Searching engine also is the user optimizes the nine aspect that should stop

Optimize must have mastered degree, optimize not quite, criterion the effect is not ideal, optimize excessive, can be indexed prop up penalty by search, so we are necessary to understand what the website optimizes to abstain from.

1, pure collect

Searching engine love the new and loathe the old, if the content of a website is,go up in the network high reduplicative, so the rank is absolutely won’t good, collection website Baidu can close, but the meeting after collecting by slowly K is dropped, and the chance that very few meeting gives reform, even if later achieve an article newlier formerly every day, also of no help. But this is not meant can not collect, we can are aimed at collect the article that come to do a few change, replace content for instance, change caption to wait.

2.Keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases

This everybody should know, but how to just calculate load one’s writing with fancy phrases, bad to said, I feel the occurrence frequency of first paragraphs of keyword had better not exceed the article twice, can have cogged suspicion otherwise, stand newly especially, should avoid as far as possible too pass to be optimized apparently.

3, the keyword that chooses a mistake

Discharge crosses low keyword, optimize again faultlessly, also of no help, and attention spends very tall keyword, calculate a platoon to be in the 2nd page, also can bring very large flow.

4. caption is changed frequent

A not stable website, baidu won’t like, in the beginning of building a station, should have considered each detail of the website, once build, do not want to be changed easily.

5. code is too long and mixed and disorderly

Spider is from the webpage code reads those who take webpage content, if code is too long, the spider will know which attach most importance to a dot to be able to cut off the crawl of the spider even very hard.

6. theme and content not agree with

Website content and thematic photograph deviate from, the search won’t like naturally, have a commonly used method nevertheless, the name of online station is added in the Title of content page, this has certain effect to the rank of website homepage.

7. complete Flash or picture

Flash and picture are admittedly charming, but either opposite user demand and search engine. Searching engine spider is to cannot be read take Flash content.

8. rubbish is linked

Use group of hair software group hair rubbish link, think the link always is better more more, what actually search engine wants is the quality of the link.

9. is too impatient

More haste,less speed, impatient cannot eat to heat up bean curd, the website is optimized must want to have state of a good intention, especially Baidu is collected to new station extremely slow, one is aimed at the new station that Baidu optimizes, must have made the preparation that calls protracted battle. Why can be search engine welcomed, because,be user can above the thing that finds need, the search engine requirement to the website as much such, do a website to optimize the angle consideration that also should stand in the user more, the purpose is user experience, the algorithm that searchs engine often is improved, cogged website, even if can prevail temporarily, but eventually one day, can be dropped by K, because the search is more and more mature.