SEM becomes pattern of sale of mainstream of electronic business affairs gradually

Remembering firm contact searching engine is becoming 4 years when the net is in charge of network sale, the friend that listens to Alibaba at that time is added to searching the importance praise highly of engine to have, to the company then the leader is recommended use Baidu promotion, because everybody returns a habit to buy the fixed rank of portal website at that time, baidu is returned almost little known, so the leader is discussed to this how to pay attention to. Till 5 years hind, our company president goes the United States researching the market, after contacting a few investment business of American, these investment business have not use search engine low to popularize new client to should be being become very amazed. Namely thenceforth begins, put in when the advertisement that should begin to consider to make search engine mainly, development arrives when I left his post last year, the search already was become should become the promotion form with the largest scale after afterwards CPS is allied, the dimensions when the height is achieved every months 1 million, and the 1/10 that order cost often is cost of other network advertisement is lower even.

Search engine sale rises abruptly quickly

American AMAZON from 4 years later, use CPS alliance and SEM basically only form of advertisement of these two kinds of networks, advertisement of card of network top grade is done not have basically, suffer its to affect, the wide to extrapolate form of outstanding Yamaxun of home also has alliance and search engine only. According to us company search brings those who prop up sale ministry to monitor, outstanding net puts in a quantity every months to be close to on search engine now 1.5 million, the new customer that search engine brings occupies his total new customer is counted 15% the left and right sides, the cost that brings new customer immediately is in about 30 yuan of less than.

The discharge that searchs engine to had become website of domestic electron business affairs actually is main origin. According to Iuser Tracker statistic of Ai Rui, 7 years in May, engine of 3 big searches (Baidu, Google, Yahoo) occupy to the discharge that cleans out treasure to bring clean out treasure the scale of foreign flow is adjacent 60% (of course, this among them the discharge that more natural still searches bring) . And search index props up those who bring flow-rate ratio discharge to change rate will be a lot of higher, in website of general electron business affairs, it is OK that search engine brings 100 to click change an order form, engine of search of and rather than perhaps wants 300-500 click ability to be changed into an order. So, search engine sale has become the discharge source with electronic main business affairs, had made a new family status and new medium actually.

The efficiency of SEM is such tall, its are matured the issue with the favour expected naturally of company of electronic business affairs. Let me introduce the characteristic of sale of engine of all alone issueing search simply: Search a crowd above all tremendous, the target gets numerous user group big, the day that home basically searchs engine enclothes netizen number to exceed 50 million before half an year, search of Baidu webpage day requests number to exceed 300 million times before 1 year, so search engine puts in the dimensions with can be formed certain; The requirement that changes with householder matchs, what can accomplish the crowd on certain level and area is accurate match, brought user is the user with target very strong sex, the discharge that brings so is changed rate is high; And go up from advertisement form for, appear in searching a result and search the commercial news related the request, than traditional network advertisement content, be accepted more easily by netizen place; And search engine gathers everyday a few search length end requests to measured as it happens to satisfy industry of commerce of a lot of electrons the sale of numerous breed length end; Additional, putting in on the budget can be controlled adequately, contest price strength and length can be controlled neatly, carry out rapid, effect to be able to be optimized continuously, these can assure adequately to get taller ROI.SEM to already was become at present most the step of a kind of sale with the accurate, most significant essence, also be OK dimensions changes the important network sale channel that put in.

Put in dimensions to be able to expand continuously

But, searching engine sale is a craftsmenship the work with very high demand of very strong, experience, unlike puts a brand on advertisement, originality of a brand can be in all advertisement locally a month. The enterprise that take SEM seriously and regards main promotion form as its also encounters a lot of problems. The key elaborates here once most the problem that invites me to headache most: If where,control enlarges dimensions below the circumstance of certain ROI.

Say to put in on Google first. Because the advertisement of Google appears in only on the right side of (unless be to click the advertisement with very high rate,show with sponsor connective form in left meeting) , advertisement and left content are kept apart completely, such netizens pay close attention to the advertisement on the right side of very hard, although the market share of Google and Baidu are only poor severalfold, but in product word (title or trade name) the effect before last of promotion, the scale that Google brings and Baidu were differred a few times adjacent.

Actually, what can bring scale truly on Google often is those brand words, should clean out treasure net to wait when the net for example, and the flow that Google has protective to brand word in home is too complex, so a lot of companies take the chance to buy brand word of the competitor, search now for example should become net, outstanding, Lan Kou, Beijing appears on the right side of the advertisement east, the brand word of the brand word that forces so that the enterprise must want to buy his so and competitor (the half above that brand word often can take the effect that puts in in Google, but you do not think beautiful money buys these statements, because if do not have a person,be bought, you also discharge natural search result advanced face) .

Still have, the advertisement sort of Google basically is to pledge measurement * clicks unit price, because Google pays attention to a search to consider object check very much, the coefficient change of simple measurement is very so big, and optimized cycle is particularly long. It is very difficult that you put in on Google short-term inside undertake dimensions large-scale expand, unless you optimize word of very will much brand, competition word and industry ceaselessly,current term is optimized left, have to dimensions so promote substantially, and rushed large-scale add product word, bring about 2-3 of advertisement order cost easily of times rise, or charge is rising and effect change is not big, because these words are optimized very hard,arrive left.

The circumstances of Baidu differs somewhat. Because the advertisement that Baidu contest price ranks is left piece now search result upper part, advertising is changed very tall, the flow of Baidu is so high at the same time, expand extremely easily in Baidu dimensions. Baidu still undertakes protective to well-known trademark, on the brand word that you need not be in budgetary flower basically, those who bring the result often is the tens of thousands of product word of hundred thousands of (nevertheless you should take care, the word is in the brand that very much small company can buy you secretly to press CPS form to sell you according to the sale that brings to you, let you for nothing the loss is massive charge) .