Search index props up the identifying of pair of key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases

Search engine and search engine are optimized (SEO) is a pair of contradiction all the time, optimize those who conduce to search index propping up pair of website content reasonably to identify, conduce to the promotion of the website. Have the obverse side however, have the reverse side, a few SEOers cheat search through all sorts of deceit methods revive engine, with period achieve the goal that raises a page to collect number and page rank.

One of cogged means of inchoate SPAM of key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases, it is Chinese lexicon medium word uses software directly chapter of medley existing writings, such article does not have real significance, can look to search engine only. So to such article, is searching engine what to what means will identify pass?

We know, every search engine has department of webpage quality monitoring, the search engine of artificial to the adulteration such as Baidu processing, the user discovers such website, complain Baidu, baidu sealed this website to finish sth directly. But to Google such search engine that sealing a station also is automatic processing, cogged to key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases identifying appears more important.

The identifying of cogged to key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases means, search engine uses the method that statistic analyses to undertake commonly.

Search engine undertakes the webpage participial above all, segment the quantitative N that the word can get after finishing and article length L, the quantitative N of the length L that discovers an article from inside the statistic of a large number of articles and word is put in particular distributinging concern between two numbers, bound of generally speaking L/N at 4 to 8 between, all be worth it is about between 5-6. That is to say in the article that a length is 1000 byte, should have 125-250 participle, because the composition of the word of Chinese and English is abhorrent, because this is in English and Chinese,the limits of this ratio can differ somewhat. If search engine to discover L/N is particularly big, so this article is put in phenomenon of key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases with respect to existence, if L/N is special small, may be the article that this article is the no point that constitutes by place of a few words, the article that the author publishs to the different author in slimy embryo article undertook test and verify, basically be subject to this ratio limits.

Farther, pass discovery of a large number of normal article statistic, the distributinging concern with the frequency the sum that a few key word with the highest density in the article appear and N/L particular existence, search engine can pass a webpage to distributing mediumly undertake comparative reaching whether the article is put in the phenomenon of key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases with the distributinging graph of statistical result.

In addition, search engine still will decide from the scale that stops a word whether is the article natural article. If I am the word that waits to be used generally in the article or word,stopping a word is, if the scale of the word stops to be besides normal scale limits in the article, this webpage should refer examine and verify of branch of webpage quality monitoring.

Of course, still more algorithm can have trade off study to the article of webpage and natural language, whether be natural article with differentiate article.

Alleged evil spirit is high one feet, road is high one a unit of length, some cribber had abandoned the cogged means of the compositive article of the word, and convert the cogged means of sentential composition article, cribber passes reptile or other means obtains the sentence of chapter of net above paragraphs, use software general tens of piece a few some of the article medley into an article. The analysis that this needs to search engine to do semantics will judge cogged, the research that analyses about semantics at present however still is in research phase, this also is the direction that next generation intelligence search engine.

However we still cannot make automatic text the knock sb. down at one stroke, the article that is based on artificial intelligence makes a when remain the mankind to study oneself language and oneself intelligence important way. Cogged with turn over cogged, aux will be able to makes the human research to artificial intelligence.

If arrive finally, software can give birth to the implied meaning that can understand into the mankind, is this SPAM or elite? Is the intelligence that can you say for certain to exist at present changes degree to return not quite high RSS polymerization essay SPAM certainly? However, if the occurrence of such article magnanimity, how we should confront this phenomenon again?

Bibliographical reference: " search engine principle, practice and application " Lu Liang, Zhang Bowen, 2007