SEO begins to introduce tutorial of 7 SEO study from very academic be used to

Read a few Seo books eventually recently, introduce now:

The first is " search engine optimizes " English name: Search Engine Optimization:aN Hour A Day

A book that two Seo experts of American write, the constituency that this book confronts is all people that follow website contact with, and assume the reader is learn Seo with a hour with additional working hours, straightaway, and the most important is, this book works Seo standardization, have very strong operation sex, recommend mainly here so.

To abecedarian of sale of DIY search engine, " search engine is optimized " it is a first-rate introductory reader. This book covered the main essential factor of SEO not only, still studied a few difficult problem deep (have technical level already, have the) of business level again, and straightaway, gout is boundless. A detailed SEO plan was offerred in the book, and the method of magnanimity promotion performance, make you can according to everyday the success of a hour that plans to gain promotion. Although you are being wrapped outside business of consideration general SEO, this book is readable, the term that it involves to understand this industry and place provided a first-rate means.

" search engine is optimized " one book offerred complete and relaxed guideline, formulate successful SEO strategy. If you just begin to undertake engine is optimized searching, want to fall the risk lowest, win the biggest get one’s own back at the same time, so this book reads surely namely anthology. " search engine is optimized " teach you how the search nutrition convention with good nurturance, and handgrip hand ground teachs you to carry out search engine to optimize, have in order to make your website alls alone in mainstream search in engine for a time the ground.

The 2nd book is English edition, title: Seo_made_easy

The author is Brad Callen tool of his a Seo believes authority is not new: Home of SEO Elite 4 has the very much edition that defeat solution, , but do not support Chinese analysis. A of this book apparent characteristic is: Compare the analytic Seo of simple system, explain a website optimize promotion case, regrettablly is to have English version only, be afraid that everybody is read rise painstaking.

The 3rd book also is English edition: " Seobook “

Home has Chinese to translate version, but looked, not be interpreter of Seo major personage, quality is finite, I read English original edition, this is a very good Seo book, of comprehensive system analysed Seo-sem. Information is very much, it is I had read Seo the thickest in the book, the author is more detailed explained every part, if everybody has time, can consider to research this book well, the information of official website is updated very pretty good also, can subscribe to through mail.

The 4th is Wang Tong write, " search engine ranks secret Ji “

Compare good Chinese tutorial, also be worth to study well.

Discover now, the edge reads a book by the side of practice the place of the OK and very good err in discovering actual combat mends his ways next come, the place that Seo lets the person is excited is Seo never-ending, because search engine to change ceaselessly, seo technology also progresses ceaselessly.