Send SEO abecedarian: Study SEO wants a few issues of the attention

As SEO gain ground, learner is increasing also, pass these year observation, what abecedarian of a lot of SEO holds on certain problem is not quite good, cause study rate of progress is slow, the influence learns efficiency.

Sai Shu offers a few proposals to SEO abecedarian with respect to the following respects here, offer reference only.

The state of mind of study

Learn SEO, should put state of mind above all, did not have buccal fat person readily, also did not drill one day unique skill. SEO is a strategy, the combination of a lot of skill, need proper time to accumulate experience, master operation knowledge.

Before be being written down, before long the hair on QQ comes to somebody message, can teach bit of unique skill to let me become SEO past master, nearly faints. If SEO can become past master to a few unique skill, most propbably already ace alls over the world.

Additional, want to sink so that live to enrage in the process of study, do not feel you and people look ratio spur scope of activity general, actually of SEO ace and dish bird do not depend on a few more experience, after you mastered certain experience and skill, you are ace.

The situation condition of study

The ancients cloud, feel not ashamed to learn from one’s subordinates. Though SEO is not the knowledge with profound what, can saying even is simple very, but its centre of gravity depends on politic systematization. So different person may have different view, ask for an opinion to do not have disadvantage more.

This is to advocate next asking, what should say here is situation condition, it is to point to on ask.

China is formal state since ancient times, ceremony much person is not strange, in curious process ought to condescending, comity a few.

To feeding! Be in not? Say to me Baidu is optimized how? This kind person that seek advice, my always won’t pay attention to, although your appearance fills in,Pan installs a website much / be like Ma Yun greatly. Connect pair of people most the esteem of at least is done not have, is there He Li by should spend oneself submissively of earning of time, energy, painstaking effort to send you?

The elite of SEO depends on a key to do sth, look be like small small a few drop, must come out summary of talent of time, energy greatly however. Travel and be no good between, leaving at a few a key to do sth, a simple question, oneself immerse oneself in research 35 days even two in March not if really, dialed via tall person probably comprehend at once.

This is to be based on a ceremony, want to respect others, should say again below esteem knowledge; justice.

Before two days, somebody asks me ASP on QQ how 301, keeping rich customer at that time, be interrupted to do not have timely response to prevent train of thought, think this paragraph of farewell after finishing. Write a paragraph to open message window to solve end to wanting to send, see again send one message, be paid no attention to how? What is there marvelous? I ask other people is good! , expunge the message of the input at once, close the window.

Person and person interact, want conversion to think, the station thinks in others angle. The possibility that becomes SEO has experience very much, total feeling has too much thing to want to do, total feeling is busy do not be over.

After you ask others the question, should consider SEO is very busy, without the reply you are handling an issue, even if some later the again courteous problem before asking has confiscate, also do not issue X of this person ox, do not take manage person, have the verdict with extraordinary what. You leave in anger, the other side not loss what, and you, the likelihood is lost get the chance that knows a problem very quickly.

The year before last year, see one fellow speak with fervor and assurance on SEOChat the skill in key word of the deploy in each element, but did not explain, to clean out his that mug-up to get, half months connected Laole to send 19 mail to him, when preparing to send the 20th eventually, this gentleman issued me thoroughly his result (namely rife last year Google is right the grading) of the keyword in each element, I need not carry out summary again, buy a lesson to be weighed again even, early shared his this of one mind to get, hand in at the same time left this one friend from time to time Yi Mei.

The skill of the query

A key in process of most propbably learning is bubble forum, what problem is published, wait for a reply, the viewpoint of referenced everybody.

But the observation of the SEO forum that passes pair of forum that choose stone and me, a lot of people did not master skill when the query, did not achieve oneself goal finally, the influence learns efficiency. Laole feels these a few common problems should notice in the process of the query: