See flow from sudden incident agglutinant

Write this article, also be sudden incident really, front time is studying all the time SEO, study engine of so called search is optimized, and the mainest purpose, hope to promote the flow of the website in very short time namely, ko the purpose that popularizes quickly.

Learned a few months, the concept learned however many, but on the whole for, did not resemble the conduct propaganda on the network in that way, OK and rapid acquisition discharge and raise a rank, because search engine to optimize what the heavy visual range of the element spends to drop to onefold technology now,the likelihood is, make pure research some is planted optimize a technology, and those who raise rank and the possibility that raise discharge to change all right is very low, and the technology, flexible language, outside catenary, conduct propaganda, hype a series of the behavior that behavior contacts together, can learn temporarily and do not master, search engine to optimize in research so on have very great resistance. But the study of a few months, make I was immersed in SEO almost inside, let me feel, only SEO just can save a website, ability can increase the amount that browse, ability can increase income.

But a sudden time, changed my view to discharge, that is Shi Jing of this woman appear! Really, this woman this paragraph of time is really very fire, many website is connected piece the woman that reports this romance, one is patted naked illuminate and by the advanced female white-collar of exposure.

Actually I to this news it is not to care really, but the participator that serves as a network, I or very of the habit a report was reprinted on Zzchn, the attention reprints time: It is to be in naked come out to be less than one day according to incident in time, somebody published on Zzchn a complete works about heroine (without dew point photograph! ) , give birth to gentle and day-to-day work to illuminate namely, but exceedingly comprehensive, I collect the person’s angle with a sensitive information at that time, undertook reprinting to this article. This station address puts my general (of a reprinted website is me new station, want to explain namely, the station type that I reprint an article is net inn information kind, the article content that reprints with place does not have very inevitable connection) you may ask: What is the result? Of course, the result is I went sleeping.

The following day I did not see website count, when the 4th day when this incident appears, I just opened Haoec foolishly the statistic of this website implement, amazed discovery, one has the way station that 200IP controls only at ordinary times, exceeded 1000IP actually in discharge gross of nearly two days, I at that time indeed surprizing: I do SEO to have the effect at ordinary times, did Baidu raise the rank?

Tighten the search statistic that catch even if examines Baidu, see a heart in cool half, why? Because a maximum term of the search is actually: History go up the most arrogant female assistant, this theme did not take the net inn information that follows me completely bound, I still do not have complete reaction to come over at that time, continued to see next ability discover in detail, this near the discharge of 1000IP, actually that article place that I reprint is brought!

An article, brought the search discharge of 500IP on average everyday, this is one lets me feel how many have some of open-eyed thing, serious analysis reachs a few views:

One. I reprint this article, and the website that edits this article above all, it is a new station, achieve content formerly not much, baidu activity is not particularly frequent, and I am stuck in the article after going out, undertook reprinting, make search engine maintains both sides to a weight of the article is about the same, when be being searched thereby, my website is inside unit time rank special before leaning.

2. Article content is rich, graph Wen Bingmao, appeared many users are easy the keyword with the search, make long end effect is behaved in Baidu first-rate.

3. Although Baidu brought very high flow, but Google is almost apathetic to this incident, the newer rate that shows Baidu and spider are active Google of degree prep above, but the dependency demand that Google records to the rigorous sex of incident and search is higher than Baidu, what real to the user purpose holds is more accurate also, so we always hear the commercial user that says Google to be close friends than Baidu, the likelihood is based on this reason.

4. Discharge viscosity is insufficient, although IP amount is very much, but final PV cost is insufficient, a lot of users look after put out a page directly, without the website in me generation interlinks effect, not be what do because of me is rubbish station, appear before this incident, I the ratio of the IP of this new station and PV is in all the time 1: 4 the left and right sides, and these two days, drop instead 1: 2, can see a bit, it is seasonable you become popular key word, if website content nots agree with, also be temporarily happy only, and effect of basic that’s all right. If be station of a picture, obtain so much IP suddenly, the possibility that can be changed into real flow to register an user even is quite tall.

This thing also the in some way inspired me, SEO is not all-purpose, sometimes your lift the surprise outside can bringing many specified numbers instead involuntarily, but the surprise is a surprise only forever, do not change effect fruit, if want to be accomplished somewhat on the website really, organize content meticulously still, offer what need to user place, just be the purpose of SEO.