Search engine to optimize: B2 and 2. 0

Imagine, film you introduce with yours or factory environment, upload video, stick this video on the page that B2B platform company introduces. Apparent, you are done it is more, weller to compare others. The video that you increase can enhance your sense of reality, let the other side be willing to cooperate with you more.

Of course, language of HTML of B2B platform support is above the premise of all modification operations, and in be similar to Alibaba and China to create a network such website does not come true.

Internationally B2B website publishs content to support HTML language normally, this is optimized to search engine (Search Engine Optimization) with SMO (Social Media Optimization) the ground that provided use force. The video that says above uploads a kind be SMO application.

Searching the main job that engine optimizes is the characteristic that understands engine of of all kinds search and working principle, undertake be optimizinged relevantly with this pair of webpages, raise its to be ranked in what search engine, increase the visit amount of the website further thereby, promote the sale of the website finally ability or propagandist capability.

Mention B2B platform interior child the search engine of the station is optimized, basically should do the work of face of good all directions: Keyword setting, content is optimized link structural setting and retrorse link with newer, interior. No matter be,collect in B2B platform interior or search engine, keyword setting is a the most important segment. Choose the keyword with accurate essence only, ability attracts the cause client with accurate essence. Choose relevant popular keyword only, ability brings more potential clients.

The choice of the keyword has two kinds of methods, it is oneself imagine the goods that sells to should use what kind of word, do with the tool on this foundation associate search. Another method is to saw a competitor use what keyword. Keyword besides be put in the station such as EC21 to provide placement place, place ably in product introduction and company introduction.

Reasonable classified setting and inside the structure that page link can optimize a website, go to the lavatory not only potential client is browsed, also suit to search the crawl of engine spider.

Retrorse link is exterior website catenary the link that makes the same score table site in B2B to you, this also is a when Google ranks main factor. The exterior link of each dependency resembles is when what you obtain voting, voting number is more, in the search engine optimizes li of rank effect to be able to have been jumped over.

SMO and the different office that search engine to optimize depend on latter is to the station the content inside is done only change, if you have phonic video or file to refer the site of content dependency, with respect to the move that can accelerate content, and the profit that such doing is to be able to increase retrorse link and drive flow. Uploading video is a kind of means of SMO. Youtube itself not can the discharge of sex of how many target gives drive the website, but its advantage is in at making your enterprise video duplicates easily and reprint.

Use subscription of label and bookmark, RSS, let the content of the website be linked easily. Retrorse link not only can drive discharge, and dependency turns over a link by force to be able to raise its to be ranked in what search engine.

In the meantime, apply the relevant content of group of a few concerns, Digg and evaluation, can enhance the authenticity of B2B platform supplier and good public praise more. E.g. , go up in EBay through installing Feedback to let you acquires evaluation move arrives on B2B platform. Install Linkedin for instance again. is dedicated the concern that joins friend and business affairs concern at business affairs encircles a website, the individual Linkedin label of controller is added in the introductory page of the company on B2B platform, the governor that can invite potential client in more detail to know a company and his relation is encircled, can have effect of very good sale of guest of public praise rich so; Register company information to also can increase the odds that business affairs purchases greatly in Linkedin at the same time.