Search engine optimizes a foundation: From the choice domain name and space begin

Domain name choice

The domain name is the foundation of the website, it is the first impression of corresponding to its website when people enters Internet, a good domain name the meaning to the website is self-evident, commercial website chooses domain name and lead plane to should pay attention to figure and quality especially, develop dozen of very solid base for SEO, also be the first step that SEO begins. If others sees your domain name thinks of with respect to meeting couplet this is the industry of a what kind of website, outstanding subject, place and area; The first pace is successful. If this domain name is had more concise, clear, good write down, the characteristic of meaning profundity, can be sure this is a good domain name surely.

I was summed up, domain name of choose and buy when should notice the following:

1. can remember website name through the domain name, remember website name can inputting a domain name.

2. character does not want too long, had better be in 6 less than, compare easy memory so.

The character in 3. domain name is best little appear the letter that is far from clavier center, for instance: Z, X. Such user inputs rise to go to the lavatory quite.

The character in 4. domain name is best letter of little occurrence polysyllabic, for instance: W, X. When you introduce your domain name to others, read rise meeting very awkward-sounding.

Whether has 5. domain name gotten penalty, need is checked register again.

6. chooses correct domain name vendor, when domain name supplier stops to do business, so the website that your hardship manages also is lost with respect to what follow your domain name and lose. Domain name respect says so much first, the word that needs complement later informs everybody again. Say leader again next.

Lead plane choice

Lead plane ranks an influence to the search engine of the website very big, when searching lead plane provider, must not consider price factor only. No matter choose why to be planted server, must make sure the server can be stabilized move. If the website cannot open will serious effect inside a few days,rank to the keyword, be thought possibly even by search engine this website is already nonexistent and delete from inside index library. Refer a website to GOOGLE for many times e.g. you, but GOOGLE did not have index to its all the time however, the server that is website place likely gave an issue.

Special attention wants when choosing a server the following:

1. avoids to use free lead plane: Because page of website of Spammers, mirror, bridge appears to wait via regular meeting inside free lead plane,search engine rubbish, engine of a lot of searches is not willing to index the website on free lead plane; If Yahoo collects the site that comes from free lead plane very hard also,search engine catalog at the same time. In addition, the service of free lead plane assures very hard, often the server is overweighted, rate is surprise slow, delay occasion is frequent, shut a server even, this metropolis affects a website rank directly.

2. chooses to have the lead plane provider of credit: Fixed or the index program that searchs engine is nonsked will visit collected website. To the website that often updates, the Googlebot of Google roams implement common weighs a spider, meet everyday commonly of little scope climb, a month has old index. If the spider is when index,download speed slow, abandon index. So your website wants on the rails to work in any moment, with the favor of spider of try to gain. This asks the lead plane system of the website provides fast, stable, safe service namely, hour customer service supports and had better 24 is safeguard, the website that assures you is rapid rate, stable move.