Search the catenary outside optimizing not to forget for king times inside catenary construction

Outside this Seo catenary is the times of king, should not much the person is paid attention to inside catenary was built, no matter be,still be in in Baidu actually Google, it is very important that catenary is built inside. The article is emphasized tell about inside catenary.

When to list casually inside the advantage of catenary

1, the term with not high competition of a few key word, need not outside the support of catenary, with inside catenary can introduce to the rank completely. Someone says to there is not a term now, this is a jest really, internet still has endless long remaining part to now.

2, increase collect, activation page is ranked. Not be weight tall collect, collect be the catenary inside special support actually, and the webpage is not participated in to rank certainly after collecting, activationed only this webpage just can participate in a rank

3, the regression that passes a link drives homepage weight, increase website weight further, what link a character through growing end to link a homepage to increase is extensive degree, the key word that raises a website combines a rank

Still have a lot of profit of course, did not pull, recursive key, how do a website inside catenary

1, the website should have a Sitemap, have the Sitemap of a Xml even

Can put the Iss subscription of a few main channel home page to be collected in order to accelerate even. Every page bottom links Sitemap, ensure every page that wants to let collect is inside Sitemap. The website manager tool of Gg is a very good thing, can refer Sitemap directly, sitemap had better be after be being updated everyday, updated Sitemap again directly.

2, js of navigation of content page website is called

We are used to a net to put the navigation of the station in page coping, often increase the noise of the webpage so, pass snapshot to be able to be judged, if collect your content page to put even navigation in snapshot text,went, should adjust. Suggest navigation Js is called. Returning those who a bit want to say is, website map had better be put below root catalog. If want to use straight catenary navigation to be able to put article main body,go at the back of, for instance right or next

3, had better have in the relevant webpage of content page below 4 projects

Of this channel call randomly, popular literary works, update an article recently, relevant article. At the back of these need to put main body.

4, make a popular page

the website all and important page and search engine shed generous a few pages are put in, had better let its appear in home page, carry the weight of popular page.

5, the link that links a website is not used / of and so on of Index, Html

Had better be to use / channel page is same also. Not necessary keep absolutely address, increased page volume, search index props up same also regard.

6, ensure the spider finds final webpage not to exceed 3 times

The article number that this needs to add channel page and home page call the link of the page inside a few channel. And the reasonable compose of Sitemap is built

7, the link of article is built inside, had better use key word plug-in unit, the circulation that undertakes in whole website channel is linked is built

And use page of turn one’s head of many link length end, repeat degree not too tall, two OK.

Rise inside of article derive link, not afraid meeting derives weight, for instance inside have mention QQ you can link Qq advocate station, such meetings rank those who add cent to the page.

8, every article uses 2-3 Tag

Will increase with Tag inside catenary lets page each other connect. Tag total page gives a link on home page.

9, the on one page of the article, too much ad is not put all round below one page

Although user herein behind schedule is taller, but the unit price of behind schedule is low, and it is very poor user experience, of Pv it is OK to rise the target page with many activation participates in a rank.

10, a popular Tags and popular search key are added on home page

Rise while the user experiences, compose was built good inside catenary.

11, channel page should have newer recently implied meaning, this channel is popular article, call an article randomly.

12, oneself can be added to consider the link of a few recommended pages in group inside friendship link. Article page or channel page is OK.

All these. Need to be in website framework when finish. is not the construction of successive, website go up the line is best these are built with respect to compose end, apply mechanically pattern plate need not is in charge of directly inside catenary.

Write so much first probably, SEO is a long-term course, and the construction of in-house to the website link is best begin to undertake when the website is made, the construction before the line on the website is good, braid website interior a reticulate structure, search engine perhaps is met more favour your website. (