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Search engine optimizes PK website—Hold concurrently discuss with Robin

Optimized target

Search engine to optimize, cater to the habit that searchs engine namely, more friendly to its, how can make it easier get website data, efficient index appears to go in searching a result, let search engine to give better rank to the website thereby. Here, searching engine is the main target that we study.

The rank that the starting point that search engine optimizes just cannot consider to search engine is regular how, more important is to want to get information and service to offer for the user convenient, the core that this also is search engine retrieves a principle. Searching the top end that engine optimizes is for the netizen, searching engine is among them one annulus only. Searching engine to optimize is with the user the nature that optimizes the effect for oriented website is reflected.

Of the website optimize should consider comprehensive user experience, include optimize fixed position, allow speed of characteristic, newer, visit, convenient sex to wait inside for target netizen on win credit. Cultured is executive efficiency and convenient use. Taller for, it is to should undertake user behavior is designed.

Optimized highest state is to forget optimize. Everything is user consider, with professional website the structure is designed and the content of high quality obtains the credit of the user, in searching engine to search engine to optimize a process as the website, search index props up those who optimize a state to detect tool. If the website is very professional, very valuable to the user, return concern to become a link for you without the website?

As a result of the limitation of resource, often want a balance in optimizing an operation actually, achieve each phase goal group by group.

Optimized key

The working cent that search engine optimizes is two parts: Be optimized inside the station and optimize outside the station. Optimize inside the station have 70% above effect, optimize outside the station 20% the left and right sides, still point to by high quality, the website link of tall dependency, if be general website link only, the link of website of very much perhaps rubbish, still perhaps can have negative effect. This decided optimized key way. The exterior link amount that increases a website is short-term inside it is the shortcut that raises search engine rank, premise is to want a person of the same trade to search engine to optimize a level not tall, be far from cogged link with rubbish.

The website optimizes the job that is a systematization and global sex, include to be carried out to storage of user experience, data, page, operation safeguards optimize, include what website business strategy locates to comb clarity even, and latter is a lot of websites did not want to be clear about, cause the prime cause of ceaseless correcting. A lot of commerce websites and special industry website are optimized, still include website security to optimize. Include website flaw scanning, place hits a patch to upgrade with software, safe software type selecting, installation, even the system upgrades, the industry such as tall to safety application requirement bank, insurance considers to adopt platform of Java, Linux.

From carry out on include UI of website plan, user interface (the user experiences UE) , program (data structure and code quality) , operation tiring-room is optimized. The reasonable design that adopts the element such as content of layout of structure of pair of website functions, website, webpage, website, make a website better pass network sale information to the user, produce the greatest network sale value.

Optimized across

The website is optimized and search engine to optimize the place that also has across.

In the angle that the program develops, can consider the code of compact webpage; And optimize to searching engine for, reduce weight to webpage code, OK and effective help searchs engine robot to undertake fast crawl to the webpage, also raised the visits a webpage rate of the user meanwhile. For instance popular now DIV replaces the method such as Table layout. Of area of heat of the design of website navigation, interface choose etc.

More concerned SEO, SEM and website optimize an article to consult please start a network in all.

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