Search engine sale regards network sale as important step 6 advantages

1, make a client active come actually to the enterprise, the greatest difficulty is how to seek a client. Paper often is adopted previously advertisement, direct mail, the means such as phone sale will search business chance, but the effect is not very ideal, the specific aim in sale process is not very strong, often can create the addition of sale cost and waste. Look forward to wins, offer for the enterprise one-stop network sale adviser serves. So, search engine sale (SEM) it is a kind of kind that has specific aim, is not to be in ground of type of look for a needle in the ocean to seek a client, the potential client that lets having actual demand searchs a keyword to find us.

2, SEM most suffer approve the discovery in be being investigated, enterprise most admissive network promotion measure is search engine sale (SEM) , rate is as high as 75.3% , exceed far at shift of other network sale.

3, potential user amount is the largest according to investigation, the user is informed a new website, 80% originate search engine.

4, give development to search engine sale from abroad (SEM) this industry is in abroad was 2002 arisen, but in home was 2004 just gradually some, as we have learned, in abroad the network that do IT makes money most is not technical personnel, search engine sale however (SEM) person, search engine sale should be compared in personnel of foreign IT technology (SEM) personnel is much give 8.3 times, but this data is gliding gradually. Knowable, abroad props up sale to search index (SEM) the importance of this industry.

5, it is most that from the point of Chinese population earthly person knows population of the China on the world, the life be closely bound up of the network in the small country that is in abroad and people, but China still does not gain ground temporarily, nevertheless Internet is in China to just just begin, have vast development space, if development gains ground to come, plus population amount of China, can be imagined the trend sex of Chinese network. But the network cannot leave a website finally, website more than 1 emulative strong, search engine sale in those days (SEM) the ground that just can show its unique display one’s abilities or talents.

6, see very much perhaps person be in from profitable means it is difficult to make to earn money, it is not difficult to earn money actually, be in hard hard the skill that you had not pondered over correctly to earn money. Sum up, 2 kinds of means that make money the most easily: It is to be able to allow others gain money, you just can make money; 2 it is to be able to let others find the thing that he needs, he just agrees to buy your sheet.