Search the Chinese and English distinction that engine optimizes

Core clew: Had done Chinese SEO actually, should have the demand with diverse what with respect to SEO of can clear English, chinese SEO needs to face Baidu, and English SEO needs to please, remember, it is is not

1, program language is different

English needs to use Utf or Iso, and the character set that Chinese uses GBK. (Gibberish, this you can list come, go really! Go really!!

2, webpage style is different

English needs those who use the west to read a form, the official website of for example IBM and Microsoft, the style is simple, composing carefully and nearly, the mainest is content authority is breathed out! Chinese Sina pulls a few edition in that way, each corners are full of the circumstance of all sorts of advertisement and link not to have!

3, promotion kind is different

English station becomes a link, often need abroad the website undertakes referring, informal a Chinese is free rich guest or visitors’ book, it is not effective. (PS: ? Does adept of muching correct of straw of  course of study mire reason trying Chinese toon cuts Ping  joyous ǖ to flinch ⒂ Sou  falls?)

4, the space is different

English station needs foreign space, space of otherwise United States, stability is low-cost still! The mainframe that compares China is cheap still, do not believe? !

5, the domain name is different

The SE of English needs a keyword to be in the domain name, in the column, in article page name, do not resemble the rubbish domain name of some people, return flatter oneself very auspicious!

6, SEO strategy is different pays attention to a link to be spent extensively quite, is not Chinese participle matchs degree, so the rank of Baidu rises fast, and the Google rank of English wants some slower, periodic likelihood needs one year, you are safeguarded with time of a year update a station, the station that collects on 1000 essays than spending a month for certain wants more valuable! Not be!

7, user experience

Foreign netizen is existing in online customarily with domestic netizen difference, have what difference after all, the article is not done spread out!

8, article content

English station content does not want flowery, want to pay attention to a function, man hour sense of abroad is stronger, the statement that even if a few seconds see you,is willing to cost a few minutes without the person is illogical, the rubbish literary works that does not stress mainly!