Search engine optimizes fundamental tutorial error of job of 10 big SEO

One, key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases

Key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases points to the way that adds a large number of key word in the webpage, aim to try to operate the website rank in searching a result. A large number of key word are joined to be able to experience to the user generation is negative in the webpage influence, consequently the likelihood damages website rank. For example: Airline ticket, airline ticket, airline ticket, airline ticket, airline ticket, airline ticket, airline ticket is joined in the label annotate of the picture. Need stationmaster centers energy to found the useful content with substantial information here, use key word appropriately in context. The exposure that this book reader needs to master reasonable control key word only is spent can.

2, conceal character and obscure a link

One of the most familiar cogged pattern. The conceal a character or links a likelihood to bring about you website in content is thought to cannot trust, the information that because it is propped up to search index,provides with the person that visit is different. Character (like excessive key word) the likelihood has a variety of concealing means, include:

A shows white character on white setting

After picture of park of B general character

C uses CSS to conceal a character

D is font size setting 0

Obscuring a link basically is to allow reptile program but capture but person eye cannot identify

A is linked by conceal a character to comprise (for example, literal facial expression and setting colour hue are the same as) .

BCSS is used make only a tall like element chainlet is received.

C link is concealed in accord with of a certain small character.

3, camouflage webpage

Pretending a webpage is the reptile program that will judge caller through the program is the person that browse normally or search engine commonly. Offer different page thereby, right the page that the person that browse normally offers to suit to browse an experience, offer the page that suits to search engine to download an analysis to reptile program. Pass the judgement to Ip, make the website presents the page structure that gives 2 kinds to differ completely, will cheat search engine to obtain the website before leaning to rank.

4, bridge page

It is to use software to generate the webpage that includes a keyword in great quantities automatically normally, do from these webpages next turn to a homepage automatically. The purpose is to hope these bridge pages that are a target with different keyword are searching the rank that has received in engine. When the user clicks search result, can turn automatically to the homepage. Some moment are the link that puts on one to lead to a homepage on bridge page, and change direction not automatically.

Below major case, these bridge pages are made by software. You can imagine, generated character is desultorily, without what logistic. If be,write the includes a keyword truly article that come out by the person, not be bridge page.

Page of so called bridge also makes transfer page, it is to show the meeting is automatic after a page is opened (or the hand is moved) turn to other page.

Will read the whole code of the bridge page of format of a Html:



001> of commodity of <meta Name=description Content=

001> of commodity of <meta Name=keywords Content=

<title> commodity 001</title>

<meta Http-equiv=refresh Content=0;






The meeting after this page is opened is in 0 seconds (define time by Content=0) inside change direction (the site) that changes direction by Url=> definition, want to be revised slightly only so, can turn new bridge into the page.

Build a such page for all commodity, in each page ordinal the key word that differs according to our commodity setting, next ordinal the catalog that uploads these pages to you, it is to upload the address after for instance: / Qiaoye/001.htm /qiaoye/002.htm.

Again ordinal refer these addresses to search engine respectively, such, after should searching engine to search these bridge pages to be opened by the user, can turn into the homepage that appoints to you immediately. The chance that these products are reached by the search raised such sentence greatly.

To bridge page build, the key is or key word should have chosen, take above for the example of that website, we want ordinal should make an alone bridge page for each key word, key word wants as far as possible complete. Have again, we can become a key word completely also many content are identical but the name is proper the bridge page with identical otherwise, refer search engine to increase the machine that is reached by the search to lead respectively.