Search engine optimizes a tutorial classical webpage caption optimizes complete edition

Webpage caption, namely <title> label. The content of caption label is pair of webpage themes is wraparound, be equivalent to the title of an article. Most search engine is extraction webpage caption all or partial content regards summary information as medium caption. Accordingly, we are in when drafting headline content, should accomplish a theme outstanding, content is concise.

Of caption label optimize basically include: The control of caption length, key word distributings, frequency of key word word and skill of key word combination.

The first, caption length
The caption that we know to search information of the summary in the result basically originates the content of page headline. But, to increase the user experience of the page, all alone engine meets search to be revealed to the user from the content with the corresponding intercept in caption according to actual condition, this indexes in propping up, can be distinguished somewhat again in different search.

In the search result of Google, length of summary information caption is in commonly 72 byte (namely 36 Chinese word) the left and right sides, and Baidu has 56 byte only (namely 28 Chinese word) the left and right sides, the content that exceeds this range will be omited.

Actually, to reveal the caption with relatively whole sense to the user, search engine can undertake be adjustmented accordingly according to the actual condition of the page. For example: In the search result of key word car, content of label of the caption in Chinese car network takes up 72 byte, and Netease car channel is 58 byte.

Although, all alone engine meets search to exceed that part content of limitation elliptically in summary information, but can not explain search index props up meeting oversight its exist, just do not take seriously just. So, we are in when planning to write page headline, accord with of the character in answering to restrict the length of caption content in 28 (56 English character) less than, perhaps let appear in this limits relative to serious content at least.

The caption content of the page, the theme that wants to be able to convey a page only can. Overmuch key word can disperse only the center of caption, reduce the dependency of the page, appear at the same time especially key word of many meanings irrelvant. For example: Some people can write the many texts such as product of begin machine, number, camera, jotter in caption not relevant, or the meaning differs very far key word.

The 2nd, key word distributings
Key word distributings is the position that shows key word appears in caption. A lot of people like a company or the foremost face that the name of the website puts in caption, especially the caption of website home page. The station is searching the angle that engine optimizes, this is a very unwise practice, unless your company or website name is advocate key word.

When search engine analyses a page, in HTML source code ground of from above to below undertakes, caption content is a webpage in most the information that appears first. Accordingly, add a page in the foremost face of caption advocate key word, can stress the theme of the page effectively, raise dependency. For example: In caption of home page advocate key word SEO is most appear first.

The 3rd, frequency of key word word
A lot of people think caption is medium advocate the time that key word appears has been jumped over more more, repeat this key word ceaselessly in caption then. For example: Home page of channel of Tecent mobile phone ( repeat ceaselessly in caption advocate key word mobile phone.

Actually, no matter be in the what position of the page, advocate it is good that frequency is not the word of key word to be jumped over greatly more, have certain restriction however. I think to be in caption advocate key word appears 3 times less than, every complementary it is more reasonable that key word appears 1 times only.

In caption, although advocate, complementary key word and word frequency are same, expressive means also has each different. It is two kinds of the most familiar caption expression pattern below:

Means 1: <title> little game | </title> of recreational little game

Means 2: <title> little game – make the throughout the country </title> of website of best and recreational little game

Means of these two kinds of expression besides can rise effectively advocate outside the word frequency of key word little game, still increased meaning close complementary key word is recreational little game. Among them, what adopt in A is the form that many key word arrange simply; And what B adopts is right advocate the form that key word has descriptive, such not only the favour that can gain searching engine more, also can attract the clicking of the user more at the same time.