Search sale and sale of community public praise

Since Internet become the life be closely bound up with people, traditional consumptive behavior AIDMA (Attention closes ->Interest ->Desire ->Memory ->Action) also became AISAS (Attention ->Interest ->Search ->Action ->Share) , accompanying of course still those who search the new sale concept such as sale and community sale appear.

Admire report to tell a company absolutely, this AISAS new concept that it offers is very powerful really, as the development that searchs engine, desire and Memory are lost to change by the search gradually, had search engine, the thing in yearn for and be being remembered can be gone to by the search. Had search requirement and search action, arose to search sale, and search sale derives search engine advertisement and search engine to optimize again (SEO) two kinds of main way. In rule of AISAS new sale, share is shared greatly the application that promoted community transmission, be in some earlier year, community is person and person communicate the distribution centre with prattle only, although there also is company of a few far-sighteds to use community to have public praise sale at that time, but be enslaved to be enslaved to travels in those days suffer numerous finite, after consequence still alls alone without search engine appears far so big, had search engine, it is OK to use community to have public praise sale the amplification of virus type travels suffer numerous and it is bureau be confined to not just the user inside same community.

Community this thing, actually its birth wants those who search engine to antedate far. Be in early 1978, two Chicago brother invented first BBS system – Computerized Bulletin Board System, and the first ancestor that I think BBS system is community absolutely. And search engine wants evening a lot of years, 1993, ability risked the first archetypal World Wide Web Wanderer that searchs engine to come out.

Although WEB2.0 kind the website has many expressional form and application in domestic abroad, numerous website also is will produce content to perhaps decide content by the user, for instance Digg kind, comment on kind, socialization bookmark kind website, but undeniable, community BBS remains creation of great majority user and the forward position that share content. Because gregarious demand of the Chinese is exuberant,saying the great progress of community with its is, what still be inferior to saying the spirit of recreation of the Eight Diagrams that is compatriots brought up BBS community and instant communication to be in China is unusually hot. Below this kind of scene, the consumptive behavior of community influence user is affirmative, so does consequence have how old? Attack from skyline, cat the popular card that waits for big community browses a quantity to achieve several level to be able to see easily.

In AISAS this brand-new sale rule falls, the search appears with what share, represented search engine and community not only the importance to the netizen, also let us know the value that uses search sale and community sale. Will view action of a paragraph of user:

Zhang San sees in skyline community a mobile phone feels very pretty good (Attention) , generated interest to this mobile phone (Interest) , want to obtain a large number of data about this mobile phone and user opinion then, the information related the forum search that advantage alls alone with search engine and he often rambles (Search) , zhang San sees relevant data introduction and opinion are good, produced desire to buy to this mobile phone then and choose finally to buy this mobile phone (Action) , zhang San used period of time, discovered a few very good functions and a few small BUG, post in community BBS the feeling that states oneself is gotten with use heart (Share) . Was next consumer Li Si to provide pertinent information again so.

Among them, attention, Interest, Search, Share behavior of these 4 users is the key that we have sale, action is the result that these 4 link form. And the content that place of these 4 link produces, besides the user initiative behavior is contributed besides, it is by sale promotion personnel is finished. The caption with for instance practical individual character and content attract an user to notice and generate interest, according to the user search behavior habit undertakes a search engine is optimized or buy search engine ad, complete and economic product makes get those who increase customer to buy faith attentively. Of course, if proper search should alternate in process of sale of conditional whole content,engine is optimized.

Normally the user issues bed content to contribute oneself, even if again good product, also be to already the front has negative news again, and when facing negative news, public relations of search engine crisis and its traditional content public relations with respect to the use on the clique. Pull far