Search the 3rd level that engine optimizes

Search engine is optimized (SEO) to network sale practitioner it is a popular topic all the time, be known by more enterprise and consumer as the sale value that searchs engine, SEO is more hot, ceaseless also somebody seeks advice from QQ to optimize SEO to groom about search engine, the problem related study, ask about most is to do not have a program to develop a technology to be able to master skill of real SEO actual combat through grooming, still study a few academic methods only?

This not, 27-28 date holds persons qualified to teach of sale of first phase network to groom in Suzhou, the corresponding period is aimed at the synchronism of network sale personnel of enterprise a gleam of to begin network sale to groom, a student seeks advice, he does not have the technology that the program develops, but think those who pass this two days to groom very much learn to search engine to optimize actual combat skill, ask to be able to be acquired inside so short time or learn. My answer is to search engine to optimize the job to divide an administrative levels.

The engine of search of the first level that search engine optimizes is optimized start work ability

OK and complete need not know program development and code knowledge. If want to search the course that engine optimizes through learning,promotion starts work ability, the basic SEO that masters a website quickly works, do not have a problem, if you use a net to win,connect (does the net win what is connecting? ) compose builds a website the likelihood can learn these skill 20 minutes, and can use place learn knowledge to undertake very perfect SEO to the website of construction. Because fundamental SEO is operated namely a few actor chemical industry that are based on yuan of label are made, and system of website of too much medium and small businesses supports SEO far from, so the ground that even if learned these SEO skill to also do not have use force, and the SEO knowledge that use net gains a compose to build a website to say to master but although develop, this can be the first administrative levels that search engine optimizes, also be the administrative levels that compares a foundation.

Search the 2nd level that engine optimizes: With the program development, code is written having affinity

For instance development net wins the technology that opens a system to develop personnel, such purpose that develops personnel is to be developed special agree with to be able to use a net to win quickly without the personnel of technical setting build the website that accords with SEO requirement, they the SEO technology personnel of this administrative levels, it is to have very deep system to develop technology and setting, understand the technology of SEO and strategy again. The SEO personnel of this level is to must know program development and code to write.

Search the 3rd level that engine optimizes: Stand in the angle of website operation

The search engine sale that the station experiences to the angle with demand makes a website in the user is politic, ministry of the construction that includes a website, content, inside and outside links the work such as the framework. The SEO personnel of this one administrative levels does not have a good command of certainly program and code, but the development train of thought of program of certain deepness understanding, understand network sale and user demand mining more. This needs experience! ! is not short-term grooms can master marrow completely, groom of course the understanding that can promote you quickly.

So, without technical setting, and the friend that hope control searchs engine to optimize skill can consult you are opposite the fixed position of SEO, pass without technical setting groom of SEO of short-term and frequent promotion start work ability is not unworkable, need has a tool.