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In large sites effective marketing method

There are a lot of large, starting a new website for quick access to vast amounts of traffic.
The most used are running affiliate advertising and traffic exchange to promote.
Such a way to promote the flow really came quickly, but also very labor-intensive and financial resources.
The key is this flow mostly caused by porn spoof of Internet users.
Users precipitation rate is very low.
Of course, some sites on the adoption of such a flow promotion methods, in return for a lot of traffic, and then find advertisers to advertise, but also a modest profit.
But for long-term development of the site unfavorable, this site will never be viable.

The truth, in fact, do a lot of people understand the Internet.
But do they still bored.
Because some promotion department to complete the flow indicator to the boss, so we rely on these flows do look.
Some bosses to give venture frill, but also the need for such traffic.
I do not reactionary in such promotional measures, although no user sedimentation rate, but also its role.
Just want to do these promotion of websites, especially those that can profit by this website.
For long-term development your website is not the time to consider long-term to do effective marketing methods, such as I mention below several.
Many sites may also have tried to do, but seriously do good, not many.

a: URL House promotion


URL House is the best, because there are Internet users, China is the most stupid of users.
What felt very strange.
Web site traffic from home to precipitation rates are generally very high.
At stations and generally give you hang up, that is long.
So promotion at stations, is a long-term effective promotion.

Of course, now home site promotion, it is difficult to do.
The site now home not just a collection site at every turn is money.
Those small website no money, no traffic, if you want those URLs stations included in the large, basically the game is.
But in large sites is not the same, they generally have little money, too little traffic, a little-known brand their own website and industries.

Not all URLs stations see the money, in addition to these particular bovine fully commercialized at stations, the rest of the mid-sized sites without money, in fact, there are ways to get.
For example, I tried to address his former home of the promotion, with pr6’s Home in obscure position to two medium-sized home site made a link.
The other side on their home page URL Categories give us a text link.
From our point of traffic here is very small, but the URL of a family of more than 3,000 a day over ip.
Basically for the 1:30 traffic back.
In fact, many medium-sized home site and do not care about that money, as long as there are points known sites, if they can give them to be a humble link on the home page, they will give them the same page keywords.
There are also many ways to make medium-sized home site free of charge to the keyword position, this would rely on everyone to explore.

Of course, the largest flow or this URL House, medium and large sites have so little money to promote it, if you can buy a long position on those keywords at stations, even in the two category pages
where to spend money for it.
In his experience, hao123 Home 4-10wip generally point out, 2 classification, can point 5,000 -4wip. Different classification results in different sites, general entertainment hits relatively high. flow is basically 10 times 265 and other sites.
If you go to these sites when home buying traffic, lower prices can be compared.
If the same location hao123 not more than 10 times as high as a few other, recommendations or buy hao123 keyword position.

had wanted to show you one day of home medicine portal flow origin (mainly from the site’s home and search engines), you will understand now what the mainstream station site, which is relatively high flow at stations
Screenshot unfortunately did not find previously backed up, so I later found, then Tieshanglai share with you.

Two: Links promotion

Now do links, mainly in order to enhance the value of web pr, pr value higher seo results will be good.
A chance to get massive targeted from search engine traffic.

The previous links Zhongguancun online does best, they have a lot of sub-channel home pr reached 7.
Many popular keyword search results, could be seen in the apparent position of the park’s links on the first page.
I remember one time, I order the next point Baidu hot words top5 keywords can be the first page to see the link Zhongguancun.
And these keywords, it seems, and Zhongguancun this site of their products is not much relationship.
While I would like to make the case to the company Zhongguancun Links colleague explained the advantages of the time well.
But I found a lot of pr value Zhongguancun gg channel is reduced.
The reason, it may be they know of.

In general pr value large sites there are at least 4 or 5.
If your site has a pr 4, to try to look for 4 or more sites do links.
Do not do it within the pages of links to some sites, even if those sites have links to pages inside pr5 or pr6.
Because the external links General pages are particularly high.
Learn pr value decomposition friends all know that too many external links page links have nothing to do effects.
Preferably the person’s or Home Channel Home do links.
If you have links inside pages have pr5, through this page, in exchange for external links who have pr4 pr3 little links, very cost-effective.

you may think that link is not very easy, especially the change to good quality links.
In my view, it is very easy.
The key is the head of the company, there to do this seriously.
General and medium-sized site employees have the experience of multiple Internet company.
They can play their old colleague relations for the company’s site in exchange for high-quality links.
Do the Internet in this industry, many times, is to look at the relationship.
Take myself as an example, I had made a new website, pr value of only 0, and the position within the page with links and others change.
Through his relationship in Internet circles, it is through a pr 0 pages linked pages.
Links have been changed in more than 10 pr5 pr4.
And most of the other side of the home page or channel page position.

and high pr sites do links, not only for seo help.
And excellent website do links, but also enhance your site’s visibility in the industry.
Of course, any promotion methods, to achieve the ultimate, it is not a very simple thing.
We need practical efforts and exploring.

Three: functional cooperation, complementary content

Well, I do not know how to text, first give two examples.
We read the Internet article, you should have seen the bottom in many articles, more relevant to the content of it.
Point into finding was that gg Baidu search results or search results.
This is the way most traditional content of cooperation.
In addition such a site, do the main content of the music class, a Web site with video content do classes.
However, users of these two products actually are interlinked.
I listen to music when the song came out next relevant mtv, sure someone will point it to heart.
Mtv, when we look at this next if relevant mp3 download mtv, I believe there will be to download it.
However clicked, will enter another site.
Such cooperation is a typical complementary content.

Another said Menu cooperation, such as the current cc Video Coalition, to provide video services to many forums uploads blog.
A website also launched a cooperative picture upload function, providing services to upload pictures in many forums.
These sites spend their network bandwidth and space, providing video and pictures of these grassroots forum upload service.
Forum owners feel a good deal, since users can use cool, which is functional cooperation.
Of course, these features provide quality website is not a fool, will naturally have their profit model.

If the large sites, have their own mature product, you can try the promotion of cooperation.
Whether the content of complementary or functional cooperation.
Just without losing their own interests under the premise, you can do it.

least three ways to promote yourself is the initial contact, understanding is not too deep.
We hope to have the right company for the website, give me a good platform, let me have a chance to sample the promotion of these three methods to achieve the ultimate.

How do wedding website promotion ?

wedding website more popular in recent years, to do a lot better.
The original idea of ​​a close friend, is now profitable.
Summary wedding website marketing and promotion, there is a note of a few observations.

site planning and construction site:

1, the site to be beautiful, the atmosphere, but does not require a lot of flash.

2, the site should be directly on your site that people have needs in this area, so one to your station, you should let them know what services you can offer, rather than two or three times before they reach the target point
Web page.

3, Services to be concise, such as what services you provide the name of the package that include one thousand two hundred thirty-four ~~~~~ point, the price is much, the service process is how, what precautions are
and so on.

4, success stories is very important, you have to in a client permission, your success stories into the appropriate package description below.
Success is not put wedding guests or a few articles on the bin, such as photography company success stories, it is necessary to write down the entire service process, the process of filming, interesting, shooting footage, location of praise, the final
wedding works, customers, etc., written as a story thanks or call the travel, after on the web site that allows users to evaluate such cases in order to show your professional and service attitude.

5, construction sites and many other details of things I will not talk about here.

Site Promotion:

The last is the promotion website promotion methods you own can be summed up in two: free promotion, paid promotion.
Their first develop such a plan, it is to do the job every day.

free promotion:

1, the local popularity of forum post, the above said, this story of success stories sent to the forum went, pictures must have your logo (this should I say, depressed), send the number of articles a day.

2, to other sites blog, of course, made the success stories.
Send number of articles every day.

3, the establishment of marriage qq group, the success stories you sent to the user.
(To be used in case of success, success stories are more important ah)

4, the other free promotion I will not say here, and you add your own.

Pay Promotion:

1, Baidu auction, there is a very important title and description, but also allow users direct access to success stories page.

2, local portals advertising.

3, other methods have added

Nantong marriage network () is what I have done recently, like you can communicate with friends.


Apartment job marketing common method Daquan

apartment to do the job, I understand, first of all is to have a good product, followed by a variety of means to promote.
You can operate a good apartment reference site on graduating students hostel as a reference to see what services they can provide; start from the basis of accommodation, to others, such as providing jobs and employment counseling, etc., each step is orderly
the basis of inadequate facilities, others are vain, after all, it is to come to the residence of the student.
Additionally fire and emergency plans should also be made, safety first, remember, remember

Client Analysis: graduates looking for work

This is part of the group, with a dream to the ideal job in the city, we can provide a relatively inexpensive and safe houses to help them solve temporary difficulties, customers generally do not ask, as long as the following conditions are met can:
safe, cheap and clean.
In addition to facilitate job seekers will be more popular devices such as computers, printers, etc., the current number of job apartment recently posted information and recruitment specialist provide guidance on the interview is very worthwhile to promote.

The following are my lists some common methods of some apartments on job promotion, I hope for your inspiration.

a, free web promotion

1. Website seo (search engine optimization)

This section summarizes master too, I do not here no unnecessary, and my understanding is seo: the user first, which will help the search engine; do not cheat, do not build keyword; describe nature; clear internal and external connections,
architecture clear; content is king, to support the original (at least not completely copied)

2. league website promotion method

interchangeable advertising resources and job search apartments in different areas, and common development.
Alone will not get a hero, a man of energy and time and wisdom, after all, is too small, therefore, to know how to external borrowing.
Several owners joined together to reach its consensus.

3. blog / space Promotion

built himself a blog / space to promote, often write articles, to have content, do not look the ads.

4. forum to promote

Web site posting to related industries, pay attention to propriety, often hair will be blocked ip.

5.qq Group promotion

Crazy add qq group, to promote, to be able to bite the bullet, and can withstand kicks, but the effect is generally not recommended.

6. Answers website promotion method.

In some knowledge class, known websites, answer someone else’s problem.
Or question and answer, pay attention to propriety, not a daily website over five.

If some of the methods will not work for free.
As long as the right price, go out a can withdraw two, it might pay for promotion.
Willing to be willing, homes still do not go running back.

b. Paid online promotion

1, and recruitment will be held to cooperate

In the recruitment site to post apartment posters, price depending on the size of recruitment will be cost-effective in general, but also to the scene leaflets promotion.

2, and recruitment Partner

cooperation with a number of graduating students job sites, as job seekers are looking for graduates, which is part of the group is more concentrated, can form word of mouth publicity, the higher cost.
The country’s largest college students are graduating students job site job site.

3, with a collection of professional job apartment Partner

Such sites highly specialized and focused more stable source, while the site itself is to promote affordable, high cost.
But pay attention to choose a mature and operating norms sites to run, such as fresh raw Hostel (, which joined the job has more than 400 apartments, is the largest job search apartment professional website.

4, in cooperation with the real estate websites

Although such sites have some traffic sources, but because of its user with a low degree of job short lease, and therefore the general price.

5. Search Engine PPC

At present job apartments, student apartments term popularity is not high, do PPC in Baidu, google in effect it is difficult to ensure cost-effective general.



The new station has just established how to promote

First, choose to do before making a stand keywords, this is very important, followed by the domain name you want to do good, and so is substantially the same keyword search is also a great help.

The new stand made out of the promotion phase flow is lowest when there is little natural flow.
I went to Baidu, google search methods to improve website traffic, know a lot of the so-called secrets.
Thus, the introduction of several methods to practice one by one, have never been analyzed road. It turned out that the flow is like a farmer, like, a little bit of accumulated because it is other people’s stations have tons of content, diligent posts in
other sites such as the establishment of tianya, celestial space above other sites, trying to contribute content, submitted for external links site with a variety of techniques.

all in all. Are based on the content and promotion. With only the survival of the content and flow-based site. I think, by these points, Baidu does not like your site, you can also make a good
station. make a big flow station. However, for webmaster, Baidu is the first promotion of the essence if Baidu can be included, that do stand up, you can do more with less, ah.

So, you may be wondering, not better method? I do use my experience to tell you, no.
Do flow, as long as a method on the line.
Like many large sites, they are only two ways to get traffic:

1, the natural flow.
For example, we know that Taobao, so when open naturally input.
At this time, we are Baidu’s natural flow.
This time the site has been entered a very regular phase.

2, purchase links.
Link large high pr site, so there is a lot of quality inbound links.
Because of funding problems, so buying links can save time and effort, this method is more reliable than the seo.
Because seo is dependent on the search engines, if there is no search engine, seo lost effect.
The flow rate was purchased without any restrictions, except money.

When the flow method of a site only natural traffic, the site would have done the highest level of traffic.
As China’s Internet users are aware Baidu same.
(Reproduced please keep)


Easy to build website traffic promotion step 100,000

often in the forum and qq group inside and saw a lot of friends advice on how to increase website traffic, how to build a high-traffic sites.
Here we summarize build a high-traffic sites basic steps, as long as you follow the steps to perform, I believe that 100,000 traffic can be easily achieved.

data collection and location analysis

collect data: the status of the industry in which the site investigation and analysis, including the development of the industry, application, industry characteristics, the characteristics of the product, and other network applications;

Web site analysis: according to preliminary data collection, summary, site of their own industry for analysis;

E-Commerce Location: according to the characteristics of the industry characteristics and products, the site industry positioning, a clear basic website;

pattern analysis: analysis of site peer business model, research and e-commerce site that matches pattern;

industry competition analysis: industry competition, summarizes a comprehensive analysis;

Web site development analysis: Website short-term planning and long-term development strategy and other basic policy.

Website Analysis and Diagnosis

Diagnosis System Technology website: Website foreground used to build the form, language and other sites backstage adopted;

site structure diagnosis: site structure is reasonable, whether the efficient, convenience, compliance with user access habits;

Web page Diagnosis: page code is streamlined, the page is clear, the page capacity is appropriate, the page color is appropriate;

file with the file name Diagnosis: file format, file name;

Access System Analysis: Statistical system installation, origin analysis, regional analysis, the visitor analysis, keyword analysis;

to analyze the site, from the analysis, summarized some of the keywords to optimize the site to promote, so as to highlight the search industry competitiveness.
It allows users to find the site a number of industry keywords.

Website sem optimization


Website optimization: structural optimization, optimization framework;

Web page optimization: page layout, page design optimization, image optimization;

navigation design: ease of navigation, navigation text optimization;

Link Finishing: internal and external links to the site will be reasonable construction;

tag optimization design: optimized design of the relevant page of the keyword tags.

promote integration, integrated marketing

Web site traffic promotion strategy: the key is flow problems, this process will be used in many network marketing approach to the development of the site at different times, choose different methods, efficiency increase site traffic;

External link Promotion: Use links strategies;

group messaging promotion strategy: by the industry website analysis, using the appropriate group messaging technology, such as e-mail, SMS, fax, etc.;

Search engine promotion optimization strategy: through sem optimization and improvement, and to enhance the site’s search engine rankings, increase traffic and turnover websites;

Other promotion: Follow the latest network trends, to develop new means of promotion.

website operators

Stay updated and original quality traffic to your site regularly organize interactive activities;

at any time to add based on product features and update the narrative;

According to the market, to adjust the network structure, increased promotional efforts;

set up a website online customer service, such as qq, uc, Ali Want, etc;

According to the website operation and promotion of statistical analysis of site conditions, timely for the site to be adjusted accordingly.

These are the basic steps website promotion, your site promotion process have done, what does?
If you have done it, I believe your site has 100,000 flow-level site.
If you have done has not been reached, I believe that your site-targeted travel problems.
I suggest you can participate in the following courses to learn how to build 100,000 flow-level site.


To promote innovation : the new station on the line two days break 1300ip

do stand off, also for a long time, but compared to those hardcore webmaster friends, I might also mention the owners of this title.

Well, ado, direct cut to the chase, this time wanted to share with you my personal experience is: To promote innovation

Many of my friends very upset,!
Website template changing for the better, and the content enriched a lot, but the search engine in power today, how fast the new station to get traffic? wait? It is necessary for the new station is now Baidu increasingly strict audit, not a month is not
want to be included, a month, which had a very high quality of the content of your website premise

website types, be sure to promote ways and traffic growth is not the same amount of.
My site is publishing site information, then we should understand from a similar type of site information dissemination, promotion was not easy, because the content of your site is mainly based on customer information, even if you’re a new station on the line free for customers advertising,
customers may not take a look, because you do not stop the flow.

Having said that, so in the end to how to promote it to get traffic quickly? Promotion must be innovation! I now put myself in the context of the new station and to share with you, do not say it
success, but we hope to help novice friends slightly, inspiration.

domain name choice:

Because I am doing is handed down online information dissemination networks, handed the official explanation that the domain name is woool, I chose
is 56woool, taking into account the international domain higher weights, I use .com% 26quot;

Why we must first talk about the domain name choice, which should not need me to explain it, I would say that in
domain name of choice, not only to take into account the customer experience, but also to take into account to choose a domain name in favor of seo.
(Many seo tutorials highlighted above right weight higher than .com .cn, but from the stand point of view I do, there is no experience of it, I stood a few .cn likewise included Baidu well, this is a digression, after

website templates make:

It took me about two days to make up this template, interested friends can go to the next:
(Please also look at the audit, meaning no ad, webmaster friends ip for my stand not the slightest sense) using a very simple cms management system, because of their technical level with relatively weak, but doing it feel more difficult,
But try to do a good job, because a good website template, user experience, the first step in customer recognition! Many of my friends little attention to this point, the site so ugly, even if the customer come first, but coming back?

Well, choose a good domain name, site templates also make over, my stand is mainly based on the content of the information released, the remaining is to find customers to other sites of advertising messages, then one by one
collected his station, this is not hard to find, but the information is updated once a day, and one by one human flesh acquisition, but also spent a lot of time, but this is a must Oh, Oh.

to focus, the rest is how to generalize this!

client’s advertising message is actually a new game open area advertising, what information learned from this?
your website to players based traffic to reflect the value! I like this station did two or three years of major stations everywhere, how can you better guide the player to your site up? Advertise
? cost a lot of money, I believe that many owners friends and I like to eat almost besides money, could take no more money to invest what site.

I think that operate their own online game (because they have been in this line of Mopa roll from graduation, is still very easy to set up an online game, the technical level is also very simple, so almost no
costs), set up a good game, so my game went on those sites play an advertisement, it is probably more than 400 pieces, direct links to game site is my information publishing site one game column, in that Baidu first
The second station above post ads on my site line corresponds to a weight gain of a few very high outside the chain!

I figure a bit, playing an ad on those sites, probably can get
1000ip flow, but note that these flows are guided me and true player traffic! This is why the line two days on my new station would get 1300ip 3800pv such data.

By the way, one more thing: I set up the game spent 400 costs through advertising effect, earnings on the same day Oh, so that is guided to the back, so my marketing costs is positive!
Flow of the most valuable, but also did not spend a penny of marketing costs.


Site planning requires knowledge

Web site planning is a systematic project.
While most domestic enterprises and major Internet companies have not put the site plan placed an important position.
But the importance of site planning is not whether the position, currently more professional site planner is not much, some switch over from a website designer, some converted into one from the network marketers, some converted from the Internet industry analyst
Overall, the site planners need more knowledge, and use far-sighted viewpoint, particularly for companies in the Internet industry, site planning work is more important, because the more involved strategic research site
and future directions.
Corporate website Relatively speaking, the grasp of the planners of the Internet economy this knowledge requires relatively less.

Sun Tzu says: husband without a fight, the winner of the temple count, was considered too much; not count numerous battle of the temple, who was considered less also multi-operator wins, numerous small operators, while the status of my order almost no operator.?
perspective, the outcome see carry on.

Therefore, planning for production as well as future development of a site plays a key role.
So, you want to be an excellent site planner do?

In general site planning requires knowledge include the following:

1. the ability to do a good copy writing

Even the best ideas, new perspectives and then, if you can not express in words well, it would be a very unfortunate thing.
Copy writing ability is a planner to do the most basic quality requirements.
So be sure to strengthen the training in this area.

2. familiar with the Internet economy

Whether business or professional Internet business website, to a certain extent on the needs of the Internet economy a degree of certainty.
Corporate website in this regard may request a little at the end point.
But if you are engaged in pure Internet companies, such as web2.0 site, online media, wireless value-added, and so on.
Then you need deep rhyme connotation of the Internet economy.
Because of the particularity of the Internet economy, any kind of new technology and even the introduction of new ideas, can lead to the effects of volcanic eruptions, can set up a number of outstanding sites, but also a large number of sites down, so, as a blowing end
people, planners must be careful, because the establishment of strategic direction as well as to explore the profit model of the Internet economy are profound grasp basis.
If you do not understand this, then your site is more than mere planning type without meat, without any challenges and development potential.

3. have some programming foundation

does not require specific details of the website programming know a lot of things … but the basic type or understand … it is a good communication and technology department, while some of the functional requirements of the site also need to know some programming
….. such knowledge-based html language least know his works and the basics …… w3c standards … xml.ajax etc ..

For example ….

If you’re a little xml + css do not know it …. then you certainly would not advise technology section in the site planning design standards in accordance wc3 ….

If you do not understand ajax .. if you do not know you need to use ajax to achieve user-friendly design …..

In some places

If you do not understand the words xml rss.
You will not know you need to provide rss feed for polymerization in the site …

4. have knowledge of network marketing

The importance of website marketing for website I think we all know … especially the importance of website promotion ….. a website to promote the site is not only necessary in the production of good ……
. promote the site should run through the whole process of website development … so at the planning stage will need to be taken into account such as the functionality of the site .. whether more needs humane. website design is more conducive to online network marketing, website design process
, pay attention to the optimization of the page, optimizing site structure, as well as key distribution, and so on … user-friendly design of the site belonging to the invisible marketing plan, of course, very important ..

5. Good analytical skills and logical thinking ability

site planning, we can use the 5 w to the site to conduct a comprehensive thinking, the site features positioning, profit model analysis, site of the purpose orientation, although it is a very subjective thing, invisible, intangible, but it does all the follow-up
important reference work, and the function of the site location, the profit model analysis, site for the purpose of positioning the industry needs to analyze a market economy, including the entire industry market analysis, competitor analysis, and the enterprise’s own swot analysis.
Position and direction of development of enterprises and the entire site from the macro.
Site features analysis and development direction needed objective data based on the integration of the grasp of the Internet economy analysis.
Survey including site user’s age, behavioral characteristics, education, and so on.
These require strong analytical skills and logical thinking.

5. Good analytical skills and logical thinking ability

Fields and grasp the overall site style website design and combine enterprise ci vi site design site planning needs a certain art foundation, would also facilitate communication and art.

finish here today on the first …. all aspects of site planning influence each other, interact ……. I feel it is now necessary to web design and site planning perfect combination to look ..
This establishment in this one particular business significantly, often without planning to start production in the Internet business .. and this one has been relatively adequate attention, but the configuration and the trainers are also great place ….

welcome to reprint reprint please indicate leisurely …….. line world of thank!



I is how popular keywords Baidu ranked first page

talk to me how to use a period of 21 days, to a popular pharmaceutical keywords to get first page of Baidu, because they belong to the company’s website and keywords are not published, keywords, and website owners
auxiliary keywords are stable in the first page of Baidu week.

We did Baidu bid test, 9:00 to open accounts, 14:00 to close the account, the keyword in 17 hours in, eat our bid 2,000 yuan.
This keyword is bidding perennial hospitals and pharmaceutical businesses.

Long Distance Jane said it was important to talk about a few issues, and I hope we can do website seo help, in the written text at the same time, adhere to the actual situation of the guidelines, do not exaggerate, do not induce.

1, the selection of the domain name

Baidu to take into account the long period included a new domain name, and later outside looking at the advantages of high-quality connectivity, and decided to buy a domain name pr3, this site was originally a school forum, Baidu, google relatively high weight
external connection itself is also very rich.

2, page optimization

title, keywords, description, these three, I think is very important, such as my station, Baidu wrote many descriptions matched keywords are in Baidu ranked a good position.
How to write the three, how to write, is worth pondering only want to tell you, once the

and columns, do not do modified.
seo attention to detail, do not forget the image description and site map!

It is worth to say about that many people well after the site does not pay attention to the keywords and description section of the page, a disadvantage! Spider good this mouth!

3, how to exchange Link

We all know that the exchange of Link, like switching stations and pr high, in fact it may not, google will not lead to much ip, exchange friendship when I was doing, I stood already pr3, so to a certain extent, is very
Link easy to do high-quality, high-quality selection of the tools I use Assassin pipiki Link, look for rival station, batch view their friendship connection, and then find Baidu included more high pr station, make connections, we
competitors in more than 20 sites around, think, and quality of each station they do to connect external connection, then what happens effect? ​​

4, keyword density issues

At the beginning, taking into account the keyword density issue was going to put the word control in about 8%, then the site made content, test keyword density, up to 15%, check the next website, find a
place belongs keyword stuffing.

stands to reason that it should be reasonable, there is no cheating.
Website tangible for the sake of users, offers a user needs.

5, the content of the site and title

content will not say a word, content is king!

How do the content and title it? Should not not be collected, on our website about 200 articles, all users have a role in the collection of articles.
Alternatively some title, and content.

6, the site selection procedure

use dedecms, article management system and QA system, after testing found that Baidu is our fastest, the first is a Q system content.
This is the right to master the heavy help, you can own testing.

The basic focus on the process of Web site ranking these problems, some of the details, one experience to everyone in practice, I write here is incomplete.
Welcome to have the same loving friends communicate with me, pay attention to my site, Xi’an seo

This article first appeared in Xi’an seo, / seo / 130 Reprinted specify.


Website development too smooth a month

and topics, like New Year’s Day, shouted one, establishment two months, the development of too smooth.
Super cool.

starting from November 1 station, in fact, around November 20 before molding, down toward the fixed direction.
it College Station () along the way, the development of extremely smoothly.
The following first show under development:

1, on the issue Baidu included.

Many sites are unhappy with expecting Baidu included questions inquired everywhere all day, how to make Baidu included.
Well, after all, Chinese stations, mainly have to rely on Baidu to traffic.
College Station it is very cattle fork, he said it looks like the next day on a collection of Baidu.
The revision of a few days because the site of an accident outside the front, Baidu included from 2 1000-0, included back again the next day 500 +, now Baidu is also close to the 1000 +.
This in turn is related to an indexed Baidu k re-issue.

2. Data on individual issues.

College Station beginning when it was established, alexa ranking I noticed the next, is more than 7 million of the nearly 8 million data, when my dream is before entering 5 million.
Two months later, and now in China, where statistical data owners, alexa rank: March average position 316,990 a week on average ranked 164,445 (2009.1.1 statistics).
Let me very pleasantly surprised at the same time incredible.
It is worth to mention is that I did not cheat brush ranking in this regard.

In addition, I am grateful gg in the New Year to give me a gift, so it pr value from 0 to rise to College Station 2.
pr value rises I feel it becoming more perfect in College Station.
This had to let me think of a question, received a Christmas gift gg gg advertising pin code on Christmas day, and the day before the New Year also received New Year’s gifts, pr value increases.
I was really grateful to have great gg.

3. about traffic problems.

I am sure you all know the meaning of traffic Master, what a web site traffic means no traffic and what it means.
In my opinion, website traffic, it means money, it means your site meaning of existence, existence value.
Of course, I refer here to the natural flow of valuable traffic.
After all, the coalition brush flow too much.
College Station began to flow from it every day digits (seemingly all points of himself and a few friends) to now stabilized at 1000+, had to sigh, two months to pay off College Station hard as it deserves.

Here to share with you my experience it according to the course of College Station, focus on that and included traffic problems.
Do not ask me why the price alexa ranking so fast, indeed I myself do not know.
Perhaps the reason is because he insisted it is updated daily.

When the newly established website, it is highly recommended not to try to collect content.
Even if you look at the content of your website is like to fill the empty come as soon as possible, and do not try to collect.
Baidu spider is very clever, content and non-collection of content acquisition, it is very easy to distinguish the.
I remember I said above my site to Baidu k a, a collection from 2 1000-0, because the reason I try to capture.
That night after the acquisition, the next morning gave a k.
Saving measures that I take is immediately collected content into another place, and removed those links to find content.
Back that evening included eight, then the next day recovering the 500+.
This I feel lucky.

My principle is rather tired, do not go to collection.
One is that the site is updated daily, Baidu spiders will love, and will go to visit your site every day; the second is that he updated content content and collected his thoughts more clearly, in other words, to update their own content sites only
really is your site, you know more about your site’s content, will be more purposeful to promote your website.
So just do stop, it is recommended to update it hard points slowly.

Baidu included, the flow how come?
This is a new problem.

I am not a seo expert, you can not do what other people Baidu keyword can come to my site.
I believe most of my friends think so.
After all, the new station, Baidu weights can not be high where to go.
It started how to promote it.
I chose Baidu know.
From two months ago just to do the site when Baidu know where the integral is 0 to Baidu Knows now approaching 3,000 points, you can know how many questions I answered Baidu know it.

Baidu Knows answer questions, and then bring the link, this is my website promotion in Baidu know in a good way.
Of course, the site links to answer questions put to very tricky, it looks like a purely advertising answer, certainly not feasible.
My approach is targeted to the selection.
For example, it is the content of College Station computer knowledge in that regard, I would look for in Baidu know in this problem, and then to answer with the website content, replied perfect as possible.
Then at the bottom to bring reference materials, or at the bottom to bring recommendations to address said here in more detail.
Unlike this ad, it is easy to bring traffic to achieve results.
If your answer is recommended just become the best answer, the better.

Another interesting note is to answer this question put links to your site is easy to improve the right weight.
The other is, it tends to attract Baidu spider to visit.
So Baidu know practices in the promotion of sites, site traffic and has a very good effect included, strongly recommended.

Baidu Post Bar and Baidu Space same practice here is not repeatedly explained.

This article made it College Station () Chen Jin original, respect for copyright, reproduced Please keep this information.

we hope more of siting friends can get help from this article.
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What method to promote the new website

online research and online advertising are the two priorities of a site began operations.
Operate a new site initially most troubling thing is how the site planning to increase their site’s visibility, so many people to pay attention to your own website, in particular the attention of potential customers, the following is our summary of several network marketing studio
line of thought, we hope to explore:

1 forum community outreach

Some people think this is a manual labor, but I think not.
If the method is used properly, the forum community outreach can still minimal manpower, time cost for maximum exposure.
To promote the use of the forum community, you first need to select some of the popularity, high-profile, highly relevant forum, based on my experience devaluation Baidu Knows and Baidu Post Bar, followed by the most important thing is to write compelling, highly interactive
soft paper.
Forum community to promote a good case is the city where the customer product forum marketing, take a look at it one of those soft paper: Take a look at a woman’s most wanted man, I hope you can enlighten by this, by analogy.

2 network advertising to promote

This method is suitable for the promotion of a certain financial strength of the site and a handful of investment return rate is very high site.
There are many ways of Internet advertising, a variety of ways, all of a sudden is lots to talk about, but I want to say that online advertising with traditional advertising, but also need delivery strategy, strategy properly with minimum investment for maximum effect
Each site is suitable delivery strategies may be different.

3 later paid review

paid review that is the subject of marketing, pay-related content of the comments in my wording to talk about the topic of marketing has been introduced, paid review in increased website traffic,
increase brand awareness, search engine optimization has an invaluable role.
Buy paid review, there are two possible ways, one as feedsky topic comments intermediary platform through paid advertising, there is a flaw in this way is paid a comment on this search engine optimization is not good.
Second, the release of information through the network to buy the paid commented, direct contact with the paid review writers, major problem with this approach is that the presence of paid review how billing.

4 software plug-in promotion

This approach is more suitable for and do not care about the brand’s website, commonly used approach is release contains commonly used software packages, the user once the installation package
You can modify their browser settings, such as a web site set up home, a collection of URLs.

5 Events promotion

by holding a series of activities to allow more users to participate in activities in the process of interaction with the user, and gradually achieve the purpose of website promotion, this
kind of promotion method is the most notable feature is the website can achieve awareness is high.
To do promotional activities, an important prerequisite is to have a good plan.
Common form of promotional activities to promote the contest has held xx, registered delivery points, a large discount, buy win prizes like.
As far as I know, the activities of promotion of large point of site planning are doing.

6 email promotion methods

email marketing belong to the Direct Marketing, the main advantage is based on user characteristics, hobbies send personalized, precision of the information, to achieve better promotion effect
email more suitable for access to user data sites, especially e-commerce, social networking sites.
email promotion in addition to access to the user data, another very important thing is to write the big attraction, guide customers action-mail advertising.

The above method due to their own characteristics of each site choose to use, we hope to give all website promotion staff to help.

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