Search engine sale (SEM) 10 old standard

The search engine sale that what tell below is notional sex (SEM) 10 old standard, give all friends that become a website to engineer this to go, he Yangfan encourages together!

1. pays close attention to user experience.

2. promotion keyword is more important than buying a keyword.

3. collect considers broad sense, get technology of company in-house wisdom.

4. is optimized continuously.

5. takes dependency seriously.

6. is straight white article proposal is more significant.

7. and activity of 360 degrees of ad organic union.

Tool of 8. contest price is not all.

9. rejects to annoy an user, with search engine.

10. patience, patient, patient.

If you are in,network advertisement respect has what difficulty, look for my poplar sail please, we study together, resolve the issue.

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