Search sale imagines the space has how old

Core clew: Dong Ming of Liu of Internet sale expert thinks, the value that the value prep above that network sale pulls pushs. In TV, planar times, the way that advertisement basically leans to push communicates information to give customer, it is certain to have force a gender.

Enter 2008, other place of meaning of sina, Sohu, Netease exits before Internet discharge 3 cavalcade, those who replace is Baidu, Tecent and Google. Advertisement advocate had realized, searching engine advertisement is not price of keyword, contest only merely the form such as the rank, also not bureau be confined to serves broad medium and small businesses only, not be to suit to promote product sale only more. In fact, in order to search the transmission product that engine is a foundation, be in abroad already widely by brand advertisement advocate self-identity. Brand advertisement advocate had realised, the brand putting on advertisement on search engine also is very important, and the form of transmission is not be to buy a keyword by solution of narrow sense geography, appear next the advertisement that the character links, search engine advertisement is OK still undertake more innovation from the respect such as pattern of platform, mechanism, price, mode.

Search actively play effect

Dong Ming of Liu of Internet sale expert thinks, the value that the value prep above that network sale pulls pushs. In TV, planar times, the way that advertisement basically leans to push communicates information to give customer, it is certain to have force a gender. But in Internet times, network advertisement wants pure rely on to turn very bad get the desired result, after all to a netizen character, if he does not click advertisement, this advertisement cannot transmit significant information. And the action of the search is initiated by consumer, be initiative, the effect that its play is more apparent.

As the typical tool of active sale, search sale before more be applied extensively by medium and small businesses, main purpose is stimulative sale, and brand enterprise alls alone because of search the literal chain with onefold engine, satisfy advertisement hard advocate the comparison that ask to brand image fictile and applies is little, still basically choose those who put in portal website or perpendicular website to go up to show kind of ad. Because latter is advertisement more easily advocate be understood, previously advertisement advocate put plane on advertisement, TV ad, bought ad is to be able to look those who get.

But the idea that I think this kind of idea is to using traditional medium actually will use new medium, do not have the transmission advantage advantage with an Internet peculiar place to be used. Shen Haoyu of vice-president of Baidu business operation thinks.

The change that consumes a habit as a result of consumer however and the dimensions that search a crowd expand ceaselessly, and gave search sale new chance, more applied means also are being dug by deepness. Break through medium CEO Zheng Xianglin to point out through survey, the netizen gets the way of information to be being changed, arrived 2006 2008, the netizen uses most network service, the platoon is advanced 3 is the search engine, Internet that browse is mixed send and receive mail, the increase rate that searchs engine is very high. And consumer behavior is in likewise produce a change, more and more consumer habits are in make before buying a decision, undertake searching first. Consumer is met when shopping on the net commonly more devoted, all sorts of index show, undertake searching the consumer of rate of exchange, their investment is spent and participate in degree taller. We pass the osculatory dot of each respect to compare, discovery searchs more influential than any osculatory dots force. Zheng Xianglin is analysed.

And the associated investigation that to the network business lays client origin one shows, 36% exceed to come from search engine in its client origin, become network business to spread the biggest client group. Network search already became people to get the first selection way of various information, search the sale value of engine to also wait for a domain from IT, car, house property progressively to dilate of domain of daily expense consumable.

Search engine has congenital sale advantage, push with traditional media passivity send information to differ, on search engine, consumer is seeking interested product and information actively. His search behavior itself understands the interest to the product with respect to the watch, because of this sale effect more essence of life is accurate, and essence of life is all advertisement undoubtedly definitely advocate pay close attention to most. Shen Haoyu emphasizes.

Literal link upgrades to graph Wen Bingmao

Search advertisement puts in have different way, one kind is not to buy a keyword, one kind is to buy a keyword. But it is not certain to buy a keyword for direct sale. The exemple is consistent domestic car manufacturer, you imagine he buys a keyword very hard is for the user the clicks him that to bring car sale at that time is changed, because buy the consumption of the car the process is far more complex than this process.

Be opposite actually brand advertisement advocate, search engine advertising action to depend on, this keyword itself that consumer buys to you exists interest, he inputs this keyword also is to know relevant news actively, if you can be in,the keyword shows ad relevantly, so the probability that reveals advertisement to be clicked by consumer is about to be more than general network to show ad. Shen Haoyu thinks. Still be with car advertisement exemple, if he searchs some car brand actively, see what there just is this car brand on the side of search page reveal advertisement hind when him, enter website of this brand car because of interest very likely to see new fund car and configuration, these are valuable potential consumption information, not be must click brought business to sell gift directly valuable. Liu Dongming also thinks, consumer undertakes searching behavior actively, stated he may be put in interest or consumptive desire, this no less than installed GPS location system, farther lock decided target consumer, increased advertising essence to allow a gender.

Before a few consumer are buying notebook computer, can search a few brands, examine the relevant sale information of these brands. If those who place relevant notebook computer is in on the first page of the search,show ad information of relevant perhaps sale, the odds that its are clicked can increase greatly; And beautiful to resembling a country, Su Ning such enterprise, if the netizen searchs a country beautiful, Su Ning contains very strong spending goal, so the search that inputs a keyword in its places the sale product ad related its on the first page, affirmative meeting has the effect more.

For example, the Baidu in searching casing when the brand such as Oulaiya, Thinkpad, result page reveals the first times will be common literal link no longer, the brand that holds a screen to amount to the graph Wen Bingmao of 1/2 however shows a region, can offer more rich advertisement to show content. Just as its name implies of brand zone advertisement is to show brand service better, because this suits all advertisement that take him brand image seriously advocate. Except can effective promotion the netizen is opposite outside brand advertising interest, brand zone still can promote a sale, match a technique through the keyword the biggest the interest that turns the ground to attract customer.

In fact, if produce crisis event, the enterprise also can pass this kind of means to carry out crisis public relations effectively. For example, when hypothesis ×× brand produces negative event, the netizen stems from interest to meet a large number of passing search engine to pay close attention to the pertinent information of ×× brand. And the advertisement that ×× brand can carry the way that buys a keyword to lay fact of a few clear incident in brand zone, show its fact sincerely to consumer with the rapiddest rate, the apology of this apology, what should clarify is clear. This kind of means reduces the negative effect of the brand effectively.

Those who search sale cross media confluence

2007, search sale is in North America has been an industry that is as high as 12.2 billion dollar, this is equivalent to 8 times of dimensions of market of Chinese Internet advertisement almost. Sale and brand, this is the two big targets that the network searchs, the search sale budget of 65 % is nibble other and traditional media, include TV and broadcast, still having 35 % additionally pay cost technically to come out to search sale to create. Executive vice-president Jeffrey Pruitt is in the ICrossing company that becomes search sale technically in the United States come China say on a forum. His word confirm advertisement of North America brand advocate take seriously and count level of sale to searching engine.

Look in Jeffrey Pruitt, search engine can be created go out to trade one-stoply platform, do the confluence that crosses channel, there are a variety of products on same interface, API (the open port that serves in the light of the search) it is link channel, media can do the government that crosses channel on unified platform, this lets sale personnel have greater public letter power. I think prospective platform will include 3 component: Pay cost search, content advertisement and advertisement video. You can have a search platform that crosses media, those who pass API is open, let more and professional corporation help you do those who search sale to optimize, it is under some circumstances, also can mix broadcasting television and planar media connection rise, can obtain very tall efficiency and favorable result, such can the search sale conformity a lot of different levels rises.

For example, happy this game, the TV ad in it piece in, embedded Baidu search casing of, guide more care happy the person of the content of this game, go on the net search. The similar person that try still has new happy hire, in its guidepost advertisement, planar advertisement, embedded search new happy the clew that hire, had such clew, the netizen uses those who search engine to participate in degree won more apparent promotion.

To searching engine, we are special also now have fun at. We think search engine is the platform that consumer shares actively, had this platform, the combination of the sale activity related recombine and other media, can improve sale result absolutely. Zuo of global vice-president Deng Yuan says Nuojiya. For example, nuojiya has the ad of mobile phone of a music recently, before online go up the activity that rolled out the person that offset of a lot of needles is expended, through searching engine sale, consumer can be advertisement libretto or ad theme offers originality, later, nuojiya singled out the most outstanding originality to be put in TV ad and other media advertisement, the effect is first-rate.

A lot of research of abroad show, search the advertiser of engine, especially brand client, they may not care to sell goods on the net, but take those who taste card value seriously to communicate very much. A lot of research prove, advertisement advocate buy a keyword, no matter be the keyword that bears him brand name, still do not take the keyword of him brand name, give advertisement advocate the promotion that those who bring is a brand, increase customer to the brand be familiar with and friendly feeling, data of these a few investigation that can pass later stage will prove. (origin: China manages newspaper Zhao Zheng)