camped.

Six: go sns website promotion

Now sns type of site is very popular, school, happy these sites also are hoarding a lot of users.
Once read an article on the Internet, said, sns website is since the site navigation, the search engine next site entrance.
That is, after some users directly on sns website Follow all the things he wanted to see.
Without first opening at stations, not to go to a search engine.
Sns website to have two kinds of main way to promote.

1: sns friends word of mouth

own diligent point to several popular sns website has targeted plus hundreds of thousands of users.
Then select the appropriate soft paper published to your log.
Let some of my friends to share, so let a lot of people are concerned about your article, attention to your site, attention to your product.
I have been around a lot of friends in the sns website to do so, but are still not doing very extreme.
For example, I have often own blog sns website promotion, we see a poll on the right side of my blog you will find.
Through domestic, 5g and other sns website know my blog crowd is the largest, up to 30%.
So I believe that word of mouth promotion sns site was certainly effective.
This promotion can not I do it too seriously, because I think to promote their blog, no need to do so extreme sns website, so distasteful.

2: api cooperation

If you own or following employees have some technical strength, we can develop some small plug-and their own product-related website, plug into the school, plugged into the sea.
As long as there is open api’s sns sites to insert under.
Now many sites have so engaged in, to see what the school is open applications, many of which are provided by a number of small sites, and above all more or less linked to the ads on your site.
And the market sooner do better, a lot of sites are sns began to try to develop api, audit requirements are not particularly stringent.
So after doing many websites, and think to go into the sns website difficult.

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