See American how be searched from the keyword " China “

Setting: " behavior of the search on 100 American nets is analysed " one book is passed online to the United States divulge 658 thousand users to came on March 1, 2005 20 million networks that have during June 1 search content to be a foundation, analysed the life situation of contemporary American from the angle that searchs behavior.

Considering the rich sex that researchs sample book and diversity, the vocabulary that I choose has undermentioned a few characteristics:

1) American often uses possibly familiarly;

2) can undertake those who associate optional group statement is reached;

3) domestic reader also should be not unfamiliar to this kind of vocabulary, it is relatively familiar even;

A few content that can not read even the Chinese so that understand certainly are below, after be being combined with China, make compatriots the phrase of water of a mist, this kind of phrase is full of meantime.

Is cabinet of L, China still Chinese ambry?

There is one word of China Cabinet on detailed list, press normal understanding, what much apt thinks the other side considers expression is Chinese cabinet (namely government) . The caption such as that often sees English newspaper go up as us " Washington Post " the caption Bold Picks For Japan Cabinet New Prime Minister of an article that went up on April 27, 2001, shunning Tradition, appoints Mavericks. (Japanese cabinet turns over traditional pattern unexpectedly, appoint the person that does independence to take up the post of ministerial premier minister) . Nevertheless, this search result and cabinet have nothing to do, just is to point to Chinese ambry, still have even with Chinese ambry the website of direct domain name.

2China 9 Liberty 37

According to the rigid interpreter of Lu Xun gentleman, its means China 9, free 37, more difficult than a book from heaven. I this phraseology new place enters American online search, meantime appears a few information related to this, nevertheless among them a website was to use this name nevertheless, is an affection that exposes titbits of Hollywood star life actually lubricious website. " China 9, liberty 37 " be film be made by Italy and Spanish combination and film the film at Spain, by Meng Tehe Er graceful hold guide, finished 1978. This film is publicized in the United States few, and just begin to be shown in partial city till 1984. The title of film comes from install the road sign in film plant area at, the one aspect of the matter of guide points to China 9, another end points to Liberty 37.

3, Chinese deep throat

Go inquiring according to such keyword, the result is carried on the back with original intention photograph apparently. We might as well farewell considers deep throat event.

May 2005, 33 years ago to the United States " Washington Post " the reporter offers clew of floodgate incident key to bring about Nixon’s president’s nonofficeholding deep throat finally to rise to surface eventually, he is a FBI (FBI) before the deputy director general, mark cost Er that is 91 years old is special. Will 33 years large quantities of one journalist and historian are not had approximately complain the true identity that tracking deep throat without regret ground, but empty-handed. Deep throat incident is great to concussion falling on American the government and the public, one word also becomes deep throat the hot word at that time. Went 1 year, still many American are opposite this remain fresh in one’s memory, at present has the vocabulary that American builds a Chinese deep throat uniquely to expect to come from the clues of east state on the net unexpectedly.