Search result and hit of key word advertising naturally

Whether do you have had thought, when the person that use seeks certain key word, in seeking a result, he is met what can order key word ad, why to order key word ad again? Or more broad sense a few for, what specific person can be nodded choose key word ad, what won’t? Because once the client asks,can such idea writes this article basically is tell us, if have business affairs demand,they think can order key word ad, because the reason knows those are manufacturers, look for a report however, those who seek a data, meeting site chooses ability to seek a result naturally.

Does such argument come to client by means of the effect that oppugns SEO? Okay, the rationality that such argument appears to have it is in, but dropped a main factor cursorily, that chooses key word advertising at a lot of o’clock namely the person did not realize that is advertisement strongly. The person that use does not like a dot to choose ad, this is common phenomenon, this also is why to lead even muster at first advertisement also drops very tall key word to remain 5% right-and-left figures only now.

However it is good that we thought conversely again, can be the person scarcely that should seek a data nodded choose key word ad? Since be,be to make a report, of carpet type search for sure little not, the answer also is negative of course. The person that such use also can be nodded of course choose key word ad. Won’t be the person that has business affairs demand namely additionally nodded choose nature to seek a result?

We such come to an agreement or understanding, before having business affairs demand or it is to form buy deed actually sure the process that has pair of this commodity SURVEY, buying decision-making process won’t be to look for commodity, buy next, so simple, also must understand this commodity surely, moreover, if search for what appear as a result naturally,also be to concern the website at side of business affairs demand, do you say he can be nodded? The answer is affirmative. Want to go for example the person that Guam travels, searching for Guam when him this key word when, searched for a result to appear Guam travel net – XX travel agent, whether is the desire that you say to his dot is chosen tall? We the misgive of this client, besides the argument that offers besides us, they also were persuaded by a phenomenon. Because their itself has,buy Sha Ba the key word advertisement of this word, result Sha Ba what this key word appears suddenly in YAHOO home page is popular, this was caused abrupt an amount that is chosen by the dot is cruel add, but incoming telegram quantity promotes without what answer relatively. What kind of phenomenon did this represent? Meeting site chooses key word advertising the person that person not likely considers to buy goods directly namely.

Such saying that be opposite! The argument that sums up above so we are OK and Baconian give a few results: We cannot differentiate the person that what is used can be nodded choose key word ad, what meeting site chooses nature to seek a result; Meeting site chooses key word advertising the person that person not likely has decided to want to buy a product namely; The dot when meeting the person that buys goods may be the same as chooses key word advertisement and nature to seek a result. But, the muster rate that seeks a result naturally is on several times higher than key word advertisement, so Where is your choice?