Search engine optimizes SEO to operate a guideline

One: Domain name, lead plane and search engine are optimized

Domain name and lead plane are the foundation of the website, commercial website chooses domain name and lead plane to should pay attention to figure and quality especially, develop dozen of very solid base for network sale. In the meantime, choosing good domain name and leader also is to search engine to optimize begun the first step.

1. domain name (Domain Name)

The character in the domain name: The principle that takes a domain name is visited besides convenient user besides, to searching engine character, involve the issue that whether includes a keyword in the domain name. If the website of English webpage content contains key word in the domain name, or make a domain name with compound key word, should separate with short horizontal line. Because search engine to be met normally,this is a separator – regard as wait for in light of a blank space, can identify the keyword that gives you consequently, for the website the rank adds cent (although affect,not be very big) .

Catalog of some searches engine is in to the website the rank in classifying catalog is the digital order according to domain name or website Title name or alphabetical order orderly even Chinese strokes, on the whole before the number leans than the letter again. Yahoo! China says, be in same kind of eye is medium, the website is arranged according to phoneticize order. Google differentiates according to the webpage level technology of its original creation a commonly used important website, discharge the efficiency that searchs with promoting a webpage in front of of catalog. In addition, the suffixal choice of the domain name also has certain and exquisite. A kind of viewpoint thinks: Below coequal circumstance, having taller rank advantage; to be opposite on behalf of the that is not commerciality website for Chinese website, that shows Chinese region are compared again have definite advantage without

2. lead plane serves business option

(1) . Lead plane ranks an influence to the search engine of the website very big

When searching lead plane provider, must not consider price factor only (alternative of course price compares tall lead plane provider is to compare a good kind to see discuss) . If you refer a website to Google for many times, but Google did not have index to its all the time however, the server that is website place likely gave an issue. Special attention wants when choosing a server accordingly the following:

(A) , avoid to use free lead plane: Because page of website of Spammers, mirror, bridge appears to wait via regular meeting inside free lead plane,search engine rubbish, engine of a lot of searches is not willing to index if Yahoo collects the commercial site that comes from free lead plane very hard also,the website; on free lead plane searchs engine catalog at the same time. In addition, the service of free lead plane assures very hard, often the server is overweighted, rate is surprise slow, delay occasion is frequent, shut a service even, this metropolis affects a website rank directly.

(B) , choice has the lead plane provider of credit: The index program that searchs engine visits collected website fixed or nonskedly. To the website that often updates, the Googlebot of Google roams implement common weighs a spider, meet everyday commonly little scope ground climbs, a month has old index. If the spider is when index,download speed slow, abandon index. So your website should work normally in any moment, with the favor of spider of try to gain. The lead plane system that this deposits with respect to requirement website provides fast, stable, safe service, hour customer service supports and had better 24 is safeguard, the website that assures you moves steadily.

(2) . Leader move

If you think the lead plane that changes a website serves, before wanting to cancelling original service provider, had sought new supplier first. The service business with new preexistence handles an account, ensure all files are not had correctly pass by accident to new server. The website moves on new server without the former supplier that you contact again after hindering, inform the other side to will end cooperation, but the website that ensures they won’t close you immediately. The domain name that contacts you again registers business (the likelihood is) of provider of original owner machine, modificatory domain name is analytic (DNS) . The function of domain name server is the domain name you analytic the IP address that can identify into the computer. Change old domain name server into new, this process arrives become effective time probably in 24-48 hour, the likelihood below a few circumstance wants 72 hours. During this, if one searchs engine to just catch your webpage, or catchs the website to old IP address, or catchs new domain name the website after analytic become effective, anyhow won’t appear the empty shelves that the website cannot open.

2: Website page is optimized

1.Title label

The part of a page is very important, google will be preferential the written language that seeks here, because this is very much website website builder is mad write down one caboodle key word here, the hope increases the probability that is searched. Does excuse me Google have so foolish? Was controlled so easily by place of a Title? Accordingly, we might as well a few franker, the writes down him website page caption of be practical and realistic, of course, the main content that had better contain a website also can suit to add some of keyword.

The title that does not want every page please is same, such search engine can think your caption is reduplicative [repeated] originally, such not only do not have effect, the opposite can all alone to search engine leaves bad influence) .

The Headings that uses in 2. page, thick substance, inclined body

Headings, paragraph caption points to on the meaning normally, express with and so on of H1, H2, H3 in HTML. The essentials that generalizes page or paragraph through using the change of the font respect such as Headings, thick substance to give out or emphasize a share, it is OK that this is in in the person that give a visit with better outside reading an experience, still can help search engine effectively judge the key content of the page. Use an effect alternately much better.

3.HTML code is optimized

W3C attestation is proved by a lot of website in order to its page file accords with HTML standard, say simply, 100 page faces mistake of code of a HTML the add up to that searchs engine Spider also can bring difficulty. But whether to pass W3C attestation to be able to conduce to search engine rank still be being put in many controversy at present, even some tests show one leaves on a few small errors intentionally (attention, it is small error) webpage even can more the favour that is searched engine. Accordingly, what we should do is differ calm have to passes W3C attestation, but it is normal to should make sure its show below all sorts of browsers at least, make sure the Spider that searchs engine can be analysed normally.

The keyword appears in 4.URL

The English that webpage file adds up to a name to use correspondence as far as possible (the English that correspondence is in URL so) cannot name casually, cannot appear more Chinese (without method, who calls the browser that we use now, the operating system is a foreigner, our China is powerful after waiting, call a whole world to name) with our Chinese.

The keyword appears in 5. groovy content

Groovy content points to with the content between, although the keyword effect in groovy content not as good as in apparent, but the effect also nots allow to ignore. The keyword in groovy content also can be decorated further, if add thick, inclined body, increase etc. In still having the first paragraph in the page, appear the keyword mixes last paragraphs in the page in occurrence keyword effect is more apparent.

6. keyword density

Keyword density is the scale that shows the keyword in the webpage occupies all text content, consider again some more thorough, still include to use the scale of the keyword that special format is like thick substance, inclined body, link to wait. The difficulty that optimizes to keyword density depends on how be what assure to visit an user on friendly to searching engine foundation to read feeling, this includes clear and coherent style of writing, proper form not only, also include how naturally, without seam the ground to embed corresponding keyword in content.

(1) keyword density and keyword frequency: Substantial keyword density (Keyword Density) and keyword frequency (what Keyword Frequency) place elaborates is same a concept, use the scale of the total number that measurement keyword appears on the webpage and other character, express with per cent commonly. number of total word of face of opposite Yu Ye, the frequency that the keyword appears is taller, so keyword density is bigger also. Cite a case simply, if a certain webpage shares 100 words, and keyword amid appears 5 times, can say keyword density is 5% .

(2) understands keyword density correctly: But, the example that we give out above is a kind of ideal only simplify means, in fact, in our webpage, still have a lot of HTML parts, be like the Title in Meta label, Keywords, Description, the Alt text that is like image element, annotate text in be like HTML file, these also should consider inside when computational keyword density. Continue to use the case of above paragraphs, namely webpage content is 100 words, but at the same time, the Title of the page has 10 words, description has 20 words, the Alt of image used 70 words, HTML annotate used 10 words, such, the text word number in the page is 100 + 10 + 20 + 70 + 10 = 210 namely. No less, when computational keyword frequency, also show the webpage sees the number that the keyword in the part appears not just, the blame that also includes hereinbefore to mention sees the occurrence number in the part. For the example of same above article, if the keyword appears 3 times in page Title, appear 5 times in Description, appear 30 times in Alt text, appear 2 times in annotate, occurrence frequency is so total keyword namely 5 + 3 + 5 + 30 + 2 = 45. So, such keyword density are 45/210 X 100 = 21% namely. Of course, search engine should compare this on algorithm complex much, but basic strategy and this is approximate.

7. exceeds a link to optimize

Search engine why can can index the website of the whole world, because each searches have a can automatic crawl in engine order,be the intelligent robot program on Internet, this robot tours the world down the link between the website namely, so we should create the setting link with a good creeping reasonable passageway for it.

What kind of link is just reasonable? You need to remember the following well only:

(1) , introduce simple text link, use less, had better be not to use Flash animation to install a link, because search engine to cannot identify the character on Flash, a lot of companies, individual likes the Flash animation of cruel cruel, the entrance of the website also segment of make it Flash, ah, so doing is bring about one’s own destruction almost at present, search index props up very difficult patronage such website. And individual architect is very careless, put the entrance link of the website on Flash, sometimes because the network is busy, the content that lack Flash plug-in unit and brings about an user to cannot see a website at all, will not only do not take effect, left a bad influence to search engine instead.

(2) , write by the standard exceed a link, resemble such:

(3) , had better not use picture heat link, reason and the a bitth about the same.

8. picture is optimized

The picture is optimized is not the size that yields your modification picture, color. However you should increase Alt property for every label.

The action of Alt attribute is serve as with the character when the picture cannot show replace show come, and to SEO, it can make search engine to the opportunity indexes the picture on your website, the picture name here uses corresponding English as far as possible, be like House, everybody has used the picture of Baidu and Google to search a function, you think how search engine finds a picture, won’t think Google can understand a picture! ? To a few really the picture of meaning of it doesn’t matter, also had better not omit Alt, and should leave a blank.