Search index props up what how judge core content to think

Search engine spider remands page code after searching engine server, is SE in how judging a page most the content of core?

The search engine that says next Kyw think first runs before a few measure of the process:

1.The spider downloads A page, remand server;

2.The server seeks the core content seat of A page, next purify HTML code;

3.Search webpage core content;

I do not decide GOOGLE, Baidu, YAHOO! Whether to have judgement core content really this measure, but I believe to have similar operation mechanism certainly, because if do not have this measure, search engine will expend a large number of resource to become repetitive operation. Of course KYW is not search engine engineer, pair of search engine are only below a few think.

SE faces code of HTML of one full page, where to judge core content to be in?
The first pace: Take this page and with the domain name, with catalog, with file name the page of the format makes contrast, the part of purify likeness. Through this measure, the navigation of the head, the advertisement of bottom copyright information, fixed position by take out. When I reckon search engine increases a new website in every, can build a comparative pattern plate to improve work efficiency. If website often correcting, during correcting inchoate, search engine still does not have reaction to come over, cause possibly new the rank that collects a webpage is not ideal.

The 2nd pace: Take out has the share of a large number of links. Through this pace, relevant article recommends an article to wait by take out, remain a few code that include literal content.

The 3rd pace: Which paragraphs of label is judged in the rest code (the likelihood is DIV, TABLE, P or other label) medium literal content is most, because the character of general core content is measured,can compare much.

Above every page course 3 measure, should give the seat that core content is in with respect to can successful judgement. Through such reflection, we perhaps can sum up so:

1.With the page below catalog, best pattern plate is same.

2.Core content character is measured cannot too little, especially company station and B2C website, putting the price and the picture that include many specification written language only is very bad.

3.In HTML code if the error is very much, may affect a rank, the fault is away on official business when because search engine,the likelihood is judging core content.

4.Expect your compensatory ^_^

Kyw understands the main job of SEO into the help to search the content of the understanding website with more efficient engine and page, suggest everybody is occupied so do not have a thing to consider consider search engine, the problem thinks those who appear is more, the gimmick of SEO also more adapt oneself to changing circumstances. Also do not have of course necessary get into a dead end, the issue that wants to be illogical arrives I this leaves a message.

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