Search engine optimizes ABC to inscribe accessary answer from the test

Explain: Full marks 50 minutes, time 8 minutes. Keep the key on paper please.

One, individual choice is inscribed (cent of 2 minutes of ×15=30)

1. searchs engine to search result page, abbreviation what?




Is what 2.Inbound Links points to the following which kind of?

In-house link

Retrorse link

Derive link

Are which kind of views wrong under 3. ?

Search engine is more friendly to static page.

Search engine prefers to achieve content formerly.

Search engine is better to new station rank.

4. the website with a good SEO, its are main discharge often comes from:

Home page

Content page

Catalog page

5. new station logs onto search to all alone engine first-rate time is:

Just registered a domain name, refer search engine namely.

Make the home page of a static state first, refer search engine.

After perfecting website framework basically, refer search engine.

6. keyword density how many optimal?




In where effect is 7. target keyword put optimal?

Keyword label

Caption label

Descriptive label

8. is when keyword analysis, which train of thought is wrong under:

Choose popular keyword, once can have very high flow successfully.

Enumerate keyword, reasonable distributing the catalog page of the website and content page.

If the competitor is large website home page, need careful consideration.

9. offers keyword rank, which kind of measure cannot take under:

The keyword is written in ALT label.

Derive the keyword is included in linking anchorage text.

Repeat a keyword in order to increase keyword density.

Which kind of 10. is the following enter guiding that is the link worth an influence to PR the biggest?

PR cost is very high, but the site that does not have dependency.

Dependency is very strong, but the site with PR average cost.

Many PR cost is average, without the site of dependency.

Which kind of 11. is the following raising is the behavior that PR is worth regarded as by Google cogged?

Link with friendship of a lot of relevant sites.

Add station of catalog of a lot of websites, navigation station.

To PR value tall site buys a link.

Are which kind of behavior cogged under 12. ?

Use group of hair software group send the content that contains website link.

Use conceal text or obscure a link.

Know in Baidu, Google forum publish an article, stay have a link.

13. serves in the light of SEO, what discuss a mistake below is:

Professional SEO service undertakes optimizing to making a station, whole rises to the website is ranked and search discharge.

SEO service makes sure the keyword is ranked for a long time.

Use the means that buys contest price and couple of SEO service photograph, the effect is optimal.

When is order of 14. search engine to undertake to the rank of the keyword?

The user inputs a keyword, after clicking a search.

To popular keyword, search engine lies between period of time to undertake update and be savinged to the rank.

When searching engine index webpage, have a rank to its namely.

15. looks at present, search engine cannot come true:

It is to a site acquisition station or achieve a station formerly, undertake judging.

Judgement site content to some keyword professional.

Those who judge the article that is reprinted in great quantities is former achieve a site.

2, a word brief answering question (cent of 5 minutes of ×4=20)

1. the angle from SEO, what is the webpage designs the main profit that uses Div+css?

2. home page uses the means of Flash, why to go against SEO?

The devoted accrual contrast of rank of 3. contest price and SEO is analysed.

4. if every station does SEO, how to do in those days?

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