Search engine optimizes actual combat: Seo rank lost training

The day before yesterday, ate a meal to talk about a network with the friend in the evening, discover the rank in Google was dropped.

Search engine:

Keyword: SEO

With name of in front of: Stability is in home page is fast one year.

Rank at present: Before drop out 10 pages.

Encounter a rank to drop, the processing train of thought of KYW:

The first pace: Examine current rank to drop circumstance, it is to disappear completely, be still in special from the back?

I was checked, at present SEOtest ranks 16 pages, the 156th, dropped full 150.

The penalty that has heard of 60 to GG drops, had not heard of drop 150.

The 2nd pace: Whether is the page that has a rank certainly to land formerly page?

Looked, eye in front of is in of 16 pages is home page really. Such come saying, the rank is to drop, is not to disappear.

The 3rd pace: Whether does tool of the member that examine Google management have clew?

Looked, any clew are done not have in the tool, very normal. The near future also did not receive the relevant EMAIL of GOOGLE.

Website home page is normal also, webpage snapshot is normal also.

The 4th pace: Read home page the rank circumstance of other keyword.

Looked, in keyword Shanghai SEO still the first, and Sitelink also does not have a change.

Look, dropped with respect to the rank of SEO.

The 5th pace: Begin to seek an account. This relies on experience. My train of thought is below.

The reflection of KYW

1.Be to ranked nature to drop?

This is unlikely, with respect to the weight with current SEOtest, how also won’t before drop out 3 pages.

Appear unlikelily also additionally a large number of outside the circumstance that catenary disappears at the same time.

2.Was punished by Google?

It is seemingly such, but SEOtest does not have any cogged behavior, do not have group of hair, did not obscure a link, not keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases, also did not sell a link, work punish me?

3.Home page link is too much, face of the underside of a quilt embroil of a certain cogged station?

This possibility is very large. By chance PR just is updated, did not allow GG to discover a certain station has a problem.

Keep this rich customer, I home page derive link temporary take out, survey a week, see a rank whether have change.

If have, the specification derives the certain station in the link gives an issue, discharge slowly again next check.

If do not have, reoccupy is other method.

Anyway SEOtest is done not have maleficent, do not be afraid of.