Search engine to optimize: The reason that diagnostic discharge drops

Recently, I have a friend that becomes a program to contact me to want to call me to help why did the flow that sees their website fall suddenly. He becomes backstage supporter, so also the thing that website of not very care optimizes. His boss is very impatient nevertheless, after all this thing is right advantage of company that’s all right. Then my enumerate a few problems, let him give his boss. That boss to among them the bumpy that major problem answers, what this can’ts help letting me realize understanding website is basic optimizing knowledge is how important, when although in you the website is having Gao Liu,be being measured, also do not ignore the study to it. The knowledge that has a clarity, many sided to searching discharge naturally is the key that diagnose and solves a problem.

A few questions that I raise are below:

1. Want to talk with data.

The boss of my friend says why 48 hours, search has not reflected the information that our website changes on all alone engine. I do not care this a little bit. Actually, search engine is in impossibly also this time paragraph inside the major content capture that gets on the website, processing and new conformity. What I value more is the real change of website happening, of the in-house link e.g. the website, URL name the structure, URL that cannot change direction and the new page that were collected inside a month in the past. Want detailed exposition and argumentation these elements the influence to the website, need adds space additionally. I think those who remind is here, you need to come to these data integratedly analyse the case of the website together.

2. the discharge sort that every keyword produces.

A lot of websites advocate the keyword that should be clear about their website, but these words can bring those who search discharge to them. According to the flow that every keyword generates, list them watch of a rank. Try to change these word hands the input to arrive inside search casing next, this should compare you pure many what see those reports come usefully, for instance you can see the competitor’s rank, whether can appear in the result page of the keyword OneBox1 and is very fast.

3. The gross of search key.

Most SEO practitioner is not to care this number very much, but I feel it is very important. Understand these to search a keyword, the quality that conduces to you analysing a website and in the user " long end " in inquiry, occupy some width. Hold every month synchronous statistic goes out how many keyword can bring discharge for the website.

4. The link points to a page continuously.

With searching a keyword, the link that we also need to be summarized to search engine oneself points to the amount of the page continuously. This is another the good method that whether witting website content matchs user act. Use this method, also can understand these new content to be able to be collected much more quickly to mix by search engine index.

5. Income page gross.

To the page that mainstream search engine collects you also want know fairly well. the total page of the page that these collecting and website number has comparative. Every month sees this scale was to increased to still decrease after all.

What notice even is, in the search result page of Google, “Additional data 2 " inside whether can appear the webpage of your website. Although very few someone can say to be clear that specific what reason brings about a page to collect,arrive " compensatory result " in go, but the search keyword rank that a bit reach the is collected namely page of consensus to be able to affect a website.

Besides, such as " Site: *** -view " such test command also can retrieve a page that is collected by engine (compensatory page does not calculate) .

6. The amount of retrorse link.

Yahoo Site Explorer and Google Webmaster Tools can offer the data statistic of this respect for you, and very pretty good, in-house link and exterior link also were included. Every month examines this statistic form, see the link that points to your domain name have how many.

7. Natural discharge.

Measuring nature to search best method is the natural discharge that examines a website, be not the flow that pays cost to click business to arise that is to say. How many does the retrorse link that understands search engine generation have, and the proportion that this number holds whole discharge, will conduce to the your better state that knows a website. Likelihood this number everyday change will be very big, but from long-term time looks (a few months) still can know the website goes roughly of situation. Also should look at the same time see the discharge that comes from different search engine contrast. Although industry neither one is unified view, the discharge that does not pass the website that a course optimizes to come from Google, Yahoo and MSN generally speaking is almost 4: 2: 1. Below more special situation, google: Yahoo: Microsoft can achieve 10: 3: 1, do not want to be surprised. When every month examines your discharge to report, this roughly your need writes down scale in brain.

Although above you do not know mentioned a lot of data, but should do a good website analysis, these data are crucial still. Be not given to do by so much number muddleheaded, want to remember these data, with the move that uses in the future fully.

After, I can introduce these measuring in detail again standard and drop when these numbers the way that we should take time.


1. OneBox: Search engine is met the keyword according to you, searching the top of the result, listed search engine " guess " a few relevant content. Wait for a service e.g. interpreter of situation of stock prices, weather, English and digital computation.

2. Additional data: U/zanhui/archives/2007/1001.shtml