Search what engine advertisement and algorithm update to guess about Baidu

Although Baidu says to be registered in the foreign country, but the management of from the top down basically is a Chinese, they understand the Chinese’s habit more, so ability is in weak point the; of search engine old that Gu Ge exceeds to become China inside a few years but the last few years because the flush; that contest price ranks lets Baidu be in personnel of minority network industry arises to Baidu detest psychology.

1, Baidu can popularize mode to replace contest price rank with additionally one kind of advertisement

With respect to the closest Baidu the salesperson Beijing Baidu times organizes the employee that is him company (previously these salespersons are not Baidu employee;) , undertook miniature; cutting down the member of persons employed shows Baidu wants to abandon the promotion mode of the sort of bomb type etc next, should turn these salespersons possibly also to have ah platform; perhaps says the other ad business that give newly are medium.

2, the change that props up algorithm to search index about Baidu

1) can run from opposite directions source program undertakes falling counterpoising.

2) to outside catenary should undertake falling appropriately counterpoising. Outside the action that the gender can conduct as only after catenary. The website that lets a spider discover you as soon as possible just.

3) pays attention to website structure more, with the layout of website page.

4) to content achieve newer rate to increase formerly, it is difficult that acquisition station dot can be caused the circumstance that collect or does not collect.

5) likes to have the site that renews the law, of the spider climb take also can adjust slowly according to the newer law of the site grab rule.

6) pays attention to user experience to spend more, according to the visit of the user deepness judges the simple measurement of the website.

It is I undertake to the algorithm of Baidu above bold guess, it is to plan to write the distinction that writes Baidu and Gu Ge to coming originally, but feel everybody again or pay attention to Baidu to search, wrote down this article so. ( Liao Ji is achieved)