Search engine optimizes what fundamental tutorial undertakes a keyword

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Search engine how does engine of look upon search optimize the job? Write down Baidu is allied 2008 sharp edge meeting- – Li Yan grand: Every enterprise should have SEM department.

One, is search engine right natural rank (does Serp) intervene artificially?

Search engine can take artificial kind, the weight that reduces certain website deletes certain website even. But many labour interpose, it is to be based on object website to have apparent cogged action, and the judgement alignment that these behavior still do not have classify to search engine temporarily. Be opposite at the same time violate state law, and element of influence society unrest undertakes deleting handling.

2, begin search engine to optimize (does Seo) job break the law?

SEO is not mysterious, write good page headline, change dynamic network address into the static state, these had been to using principle of a few SEO. In SEO this concept comes out previously, everybody actually early had used among them concept, it is everybody did not realize it only just.

In fact, SEO follows website technology is a person of the same trade. Those call SEO the company that the job violates, oneself had used partial SEO technology. And, almost all search engine companies announced what kind of website on the website of its oneself is them understand easily and welcome, partial search index props up left rank to return a needle this industry is special rolled out relevant help.

Be in the United States that Internet develops most, search engine optimizes the basic composition chief that has become strategy of intranet wind sale, a lot of companies used search engine to optimize a service. Be in Japan, also use search engine to optimize a service to promote enterprise website the show that searching engine like such large company below Suo Ni and pine, popularize the business on its line thereby. Home also had rife company to implement SEO project at present, more and more network companies begin to provide commercialized service. The IT site of all sorts of mainstreams also begins to leave in succession have column, the introduction searchs the relevant technology that engine optimizes. But any moment, content just is the foundation that SEO works, also be SEO success requirement and rather than is sufficient condition, also be to say namely, content itself can not make sure the website is searching engine to hold favorable position. The times of information explosion, wine is good also be afraid of alley child deep. Cannot be SEO complete understanding pure technical the job.

One, keyword choice

(1) what is a keyword?

Keyword, it is you the character in inputting search casing, input a word namely. So the content of the keyword can be: Event of date of Zhang of person name, net name, Email, QQ, software, game, proper-noun, paper, libretto, news, can be any Chinese, English, number, or the mixture body of Chinese English number. For example, you can search expression of Zhou Jielun, COSPLAY, QQ. Keyword, you can input, also can input two, 3, 4, you can input a word even. For example, you can search encyclopedia of strategy of download of room, GAME, MP3, game. Can be a phrase even for example Beijing welcomes you.

(2) chooses suitable keyword

The research of the keyword and choice are the crucial one step in searching engine sale activity. SEO project is developed around product keyword, because of this keyword choose a concern whole SEO works whether in beginning; effectively to live actually, most person searchs information on the net is from the search engine begins. Current, when most person is searched, use average 2 to 5 keywords. By arrive simply specific, arrive from the keyword crucial phrase.

Accordingly, the keyword with appropriate choice is very important to optimizing webpage content. Because, search engine basically provides the content that has dependency with the keyword, did not describe the website of its product or service compared with those with proper keyword, on the webpage if have relevant keyword, this website natural rank inside search engine is met more before leaning.

If the keyword chooses to lack rationality, the likelihood causes following conditions:

The keyword that low very few person searchs keyword heat, although the rank is relatively simple, but cannot bring larger flow. Contrary keyword competition optimizes difficulty intensely big, expenditure is many time and energy are long however difficult short of expects the result.

The keyword is chosen should consider to go in in website plan phase, the element such as area of seat of group of the characteristic of industry of place of setting of website fixed position, column, product, target or of keyword of big or little impact choose.

(3) chooses the basic principle of the keyword

Keyword cannot too wide extensive everybody knows, the search with this daily keyword measures books tremendous, if good rank can be obtained on this keyword, can introduce what good flow can increase online sale then to change for certain rate. Can be imagined, the competition of this keyword will be very intense, is what with books the shop on the net of online sale is worth one to go all out for this word head broken and bleeding?

These general keywords, for example: Travel, flower, airline ticket the competitor without number that wait, likelihood you are rich and devoted, must get good rank, but you also want, can a lot of people take out more money to compete with you, final perhaps you are met very not be to one’s profit, still forget general keyword you can discharge; even if in front, brought not little flow really, but because the search is current the purpose of the user of the keyword is ambiguous, these discharge do not have very strong target sex, and area may not contains user seat to be in without exception established market limits, of its order change rate is very low also, was to cost more cost to did not get corresponding get one’s own back however actually. Should consider the factor such as area, brand latter, for example: Travel of flower price, Japan, the competitive pressure of such keyword will be a lot of less.

Keyword also cannot super-cooling

The keyword of super-cooling obtains good rank to want many easy, but the user that introduce is measured will if small; uses company name to do a keyword, you should consider the use of good website ahead of schedule. For example after service is waited a moment. The promotion that cannot develop a product effectively otherwise works.

(4) decides the keyword is actual measure

The first pace decides core keyword

The name of every kinds of product is core keyword, for example the core keyword of ticket of train ticket, plane is a ticket, the theme that decides core keyword ability is a webpage above all won’t drift. If cannot find core keyword to be able to draw lessons from the person of the same trade’s website more, what is what perhaps savour a few existing webpage content to say?

On definition of keyword of core of the 2nd pace patulous

Chinese vocabulary is rich how a vocabulary can expand an a lot of relevant vocabularies, for example the ticket is OK and patulous the Wu that become a hostage, order ticket, entrance ticket, monthly ticket. The proper-noun that carries industry and business next can continue to expand again for example entrance ticket of public transportation monthly ticket, concert. Still can pass area name, character name to expand next for example entrance ticket of concert of Beijing public transportation monthly ticket, Zhou Jielun.

Station of the 3rd pace expands in client angle keyword

Conversion thinks do sale plan to be used constantly, this truth also can be used on choice keyword now. Go standing on the client’s angle to affirm the keyword also is important according to the feedback of client, salesperson.

The 4th pace uses keyword tool

The tool that use search engine provides also is tweak, for example the index that the contest price rank of keyword tool of Gu Ge, Baidu offers is waited a moment.

The keyword of competitor of reference of the 5th pace

Best keyword adviser is when the website of outstanding competitor has. The effectively keyword in course of study of person of the same trade is relatively fixed, the keyword of the website of OK and referenced competitor makes list undertake an analysis, form oneself keyword finally.

The long end word in keyword of the 6th pace

Long end word is very much moment often is the most effective keyword. For example entrance ticket of concert of Zhoujie human relations is inferior to buying price of entrance ticket of concert of entrance ticket of Zhou Jielun concert, Zhou Jielun to change rate is high. And long end word often is uncared-for part in real work.

The 7th pace digs log file

After the website runs period of time, analysing the person that discharge log often can discover the part is browsed is to did not pass the keyword that designs according to website initial stage to enter a website, these beyond accident keyword also is to be worth advertent window, capture these to latent capacity vocabulary also can increase website flow greatly.

Technology of stem of the 8th pace

Website of this only comfortable Yu Yingwen. Alleged stem technology is to point to right same a different word that stem place derives, search engine to be met

Consider as same a meaning.

E.g. Work this word, assume it is your keyword, so in the webpage article in you, the different form of should alternant occurrence Work, for instance Working, worker, worked is waited a moment, the change that still has single complex number to the noun. In the webpage should blend in what these differ naturally to result from the word of identical stem.

Wrongly written or mispronounced characters of the 9th pace

Regular meeting of classics of professional perhaps term has a few popular vocabularies this kind of phenomenon. Differentiate of the person that inquire is not clear of the keyword that oneself need write a law correctly or the name inputs word mistake with bringing about. Enrage for example bilge axis and gas go up axis, doodle of the net inside school board code of edition of doodle of the net inside code and school. Former it is not familiar to professional name, latter is input mistake completely.