See Baidu and GOOGLE from index

Be interested in SEO quite recently, in bubble of dot Shi Ye period of time. This paragraph of time experimented several pages, generation gave a few think of a way, baidu is analysed from a few elements below

The as closest as Goole distinction. The following article suits pastime of novice at one’s leisure to read only, ace is asked gently had waved.

1: Baidu prefers capture now the content of the first part of page of a content, of course the importance of Title still is self-evident. So we are in add an article or website information when, want proper treatment to the first paragraph character, for instance: You should highlight Wuhan SEO this word, so you are OK so write: Competition of Wuhan SEO market is at present stronger and stronger, group of a lot of SEO felt unprecedented pressure inside the throughout the country’s big range, then they are compared this small market relatively to Wuhan SEO. The network that this includes traditional Wuhan to do SEO among them is public

Department, the SEO group of Wuhan, the SEO individual of Wuhan is waited a moment. . . . . . The Wuhan that appears among this among them does SEO, network company, the SEO group of Wuhan, the SEO individual of Wuhan all appeared in these words: Wuhan Seo these two words. The spider is in capture when, also stress these terms very easily index to arrive in Wuhan SEO. Ah, likelihood this article is a bit too much,

Him everybody notices to hold. Baidu is like at present or every day small update, a week basically has what nod greatly is newer, everybody fumbles be met after his disposition better make a station.

GOOGLE still likes capture to describe content of this one part. His a respectful form of address for an old person prefers bit more rigorous thing. Of the description the keyword that writing a law is a core is written go in, but when writing, otherwise leaves a bit mark, want to slip into night along with wind, benefit other people is fine add soundlessly above. Generally speaking, clear and coherent, the language that accords with ordinary conversation is better, remember cannot too long. Otherwise GG feels your sentimental, do not receive you to see you how do.

2: Baidu slants overweight recreation, download, music, game, recreational life kind; Baidu resembles a boy; Google slants overweight technology kind, overweight content; GG is an uncle, work sedate, like to be achieved formerly, also like to have the thing of technical content. Have the factor that a lot of judgement achieve formerly among them, among them

Have the retrorse link of the webpage, collected time, the discretion that PR is worth is waited a moment, also be these elements at the same time, a lot of elements add in the website that decided you is ranked. If be written down well, the PR on the horse can have be updated greatly, everybody makes the best of time to act.

3: Generally speaking, it is much better that the discharge that the flow-rate ratio GOOGLE that Baidu comes to comes to wants severalfold, earthly person knows. After all the eldest child that Baidu becomes Chinese search or country, if lose GG,do not cross you,

You are bad also to mix. So, we should note a lot of time their respective change, according to distinct change, take different step.

4: Baidu likes to find another website from the link of a website, I do a station to be not referred commonly now, the station that looks for a few spiders to often go however adds a few links, register a sign one’s name in fogyism for instance, fill a few enter the water, collected the following day. Next slowly update, slowly collect. Passing catenary fetch to let SE collect is a right choice, everybody can try.

GOOGLE likes those who see your website to be spent newlier with content, if content repeats,can become additional data.

Update this link, no matter be opposite,actually what SE is a very main factor. Everybody does not like the station of backwater, because be opposite Internet contribution is not large, SE won’t take seriously of course. The Internet drive that we often say is shared namely, contribution.

5: If Baidu falls your station suddenly authority, believe this is one is adjusted, can adjust inside 2 days come back, weight may have a few small fall! Because search indexes the algorithm that prop up is of constant change, you can be to fumble only, suit, if his regulation is mastered entirely by you, then you compare his ox certainly. GG also is in now the ceaseless environment that perfect and gets used to home.

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