Search index props up ecbolic zoology to encircle influence website to rank main factor

In network world, have the several webpages of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight. Search engine to classify and be ranked to undertaking for the most part among them. Seek a thing as more and more people through searching engine, search engine rank appears very important to the webpage, this is direct also and ecbolic an engine of new search of ecology group – is optimized (SEO) .
To a lot of people, SEO still may appear unfamiliar mysterious perhaps. Actually I should say, SEO is very simple. I talk about the basic principle of SEO below, want you to follow these simple principles only, the content that puts more energy to your website comes in construction, the website that lets you becomes the website that the person that browse likes truly, so your website nature obtains a good rank!

1. Website content

Website content should be rich, your website can get the jubilation of the person that browse, on this foundation, page content editor should consider following issues, in order to ensure your website content and corresponding key word are relevant.

A. The caption of the webpage (Title) . Webpage caption has demonstrative sex later. Generalize the theme of the page. Best can include key word amid. Be sure to keep in mind caption not to want accumulation key word, the sort of thinking that caption piles morer, ranking better sense is wrong.

B. The main content of the page should contain key word. The website that this affects you directly whether related to key word. Remember, search indexes propping up is a machine is not a person, it can identify website and those only through the content in the page key word is relevant. The machine won’t understand organic glass is mixed the force that press a gram is same a thing. So if your website wants to there is good rank in the force that press a gram, organic glass is everywhere in content so, do not have any helps.

C. The dependency of the begin of the page and bottom content and key word.

D. The begin ministry one’s duty of paragraph allows the dependency with key word. For instance H1, h2, key word had better be contained in H3 label.

E. To the webpage in exceed join, still be internally without giving thought to external, join character contains key word as far as possible.

F. Picture, of the page name the code that use key word as far as possible or searchs engine to be able to understand. Correct phoneticize can be understood by search engine.

Of H.Meta attribute write. Use as far as possible accurate, have generality and be elaborated with the content with very relevant key word.

I. The Alt attribute of the picture is written.

J. Website content is seasonable and update ceaselessly

2. Ministry of inside and outside joins

Join is understandable for the bridge between each page, a page is the island of an information Gu in Internet sea. Without join, search engine discovers this page very hard. Suggest everybody spends more time on the in-house join of website itself. Because this is long-term, stable, can accuse.

A. Connective gross is measured

B. Whether to the PR of join page itself is worth and have authority

C. Join page and your page content whether dependency

D. Connective character whether related to key word

E. Connective time. Under 3-6 lunar join, already more and more the oversight that be propped up by search index.

F. One-way join is joined be close friends each other

G. How much does the join of join page itself count, exceed 100 connective page especially, even if joined your webpage, also do not have too much meaning to you.

H. The rate that join raises.

I. The rate that join page itself is replaced by Google. Some pages, search index props up large half an year to be updated, to you, basically also mean without what meaning.

3. To the element with adverse rank

A. The accumulation key word of any forms.

B. Jump multiformly brick.

C. Face of lens Xiang Ye

D. Door page. Give the person that browse and the page that search engine to differ namely

E. Illegal content. Include drugs, pornography, gamble information.

F. Whether tort. Special to Yahoo and Google. If be gotten confirm by tort, will delete your website from search result. This is the requirement that proclaimed in writing of American relevant law alls alone to search engine puts forward.

G. Mutual join group. A large number of websites join each other.

H. The time that the domain name is alled alone by search engine is collected is too short. The domain name is alled alone by search engine collects time to did not exceed 6 months, cause Sandbox effect easily. This, english key word compares Chinese want strict. Of Chinese, a new domain name, can avoid Sandbox effect at present.

I. Short time makes a large number of connection

J. The content of the website and rank do not want to accord with apparently. The website of some clients is honest very excessive, always say to be able to be discharged in foremost face, that asks him, he feels to be compared with other website photograph, does he himself think his website is more qualified discharge foremost face?

4. All principles that above mentions must fall in a few following premise:

A. Indicating content is the content that shows search engine can understand. Animation, the picture inside contain again much relevant content also is no point.

B. To you website rank can produce the page of the influence, must engine is collected and itself is updated ceaselessly by the search.

C. All methods should be in the integral exterior that assures a webpage, go improving on foundation of integral content readability.

D. Abide by each to search the website quality guide that engine offers.