See Baidu home page rank website discharge effect from Baidu index

SEO nature ranks home page the 4th, so how much is the IP discharge that is in such position one day probably? Why discharge statistic and Baidu index can have a difference, how much is poor perhaps other size? We study this task together today. Use Baidu index examines the day search that appoints a keyword to measure He Yueping to all search a quantity. We can see SEO now (6755) , month (2494) , (4514) .

On such Baidu index 1000 on thousands of, one is in home page the website of the 4th came after all discharge of how many IP. Look from the rise that ranks these days, search the be in the majority of keyword SEO, still have other keyword length end. Discharge was yesterday 178, also be the day before yesterday 170 the left and right sides, did not exceed 200 up to now. The IP discharge of keyword SEO is 50, the record that this was yesterday.

An index is 4000 right-and-left keywords, the 4th came 50 IP. Why can appear such circumstance, I consider as those who have place of a few reasons.

One, of Baidu index can consult quality

Baidu index is not accurate can consult object. For instance you examine the index of Guangdong SEO, those who show is 68, actually keyword Guangdong SEO occasionally a day also neither one person will search.

2, of the website fresh degree

Golden general regards a rank as the SEO site that has newly, should be to a lot of people are clicked at first come in examine, perhaps study. If be the person that watchs a rank only, very few somebody is clicked come in, if be SEO learner, so little the odds that beat can increase.

3, the viscosity of the website

One does not have the site of community, mix from interactive sex for viscosity, the meeting is some more inferior than having the website viscosity of community to want a little, this is the circumstance that exists generally. The content that still has a website is absorbing. Actually SEO site says for go, besides talk about SEO technology, website operation, gain makes money, other not very can draw a crowd. After when these a few respects you had certain knowledge, whether do you still meet this kind article continue to read? I consider as very few.

4, of the website famous spend and authority

To site of a SEO, we choose a lot of time the site that reading is old brand, choose stone for instance.

From above a few respects consult the discharge of Baidu index generation is analysed, if disagree, leave a message to communicate together please.