Search engine optimizes fundamental tutorial how to refer your website

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One, refer to search engine directly

Executive search index props up sale, should make namely above all the website is collected by search engine. Want to be collected by search engine, index has after the website that finds you besides the reptile process that waits to search engine besides, still can all alone to search engine refers a website actively. At present provider of engine of domestic of all kinds search has 100 about, and offer basically refer website service directly. This chapter discusses the website that large search index props up the mainstream to refer.

To the search engine refers a website the first

Engine of commonly used search logs onto the entrance


Submit the entry: / Search/url_submit.html


Log onto a website freely to need to submit one page only (home page) , baidu searchs engine to be able to collect a webpage automatically. Accord with the network address that you refer relative standard, engine can be searched to collect a standard to be handled by Baidu inside a month. Baidu does not assure to be able to collect the website that you refer certainly.

Gu Ge

Submit the entry: / H4_4.html


Stationmaster can pass this service to refer network address Yahoo to search engine, search engine to be able to be updated as what search a database, automatic capture your website. The speed that the website is collected replaces rate according to search engine and decide, the likelihood needs expenditure to count time of Zhou Zhi a few months. By search index props up information of automatic capture website, do not assure to be able to collect all websites, also do not offer a website to describe language editor to reach relevant modification service.


Submit the entry: / Report? KeyFrom=help


Meeting often searchs for new material on the net, update oneself database. Have special also reception to provide new website information, let a search be mixed as a result use experience is more rich. Meeting undertakes an analysis to referred website content, whether to make in order to reachs use cycle in order to decide. Need to refer the webpage of stratosphere only when entry website, meeting searchs other page by oneself. Need attention: Meeting retrieves newer all website regularly, delete invalidation webpage, consequently need not you refer trouble often replace webpage news.

Refer a note

1. ensures the validity that submits website address form

The website address that searchs engine proposal commonly is include / the home page that; needs to refer a website only but, do not need a webpage one by one that a webpage has referring; searchs engine to oneself reptile program completes complete station. Some searches engine logs onto need to refer the brief characterization of the site, notice to be written according to actual condition please, also can submit the descriptive information of the website. Search index props up what request a website to putting forward to login to collect cycle to be a month commonly. If search engine still discovers to did not collect this station after a month, can submit entry application to search engine again.

2. searchs engine to like the site of content health more

If your site is revealed information content and we are located basic morality photograph of the society is violated, that searchs engine general to also won’t undertake collecting to your site.

3 also should ensure your site moves normally anyhow

Waited for you to refer entry website address to search engine, the search robot that search engine decides to expedite it goes undertaking crawling indexing to your site, if your site is searching engine machine,the server is become machine, reptile program cannot complete index work.

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