Search the difficult problem of 5 old techniques that engine optimizes

The article will elaborate a few kinds of the most intractable in searching engine to optimize websites to design a technology to everybody. In these technologies, most making optimize what personnel feels intractable should be FLASH technology (everybody realised FLASH this a little bit, so we are put in the 2nd! The Cms that we say to everybody is used at most first) .

Optimize one of difficulty: Content management system (CMS)

Content management system (CMS) appear, satisfied him people to found, release and update a website and the demand that need not know a technique. Many to those need are updated often or be being had contribute group for website company, CMS system can bring cogent economic profit for them undoubtedly. CMS applies mediumly with a few small-sized retail trade in real estate particularly extensive.

CMS program already amounted to about a hundred kinds now. But regretful is, above all, in these about a hundred kinds of mixed CMS program, what can have friendly sex to searching engine truly is very few however. And the type as a result of CMS special, once search engine to optimize personnel to encounter the new type CMS that had not encountered once upon a time, so they are opposite the website is carried out before optimizing, must want assault to study system of this kind of CMS first. Next, CMS system can be search engine to optimize personnel to have caption and other to the alone page inside the station toward contact yuan the actor chemical industry of the label is made increase quite the difficulty of degree. In addition, the acquiescent value that the file of a lot of CMS systems names a setting is relatively awakward, constant regular meeting uses elephantine Page1.htm or Nextpage.php is without the name of the meaning so. Be 3 afore-mentioned problems make optimize personnel to be in the regular meeting when the website that designs to using CMS system undertakes optimizing encounters heavy difficulty. And restricted the hands or feet that optimizes personnel greatly, affected the whole to the website to optimize strength, the rank result that short of expects.

Optimize difficulty: FLASH

If FLASH is applied proper, can grace for the website many. Dan Reyun is used undeserved, not only a variety of issues that can bring an user to experience a respect for the website, and the search engine rank that returns land of very can old rate to affect a website. A lot of netizens have open a website, before showing an eye above all is the experience that a pure picture introduces or FLASH recommendation ceases.

FLASH basically is a film, at the same time it still has the capacity that forms a webpage. We can be in FLASH inside built-in link and character will found to look very standard webpage. But be stored be on the mandatory server of the website as a result of these data, suffixal in the graphical file that is.SWF, for the creeping index program to searching engine, they cannot be read take and record these data. Bad is, some websites are dye-in-the-wood even what use is FLASH. To such website, can build the HTML page of a standard, next in this standard webpage is being embedded inside FLASH. Of the friendly to searching engine to have sex that the company of development business Macromedia of FLASH is beginning to develop to update upgrade version. Before passing to be released in this new version, before the site of those dinkum use FLASH wants to be obtained in searching engine 10 possibility almost very vague.

Optimize difficulty: Frames

Website architects often use Frame to realize function of tool column navigation, be about to a page (browser window) break up two to many activities area, and amid places static menu page inside an area. No matter the user visits the what place of the website, part of static menu page is changeless from beginning to end. Its advantage is navigation clarity, and because need not be in every content page,include menu item again, reduced code amount.

The main problem Frame-set of the retrieval that perplexes search index to prop up pair of Frames site is written into the means of source code. Be in when us the webpage that browses design of an use Frames, we are to be in actually browse at least 3 files. These files are compiled, make they are a file it seems that. The first file is Frame setting file (Frame-set) . Next this file calls the other page that remain again, let them appear in the successive on the page, can achieve the result that is like a page it seems that so.

When should searching the creeping program of engine to move back and forth between source code, they also can see file name only, but cannot see actual document or file content itself. To Frames optimize can pass such as " Noframes " yuan the method that the label optimizes and so on undertakes, but these methods what be not a patch on designs proper common HTML file to come is effective.

Optimize difficulty: Picture index page / homepage

Picture index page / of the homepage optimizing processing also is quite intractable. A lot of design personnel found a flowery and clinking cover for the website in in spirits ground, however oversight the text information that searchs engine place need. Consequently, although such design may let a website look if enterprise has constituent sex and validity extremely commonly, but a pure picture the oversight of creeping program place that home page often can be indexed prop up by search however is dropped, because go up to have a picture only in this page, and not any can read the text content that take and records for its.

The architect of picture webpage often is used to adding a link on the picture, is not to offer text link to make search engine OK the other page in follow-up retrieval website, come so, retrieve a program as a result of what search engine not follow-up picture link, so the link that includes in the picture is searched very likely engine oversight.

Optimize difficulty: Shopping system (Shopping Carts)

Shopping system realized business affairs electron to change not only, and the need that it satisfied people to be able to shop from the net directly. But regretful is, software of major shopping system alls alone to search engine lacks friendly sex. To the shop on the net, I recommend everybody to use system of Apple Pie Cart, this is a shopping system that has a client to acquire character. Its architect is Robert. Plum, for W3C (syndicate of Internet of World Wide Web Consortium) member, also be staff of development of a senior website. When designing this shopping system, robert indexes to search the function that prop up had comprehensive consideration. Of course, there is no lack of to have the shopping system of the other sort of friendly sex to searching engine likewise in the market, but a the creeping program that this is pair of search engine that I had seen is the openest shopping system.

Small the word after making up: Actually forum also is among them one of, nevertheless also halfway forum is done quite outstandingly now. Of course, those who let search engine to optimize personnel move in the end to ache is far more than these technologies and design method. Nevertheless up to now, afore-mentioned 5 kinds are to optimize personnel most feeling is intractable, have challenge sex most, still cannot get the technology that solves at all or design method at present individually even. In the meantime, those who be necessary to remind everybody again is: Software design personnel and search engine engineers overcome this kind of situation in effort: No matter the website is used,should come true namely why to plant design means, the creeping program that searchs engine can have all previous and record smoothly. Current nevertheless and character, website design personnel is in website construction or should keep away from these problems, because of such design not only the design strength with deep need, still need to have search engine to optimize the substantial knowledge of the respect.

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